September 4, 2017

Snow! To me it all looked so beautiful. The snow glistened in the light of the sun making me let out a sigh, I was trapped. I was born what was called a Sun. What a great name, not. Who wants to be a giant ball of gas just ready to explode at any given second when you could be a snowflake? That name sounds so much more graceful and unique. Why was I born a Sun? To make it worse I was stuck with the name Sunny, which was why everyone called me Sunny the Sun. I wanted to scream or cry or both, I couldn't though. Lady's don't scream or cry. My mom's voice rang threw my head.

Tomorrow I would turn sixteen meaning in four more years I would go to boring old law school. My whole life was in my parent's hands they controlled me. If only they knew I liked art and writing not boring law stuff. After that I get married to who ever my parents set me up with, even though I'm dating Jake. I smiled at the thought of Jake, he was so handsome and I don't care how snobby that sounds he's freaking hot. Jake is also kind and loving and actually listens to what I say. He is just so amazing I couldn't give him up.

Grabbing my sun block I head outside my eyes stuck to the grass. I should be happy. I have a family, food, shelter, a loving boyfriend how could I be so ungrateful? I went straight for the boarder were I quickly spotted Jake by himself his shoes just over the boarder's line covered in a small blanket of snow.

"Hey." He didn't even look at me his eyes still stuck on the snow. I took a seat next to him my feet now gathering snow.

"Hey, so we turn sixteen tomorrow." We have the same birthday too. It's like we were made for each other. I couldn't help but let my lips go into a wide smile.

"Technically we turn sixteen at midnight tonight," he sighed a bit still not looking at me" so are you leaving?" Wait leaving? Were would I go?

"Leaving?" He kind of looked shocked like I didn't know anything which only made me blush. I absolutely hated it when I blush. I quickly looked down letting my brown hair hide my face.

"You don't know." He whispered more of a statement then a question. I got a little curious as I climbed onto my knees staring him straight into his sparkling eyes. Usually this would've made him smile. He would shake his head at my curiosity and innocence his eyes sparkling with joy but this was different. He looked deep in thought which only made me sit back down only making him frown.

"I'm sorry I was just deep in thought." Frowning must of been contagious because soon enough I started frowning.

"What about?" I leaned onto him, my head on his shoulder.

"When we turn sixteen we can leave," there was a slight pause as my breath hitched in my throat," we could become Snowflakes though we can't go back. No visiting family or friends because we would be ' traitors.' "

"Mom never told me this." The word traitor rang threw my head like poison making me shiver. I could leave...

"Sunny." I jumped at the sound of my mom's voice as she called me from the house. Jake gave me a small smile as I stood up shaking the snow off my feet quickly making sure I looked dry. Taking a deep breath, I rushed inside where mom stood waiting.

"Yes mother?" I ask gently my tone of voice changing a bit becoming more sweet and civilized.

"Tomorrow you turn sixteen and as you know there's a small parade." She watched me closely tucking some of my hair behind my ear.

"Yes mother." I repeat myself keeping the gentle tone.

"All you have to do is turn right at the fork in the parade path. Turn away from the border. Ok?"

"Why." The word slipped from my lips before I could think making me look up actually at moms face.

"A lady does not question her mother now head for bed its getting dark." Her tone getting a bit sharp as I quickly nod rushing upstairs to my room. It didn't take long toke get into my PJ's but it felt like hours till I fell asleep.


I had never felt so clean and fancy. Mom had gotten me washed and into a soft aqua blue dress that went to my knees. My hair was in a messy bun with a lacy bow to finish it off. It felt so weird not being in my ripped jeans and t-shirts.

I watches as a few other well dressed people were all ready in a line leaving me at the very end two behind Jake. Turn to the right. I repeated the four words in my head like an annoying Christmas song hopping I could actually go threw with it. I'm supposed to turn right. It doesn't matter what I want, it matters what supposed to do.

"Remember go right. I love you honey." Mom kissed my cheek as the music started, slipping a birthday card into my hand. I closed my eyes for a second then started moving forwards with everyone else.

Forcing a smile, I follow everyone else's lead. Smile and wave easy peasy. Turning right not so much. My thumb rolled over the card as people started turning right till it came to Jake. No pause no nothing he just made a clean left turn and went into the snow. There were a few boos from the crowd but when I looked at mom her lips were sealed. I could see the disappointment though which made me shiver. She looked at him like he was a traitor. Like he killed on of our family members.

Closing my eyes my hand tightening on the card and I turned right. I let out a small disappointed breath and opened my eyes only I didn't see the crowd only Jake and snow. Lots of snow. I turned left. I could hear gasps and boos but I didn't care. The card dropped into the snow as I took a step threw the snow towards a smiling Jake and I felt it. Freedom. I was free.

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