The Ceremony

September 24, 2017
By KaylaMerie BRONZE, Holen, Missouri
KaylaMerie BRONZE, Holen, Missouri
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Sophillia’s mother made a light tap on her bedroom door before creeping in. She too, was dressed for the ceremony. The queen wore her hair into a tight bun at the top of her head, little black curls falling loose around her temple. Her dress was a dark royal blue, long sleeved and past her ankles where black sandals were tightly strapped to her feet. Her wings fluttered, sparkling silver and blue.
“You look beautiful Sophillia!” She said with pride.
Sophillia looked down at herself and then back in the mirror. She wore a white dress that hugged her torso and hip, and then flowed freely down just above her knees. Her hair, as black as her mother’s, flowed down past her waist in natural curls. Pink flowers wound their way around her head like a crown. Her wings, also pink, were standing straight and high.
“I could not find the shoes I wanted to wear, mother,” she whispered to her reflection.
“That is quite alright. Most girls prefer bare feet during their ceremony. I wore nothing at mine. Besides, I brought this for you.” Her mother said as she opened a box before Sophillia. “I had the jeweler make these after your announcement of coming to age. Are they not magnificent?”
The princess looked in the box her mother bestowed upon her. Inside were a beautiful pair of slips, shoes that only covered the tops of your feet. They were white, with white elastic bands that wrapped around her middle toe and ankle. The diamonds that covered the centerpiece were placed perfectly so when the sun shined on them pink reflected. Sophillia was enchanted by the gift.
“Oh mother! How perfect!”
“Well then put them on child,” The queen said through watery eyes. “We have a carriage waiting for us.”
They arrived at the forest early enough to see the last few decorations get set up. Her mother had chosen an opening, surrounded by the tallest trees of the woods. Purple lights floated in a circle in between each tree, making them look enchanted. Chairs were set up around oval wooden tables, waiting to seat all of her friends and family. Three long tables lined up in the back, holding all the delicious food of her people. She sucked in her breath, it was the most beautiful sight.
She glanced at her mother, “when do you think he will arrive?”
Her mother smiled gently, “I remember being as anxious as you waiting for your father. Be patient, my child. He will come.”
Her marriage was to unite the kingdoms of Grothador and Forthox. She was to marry Prince Oberyn of Forthox. This marriage, her marriage, would be historic. Two long-time battling kingdom's, coming together as one.
Sophillia knew this day would come. But she was not sure she was ready. She had never met this prince, and did not know anything about him. Would their wings combine to make beautiful colors, or would the sign of a bad marriage show in their lights?
Sophillia was so into her own mind, she had not noticed the young man that appeared in the opening. She had never seen him before, but she knew the boy she was staring at was her prince.
He wore a black suit, his golden wings popping out the back. He had sun-colored hair that outlined the shape of his angular face. He turned towards her, a smile creeping on his lips. His eyes shone a brilliant green, the color of fresh summer leaves. He was perfect, she thought.
More guest had arrived and it was time to take their places. She shyly stepped up on the pedestal, facing him. The two queens made their way around them, stopping when they got behind them, facing the crowd.
“Sophillia Elga Condale,” They began in unison. “Meet your prince, Oberyn Elvin Porten. On this day, you become one. One family, one person, one choice.” The queens smiled as they spoke. Slowly, Sophillia’s mother moved behind Prince Raybono, turning him and placing one hand on his heart, the other on his shoulder. Raybono’s mother followed the exact movements on Sophillia. The couple faced their queens, not looking from their eyes. They both flinched at the shock from their wings touching. Sophillia suddenly felt warmth and comfort spread through her wings. Her eyes closed as the queen's chanted the ancient spell of combination. When they were finished, they lifted their hands off of the royal children.
Sophillia turned to look at her wings. They had been pink when she left her home earlier this afternoon. Staring at them now, they were still a beautiful pink, but she could see the swirls of gold flecked throughout them. She looked at Raybono’s, seeing his gold wings now possessed sparkly pink swirls. Their wings showed to prove that a good marriage was made.
The crowd jumped up and began clapping. Sophillia could not help but smile at the excitement. She would become queen of not just one kingdom, but two. By her side would be a wonderful king, and a life full of fairytales. 

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