Shadowy waters

October 16, 2017
By Just_Peachy BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
Just_Peachy BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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I relate to a geode rock, Ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside.

The day started off grand, The cool saltwater tickling Ellie’s pale skin as the small boat speeds across the Pacific Ocean. A calm serenity settling over her as her greyish green eyes dragged over the dark blue waters; The wind pushing small bumps of water forwards. Her gaze falters as a dark spot darted through the cold waters. Ellie’s brow furrowed as she walked closer to the railing, her movements sedated. Her angular hands grasping the icy metal of the railing as she leans slightly over the edge, goosebumps forming on her arms on contact of the rail. The scent of salt more pungent the farther she tils over the ocean. Her eyes following the shadow, watching the spot as it grew bigger and bigger, fear filling the pits of her stomach. Ellie’s strawberry blonde hair whipping around her as the wind starts to pick up.

The spot brushes against the boat, knocking Ellie backwards onto the wet wooden deck of the boat. Ellie picks herself up, her arms supporting her. Right before her eyes a spiny back fin rises, water rolling off it’s back. Her pale pink lips part, her jaw dropping. She was expecting a nasty scream to fall from her lips, like water falls from a open tap, but nothing came… The tap was turned off. The slimy creature hauls itself  to the right before lurching to the right, slamming into the frail the boat and into the icy waters was cold and biting, but instinct told her to swim. S he swam like she had never swam before, desperate to get away. Then suddenly she felt it wrap itself around her ankle and pull her down. Her screamed trapped in bubbles for no one to hear. Dragging her through the water, she halts as the beast examines her. Eyes, too many to count, dark and beety. It’s skin was scaly and its sharp jagged teeth poked out of its mouth like rocks at the bottom of a cliff. The monster’s jaw unhinged, opening into a dark black gaping hole. Ellie’s eyes widen and her cheeks puffed with air as horror covers her cold face. With one swift movement she is yanked forward into the mouth of the beast.

Everything goes black.

With a jolt and a large gasp of air Ellie shoots up, white sand covering her cold wet body. Her greyish green eyes flickering around… Where was she?

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