September 4, 2017

I rushed inside with snow dripping down my clothes as a small laugh escaped my lips which were quickly curling into a large grin. "What a storm." My laugh turned into small giggles as I shuffled my feet on the carpet in front of the doors. Stripping off my thin jacket my thick black curls escaped my hood, any snow that some how got onto them melting away. Well most people would be freezing I was used to the thin jackets and freezing snow. I was filled with joy as I was finally in the warmth of the building getting surrounded by silence.

My feet lead me towards the office where I signed in under the late calumn. Vancessa, the office lady, sat quietly her eyes scaning the words on her small lap top leaving the only sounds in the room the clicking of the keys her bony fingers hit. I was kind of surprised by her silence leaving me a little worried. Vanessa was a sweet older lady who always worked hard but alway had time to chat when I arrived late. The last time she was quiet was when her husband was beating her which made me even more worried. "Morning."

"I suggest you hurry to class Miss Riley." Her voice finally echoed threw the room making me flinch. All the joy in her voice was pulled out and was replaced with fear making me give a small nod. My curls bounced on my back as I hurried out tying my coat around my waste. My fingers moved to my pocket pulling out a small toonie for a drink from the vinding mechine with out even noticing well my mind stuck on Vanessa. I hope she's okay. I was so used to my school routine that my feet had already started towards my locker where the vinding mechine sat next to.

I lived an hour away so I was always late to school, a hour and a half depending on the weather. Like everyone else I wasn't aloud out of my house till after seven which dosn't give me much time to get here plus being lower class I had no vehacal or anything on wheels for that matter. Being me I was fine with that. I still had food and a roof over my head so what did it matter? My lips curled into a circle shape as I started whistling and playing with my curls. I slid down the stair railing and landed next to the vending mechine where I typed in C15 getting a orange crush.

I put my backpack in my locker replacing it with a math text book and rushed to my next class. The gears in my brain turned and clicked as I had everything down to the minute. 3,2,1. RING, RING! A smile grew on my lips as kids floaded the halls heading to their next clases. I gave nods to the kids I knew well I spun on my heels trying not to run into other kids. I dodged a short yet skinny kid almost running into a much more obease kid. I was usally much better at dodging and shifting threw crowds but today was diffrent cause as soon as I missed the obease kid I went face first into someone else. I fell  into the walls cracking my glasses, my book hitting the floor with a thud well my drinks lid broke spilling everywhere.

"Hey!" A ice cold voice hissed making me turn around to face a girl around my hight with strawberry blond hair and ice cold eyes which matched her voice and wings. I felt like screaming but some how I held it back. Wings. She had wings. She was a high class. Everything clicked in my brain as everyone stopped to watch. Vancessa was scarred because there was a high class in our school. What made it worse was the fact that where theres one high class theres more. Remember when I saw her ice cold eyes? I wasn't kidding. They were litterally the color of ice or frost which matched her frozen looking wings that twitched ever so often.

"I-I-I-" I repeated the one as I pressed my body against the cold wall trying to get some distents between us. Her ice like eyes moved over me as my hair covered my face like not seeing my face would mean not seeing me at all, saddly that was not the case as her hands shoved me fearther into the wall.

"I-I-I." She mimicked as I felt something pulling up from my feet, the wall heating up slowly. It felt amazing but saddly didn't last long as she then slapped me finally making me scream. I collapsed to the ground well my whole body heated up like I was on fire making me wounder how hard she hit me. I never thought it would end like this. I imagined I'd die from old age or heart attack, something normal, not from a high class angry ice fairy.
"You little-" She kicked me in my chest my hands flat against the wall for support as a loud voice inturrupted.

"Off to class." I was breathing hard as I looked up to see a short but still mightly looking man with kind but strict eyes. The halls were quickly emptied as the ice fairy quickly looked down, her cheeks turning a light blue, and rushed away well her back pack bounced on her back leaving the stranger and I starring at eachother. All the heat was gone as he took a graceful step forward making me do the only thing I could. I bounced to my feet grabbing my soggy textbook, broken glasses, and broken drink and rushed to class my whole body aching mostly where she slapped me.
At my pace I quickly made it to my class with all eyes on me as I entered all joy and peacefulness gone like it had been pulled out of me leaving me weak and in pain. No one spoke but the teacher for once but I knew no one was paying attention. Fidgeting with my broken glasses I leaned my head on my desk and tried to consentrate.


Heading to the gym like everyone else I felt my friends James and Roses arms around me as they laughed and smiled trying to chear me up. I was finally starting to feel better and all the pain was being replaced with curousity over what the assembly was about but my face and chest still slightly stung. After this we'd all head home so I was refilled with joy to see the snow but with all my emotions flip floping today I didn't know how long that would last. Jack laughed about a joke I hadn't heard as we entered the sweat and perfume scented gym with everyone else. Like at any other assembly we sat in the second row behind the small amount of teachers that went to our school. There was no assigned seating but it was the best seats were we could see anyone in front as well as having a good escape route in case anything happened.

"Morning students." A loud voice filled the room making me tence along with everyone around me. It took me the entire day to figure out who he was till Rose pointed out at lunch that he was the leader of the high class kids. "Morming." We repeated politley as I also watched three others walked in.

"As you might of figured out we have done a surprise visit to see how everything was, to make sure everything was in order." He explained as I studied the others. There was the ice fairy who sent a large scowl my way, a avrege looking male with gold eyes meaning he was a shapeshifter and a short girl who looked about ten but was obvously eighteen by her deep mature looking eyes.

"Everything seems in order but we have found out the surprising fact that a high class has been going to this school." He finally finished leaving us all shocked, even the three high class kids looked shocked. One of them going here? That seemed impassable. They had their own school filled with their own kind. Why would one of them go here? The room filled with whispers but with one flick of a thin hand all eyes went back on him. Opening his mouth to speak only a small sound came out before he was inturupted by a high piched scream "FIRE!" That's  when all hell broke loose.

We all had fire drills but it was easiler to stay calm during a practice where there was no fire or high class people. The room filled with voices all blaming them but it didn't take long for everyone to run for the doors. I stood up but was pushed back down in panic as I could start to smell smoke which finally started to fill me with panic. Jumping up I rushed away with everyone else only as soon as I ran for the doors I felt a pair of strong hands grab me. "It's you." His voice whispered in my ear making my chest tighten and everything worse. It's me? I wanted to ask whats me but I was let go and was pulled along with the tide of people. I got a headach as so many thoughts filled my my head and more smoke filled my nose.

I was almost out but with all the kids around me, shoving and kicking, I was pushed into the drama room the door slaming behind me. I tried to push the door open but there were to many students in the way of it. It didn't take long for me to notice the large blazing flames making me let out the loudest scream I had. I'd been in here for less then a minute and I was already beginning to sweat not from the heat but from fear. The flames hit the roof and were eating everything in its path leaving me cornered against the doors. I put all my strengh on it but there were to many paniced students in front of the door still. Filling my lung with smoke I pushed myself against the doors the fire dancing around me not coming any closer like it was afraid to touch me. The longer I sat there the longer the flames stayed just out of my reach.

"She does control fire." Someone whispered making me look around furousley but there was only the flames. Control the flames? It's you? My head started to hurt but not with questions but with wonder. Taking a deep smoke filled breath I slowly step towards the flames only for the flames to go around me, still not daring to touch me. Closing my eyes my hand moved towards the flames but instead of pain I was filled with a good feeling I couldn't start to explain which made me yank my hand back. "Ready to be reborn as a high class." The voice returned making me jump a bit.

"W-what?" I looked around only to feel a sharp stabbing pain in the back of my head making me collaps onto my face darkness eating up everything around me.

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