Emerald Noon

August 31, 2017
By Anonymous

Born to a very wealthy American family in Washington DC was a baby girl named Emerald Noon. Emerald was a very bright and beautiful young girl. Emerald looked just like a modern day snow white. When she was five years old, she won the worldwide spelling bee, the national Academic Decathlon, and was a black belt in karate, judo, taekwondo, and jiu jitsu. Emerald’s parents believed she had a truly amazing gift. Emerald, on the other hand, thought of it as a curse. Emerald was always picked on in elementary school for being so smart, so her parents decided to put her in private middle and high schools. Even at private school, Emerald was still being bullied because of her large intelligence. By the time Emerald was 16, she had graduated college and taught herself how to fluently speak Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Greek. Because Emerald had spent her whole life being bullied or stuck in a classroom, she didn’t have any friends. When Emerald tried to make friends with some girls at private school, they run off saying that Emerald was so freaky smart they didn’t even want to be near her. On Emerald’s 17th birthday, her mother got seriously sick with a disease that no one had ever seen before. All doctor’s they tried to call refused to come because if Emerald couldn’t cure her mother the doctor’s had no chance! Six months after getting sick, Lily Noon, Emerald’s mother, died. Jacob Noon, Emerald’s father, died of the same sickness on Emerald’s 18th birthday. So instead of celebrating the day she was brought into this world, Emerald was mourning the day her father was taken from this world. After her father’s death, Emerald saw that her parents’ left her $50,000,000. Knowing this Emerald decided to act as normal as she could. She died her hair from black to a red so perfectly that she looks like a natural redhead, got a job at a casino as a waitress but kept her parents’ luxurious condo. While working, Emerald’s boss said that someone specifically asked for her. When Emerald got to the lobby full of waiting customers, she knew right away who asked for her. It was Justin Smock, a celebrity movie star who proposed to her yesterday. Justin asked if there was a quiet place to talk, then followed Emerald to a balcony room. Justin said he knew Emerald as a child. He was one of the boys that picked on her in elementary school. Emerald, seeing the realization, asked what he wanted. Justin said he and the rest of the boys in their school picked on her because they liked her. Emerald, being as smart as she was, was confused. Justin explained that he was going to confess to her in middle school but she moved. Emerald was speechless! Justin said,” I’ve liked you since elementary school. Now seeing how you got even more beautiful, I love you even more! I heard the stories of your accomplishments and your parents. I know just by looking at you, you have a kind heart and wouldn’t hesitate to help someone in need. You are beautiful both inside and out and that is why I love you! I promise to make you happy and do anything you ask. Will you marry me?” Emerald said,” So if I asked you to say that to the entire world, you would?” Justin said,” Yes, and I will do it right now.” He leaned next to Emerald said,” I love you!” Emerald said,” You just whispered it to me?” Justin said,” Because you are my entire world.” Emerald said,” That is the most thoughtful and romantic thing anyone has ever said to me! I will marry you, Justin!” A year later Justin and Emerald were married and lived happily with a pair of twin baby girls!

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