The War of My Happiness

September 20, 2017
By rmatthews BRONZE, Sheveport , Louisiana
rmatthews BRONZE, Sheveport , Louisiana
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  What is war, I asked myself; war is pain. Its losing the people you love. My name is Titan and I’m at war with my family. Before you write me off, I’m a god. You may ask why we are at war. It’s simple really- I’m in love with a mortal named Grace but Gods are not allowed to love mortals. Now that you are caught up, lets begin.
       “Brother, please don’t do this”, I exclaimed “I can’t help who I fall for. Brother, this will start a war. If I have to choose between you and her, I will choose Grace each time.”                       “Titan, please this girl you speak of doesn’t even know your name; she’s a mortal. Why do you have to be so difficult? It’s like you don’t want to be here. You never come to any of the parties, you don’t have any friends, and all you ever do is sit by the lake and draw. So now you have to choose: Olympus or that silly girl.” Titan’s brother Chef said in a disgusted tone.                           “I choose Grace, but you can’t just simply throw me out, this is our home not just yours.”         So, that’s all you need from that conversation. Now, I’m taking you to California, this is where Grace lives. You’ll see why l love her.
      “Grace”, the wind called or at least that’s what Grace thought. Grace’s home is beautiful; its in the woods but after you clear about half a mile the land is clear. She lives in a wood cabin, She has three horses, lots of chickens, and two pitbulls. Some of Grace’s hobbies are horse riding, writing, reading, baking, I could go on for hours. I’ve talked to Grace before but only briefly, if I pushed it to much my brother would have found out. “Grace,” Grace’s best friend Cheery called. “Hey, sorry I was daydreaming. What’s up?” Grace answered.                                            “Well, I just found out that my mom is coming in town and wanted to know if you would bake your cheery pie?”                                                                                                                                   “Sure I’ll put a special spell on it.” Grace said. Cheery hugged Grace.                                           “Thanks you’er a life saver, but I have to go.” Okay now let’s jump back to Olympus.
          “Odin, please don’t do this” I begged                                                                                                 “You think this is what I want. Titan you know I was in love with a mortal girl once, but I had to give her up. You need to give Grace up too,” Odin replied.                                                           “When are we having the council meeting?”                                                                               “Tomorrow, but if we bring this up it will start a war.”                                                                           “I can’t just back down, I love this strange wonderful girl. I won’t give up.”                                   “Find but when you’er banished don’t say I didn’t try to help you,” Odin demanded. I been through the ring lately but I won’t give up until I win.
           At the Olympus council meeting, later, everyone is confused about what is happening. Odin speaks: “So, I know everyone but I’m hoping that the issue will be taken care of quickly. Titan please come take the stand.”                                                                                                  “Okay” I walk to the podium, “ So I don’t know what to say but I’m going to start talking. So just hear me out. We, as god’s and goddess, look down at the world every day and judge the mortals. We judge them for being rude, judging each other, thinking they are more powerful, being part of the LGBT family, for drinking, for everything they do from the time they’er born to the time they die. And sometimes we envy them. Sometimes we hate them. I have fallen for a mortal girl named Grace and I am expected to give her up. I will not give her up just because I’m told no. Nike, you are the goddess of victory and you hate losing. What if you were made to lose a battle with evil? How would you feel? I want to know what you feel when someone is taken away from any of you. That’s all I have to say.”                                                                       Odin speaks, ”If you choose to believe Titan is right we well go to war. So, all for letting Grace become part of this world?”                                                                                                                             All but two hands went up. The council is made up of twenty-two members. “Okay, it’s official war is to come. MEETING DISMISSED”                                                                                           
        The war started that very night. I was sure to win but my brother is on the other side. It’s a shame really this war will destroy the beautiful land I call home. Now that I am free of mortality rule, I’m going to start building a real relationship with Grace.                                                        “Hello, how may I help you this fine afternoon” Grace said with a smile                                               “Well I’m looking at this beautiful women so I’d say my afternoon is wonderful. How about yours?”                                                                                                                                                      “Fine, I’m sorry have we meet before you seem so familiar?”                                                             “I think I’ve seen you in church a few times.”                                                                                            “Maybe that could be it”                                                                                                                                 “I’m Titan”                                                                                                                                                       “Oh silly me, I’m Grace.”                                                                                                                              So this was the first time we meet, actually fully meet. We started a friendship that was unbreakable and that was all I needed. But this war was making me sadder, and soon I became depressed. My brother was still mad that I choose a mortal and wouldn’t even talk to me. Soon, I began to push Grace away but I could tell she needed me. And I knew I needed her.
                    My life has been torn apart and I don’t know what to do to fix it. I want my brother to meet Grace and Grace to meet him but he refuses. Grace knows I’m a god. I couldn’t keep from her. She’s was too smart, she would have found out sooner or later. The war is still going but it’s out my control, I lost control along time ago. I was so distracted with Grace and how perfect her life was I forgot about mine. Time seems to fly. I think it’s been about two years since this all happen. Grace is right I shouldn’t worry about my brother but it would be nice if he was my best man. I’m going  to focus on Grace and me, and forget war and hate.

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