The Bully

September 29, 2017
By sistersuzysue BRONZE, Camas, Washington
sistersuzysue BRONZE, Camas, Washington
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I ran as fast as my legs could carry me through the deserted late-evening streets of my northwest hometown of Camas. Crisp leaves, that had fallen from the many maple trees that surrounded the streets, crunched under my shoes as I shot like a bullet down the littered sidewalk. Dark, thundering clouds hung above in the sky. Any minute now, a torrential downpour would begin and I would be doomed to slip, falling into my enemies’ grasp. Thomas and his gang of sizable, dull-witted fiends were on my tail.

Every day, Thomas would capture me and force me to pay for his lunch or do his homework. He was a tall, beefy senior with messy, blonde hair. His favorite thing to do was pick on the new freshman.  His face and mouth were so massive it felt as if he could swallow me whole.  If I refused to do what he said, he would chase me and beat me to a pulp, but only if he caught up with my speedy reflexes. Even though Thomas was large in stature, I was quick on my feet, and could outrun him most days. Today, unfortunately, was not going to be one of those days. I had tripped and fallen many times since I had fled from Northridge High School. To make it easier on myself, I was going to try to find a place to hide this time. But I had to be quick about it because Thomas and his goons were approaching.

Suddenly, a drop of rain plummeted onto the ground in front of me. I rapidly turned the corner and tried to find shelter before the rain would start pelting my skin. That’s when I found it, the perfect hiding spot. In between two massive, craggy buildings there was a trash-filled, deep and dark alleyway. In fact, it was so shadowed in this alley, you couldn’t even see the end of it. I scurried into the darkness, far from the bullies. Soon enough, I was so far back, I couldn’t see my way out.

“Hello,” said a strange, disembodied voice,”Do you need help?”

“Um… yes.” I hesitantly spoke.

A pair of yellow, satanic eyes flashed open only a few feet in front of me. I jumped back in fear.

“I’m Robert, I’m awfully lonely in this alley,” Robert told me.”Can I be your friend?”

“Sorry, but, uh… no,” I denied.”I just need help out of this darkness, I can’t see anything except your eyes.”
“Everyone denies my offer of friendship,” Robert’s voice was shrill. ”But they’re making an awfully big mistake when they do.”

“Do you really think so?” I asked tremulously.

Robert’s eyes disappeared and everything went black again. All I felt was two hands, each on either shoulder, grasping me tightly. The hands were covered with some sort of leathery glove. Yellow eyes flashed open to the side of me. They were so intense, it felt like they were sending lasers through my brain.

“Yes.” Robert demonically answered.

His voice sent a shiver up my back, chilling my bones till I felt ice cold. I could feel his breath on my neck. It was heavy and soul-shattering. Even as much as I hated Thomas bullying me, none of his torment could compare to this creep. I flailed to try to release myself from Robert’s hold on me, but he wouldn’t let go.
“Why are you leaving so soon?” he questioned with great interest.

“I don’t like it here.” I said.

“I don’t like it here either, but guess what?” Robert twiddled his fingers on my shoulder.”I can’t leave… but you being here wouldn’t make this place as bad.”

“Please, let me go.” I begged, tears running down my cheeks. I let out a blood-curdling scream until my mouth was covered by Robert’s dusty leather glove.

Suddenly I awoke, disoriented and confused. As I came to, I recognized the cold smooth desks and strange formaldehyde scent of my high school science room.  I was shaking in my seat all alone in the dimly lit classroom. Outside I could see loads of kids climbing onto buses, rain soaking their clothes. 

“Are you okay?” asked a calm and familiar voice. I looked up to find a thin figure with wiry glasses and gray curly hair pulled into a tight bun leaning over my desk worriedly. I realized it was Ms. Mulligan, my science teacher.

“Um… oh yeah I’m fine, totally fine.” I lied, taking papers from the table and stuffing them into my backpack.
“Well, you better get going, the buses are leaving.” Ms. Mulligan told me.

I hastily sprinted out of the classroom, feeling sick to my stomach. Had all of this really been a dream? It sure hadn’t felt like it. I would never be able to unsee Robert’s devilish eyes. My legs were weak as I walked down the empty hallways to the main school entrance doors. When all of a sudden, Thomas appeared next to me. None of his ridiculous sidekicks were following him however, it was just him. He towered over me with his bulky body. Thomas stepped in front of me, making me fall back onto the linoleum. He stuck out his bear-like hand, which was clasping a stack of papers.

“Here’s today’s homework.” stated Thomas.

“Not today Thomas, I’m busy.” I refused, glaring at him. Thomas stood frozen, his eyes growing to the size of basketballs.

¨What are you?¨ Thomas apprehensively asked, as he slowly backed away from me.

¨What do you mean what am I?¨ I questioned. Thomas was surely just teasing me.

¨Y-yo-your eyes,” stuttered Thomas.¨They´re ye-yellow.¨

After hearing this unsettling statement from Thomas, I had no choice but to find a mirror right away. I barged into the bathroom, nearly tripping over myself. That’s when I saw the horror Thomas was terrorized by. My eyes had turned from the color of burned wood to yellow satanic eyes…  just like Robert´s.

The author's comments:

I love creepy stories and when I assigned to write a narrative for my English class, it just came to me!!

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