The Unknown

September 28, 2017
By Tiamarie02 BRONZE, Hemet, California
Tiamarie02 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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At first, I didn’t believe them. I didn’t believe them when they said that I was to go to a new planet and live like the natives there. I didn’t believe that there was a new planet that was able to sustain life. As I stare out the window, shuttles whiz past in all directions. I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents than there are. “Skylar, the Commander would like to speak with you before your departure. Follow me please.” I turned around and followed the secretary away from the window. She was a small pudgy little lady. Her aqua skin shimmered in the light as she lifted her arm to brush the long thin strands of black hair out of her bulging black eyes. She wore a loose black dress, dark as night, and it swayed back and forth as she walked. Click click click went the heels of her shoes as they hit the tile floor. “Commander, the girl. Are you ready for her?” She said as she stuck her head through the crack in the door. “Yes, yes send her in.” I walked slowly into that office. I’ve never been in such a high level office before. “Commander, you requested to see me before my departure to this— this other planet.” “Yes, yes. Please, take a seat my dear.” He waved his hand towards the chair in front of his desk. “You will be gone for two weeks. In these throw weeks. I want you to observe their ways of life. What they do, how they talk, how they interact with each other and their environment. Pay attention to every little detail, it is vital that we understand how they live before we attempt communication. Do not, under any circumstances tell the natives what you are and where you are from. Understood?” I nodded. “Now please, report to Sector Z for departure. You will board aircraft 2543 heading to planet Earth. Here are your mission details including the hotel that you will be staying at with three other intergalactic beings” I stood and proceeded to Aircraft 2543.

Knock knock knock. I stared forward at the brass knocker that hung on the door. I heard the click of a chain lock and the door opened to reveal a girl, about my age,17, standing in the doorway. “Can I help you?” She asked cautiously. “G258A2543.” I recited. She nodded and gestured for me to come in quickly. I walked in and began introducing myself to the three new girls that I would be living with for the next two weeks. Heather was the short, skinny girl with pale skin and dark hair. Her eyes stood out among the pale skin of her face. They shone like two diamonds, a bright piercing blue. Lorren was the girl that was tall and built, with short blonde hair and tan skin. Her eyes had a certain gleam to their deep blue color. Coraline, or Cora as she prefers, was the average sized girl with olive skin and dark red hair. Her dark brown eyes shone with a touch of mischief. I wondered what their true selves looked like, but had no time to worry about that as I had to change and get ready for an adventure.

The streets of this new planet were undeniably crowded. Why don’t they use flying shuttles like we do? I thought to myself. It would clear up so much of this traffic if they did. We walked down the street and found a giant building that said MALL on it. “Let’s go look around there.” I pointed towards the giant building. Walking through the big glass doors, I was hit by a strong smell. It smelled fruity but spicy at the same time. I followed the smell to a colorful store called Bath and Body Works. As I got closer the scent got stronger and I had to leave before I got a headache. I noticed that throughout the stores, there were different groups of people. The straight to it shoppers and the casual, laughing, walking around shoppers. Everyone seemed to do their own thing, and they barely talked to each other. They mostly stared at a small handheld computer box as they walked the halls. Everywhere we went that day all the people of this planet seemed to do nothing but stare at the boxes in their hands and not once look up to see the skies and the clouds. Or listen to the birds who sang their songs high up in the sky. Or see the butterflies when they took flight. This seemed to be their way of life, these little boxes. They were always pushing buttons and taking pictures of each other and laughing at the images they found.
For the two weeks that I spent there on Earth, I learned nothing but the fact that these life forms, these humans, did nothing but sit, stand, or lay down and stare at these boxes in their hands. They plugged them into the walls when the needed to be charged. “Commander, of my two weeks on Earth, I have learned that their technology has taken over their lives and ways of thinking. They rely on computers to do their math problems or other schooling problems. They take pictures and show the world and wait for everyone’s opinions. They sit and stare at these little boxes they hold in their hands. Called cell phones. They do not interact with each other very much, if at all. If we were to extend our hand in communication, we would have to do it through technology or they wouldn’t acknowledge us. I would like to see the other girls again if possible. I didn’t get to talk to them as well as I would like considering we were exhausted after every day.” Commander Michaels nodded and said, “That can be arranged for you to see them again under better circumstances.” I thanked him and left to go home finally and see my mother mad father. It felt so good to be back in my own skin. My bright purple sparkling skin again. I giggled to myself, if they only knew the truth, they would have ripped my beautiful, sparkling purple skin from my body, and I would never have seen it again.

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