August 30, 2017
By Karatetown135 BRONZE, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Karatetown135 BRONZE, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
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I was at home one day, alone. My parents went to go have a "date night" at a fancy restaurant. I was sitting on the couch playing Alien Isolation, a game that I really enjoy playing, because it scares me, and it’s based off of the Alien movies by Ridley Scott. As I was hiding from the Alien in the game, I hear my phone ring. The ringtone was like a high pitched screech, kind of like the sound the Alien makes when it hears you. "Strange." I say. The caller ID reads, "Blocked Number". "I never thought my phone could make that noise, and I didn’t set that ringtone for blocked numbers." I picked up the phone and immediately pulled away because of the ear piercing sound that was coming from the phone. I hung up. "Ow! I might have brain damage because of that." I say. I went back to my game, and I went to another hiding spot. I hid under a desk. When I saw the Alien, it was so sudden, I yelled. "Jesus Christ!" When I picked the controller back up, I looked up in the game, and was surprised to see the Alien had spotted me, almost as if it had heard me in real life. Just before it reached me in the game, the power cut out. "Aww man. I needed to go check the breaker anyway." I opened the door to the garage, and walked right to the breaker. "Okay, let’s see here. This turns that on, this turns this on. Okay, we're good to go." As I am walking out of the garage, I hear a small screech, like one of the parasites in the game. "I didn’t leave off on that part." I look around the corner and see a couple boxes fall, and the parasite running at me. "Ahhhhhhhh!" I scream, as I ran out of the garage. As I am closing the door, the parasite barely has enough room to try and get through the door. I struggled and struggled, but to no avail. I sprint to the kitchen and hid in a cupboard. "Oh man, they are real!" I say to myself. I can hear the parasite skittering around on the other side of the cupboard door. "Okay, okay, what to do. I know, the knives are right above me, if I can grab one, hopefully, I can kill it." I knew exactly what was going to happen if I failed to kill it. If I failed, it would latch onto my face, and ultimately kill me later on. I slowly open the door of the cupboard, but as I am about to step out of the cupboard, it stops right in front of me. If I don’t move, it can’t see me. I think to myself. The parasite senses vibrations in the air, so as long as I didn’t move, it would not see me. But as I grabbed the knife from the counter above me, I accidentally drop one, and it hears me. The minute the parasite jumps at me, I put the knife in front of my face and kill the parasite. I drop it on the floor, terrified, and out of breath for some reason. Just as I thought the worst was over. I hear a loud screeching sound came from upstairs. "Not another one!" I said. I went upstairs to kill the parasite, but when I found the source of the screeching, it wasn’t another parasite. It was an Alien Xenomorph. "Oh god, oh no." The creature hears me, and lunges ferociously, I move to the left and make a mad dash for my Dad's room, to where he keeps his guns. "Dang it dad, where did you put the key!" I say as I struggle to open the gun vault. I finally found the key and opened the gun vault, and pulled out the first gun that I could grab. "Thank god!" I had grabbed the most powerful one my dad has, a fully automatic AR-15. As I grabbed one of the magazines from my dad's nightstand and popped it in the weapon, the creature came into the room, and looked right at me. Standing at eight feet tall, a tail like a sword, and a secondary mouth, this was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen. Toxic drool came from the creature's mouth. I pointed the weapon at the creature, and filled with lead. The monster fell to the ground, and deadly acid spilled all over the floor,  melting it away. "Great!" I said as the floor slowly melted. I hear another screech outside of the house, followed by a scream. "What in the world was that?" I step outside, and find more of the creatures, terrorizing the people of the neighborhood. "Awesome, more that I have to fix!" I went back into the house to grab a few extra magazines, but as I stepped in the house, a xenomorph came crashing through the window. It hissed at me angrily. "Come at me!" It lunged at me, and I performed a roundhouse kick to the creature's head, but it doubled back and dodged the blow. "Aw, come on, that was perfect!" I yelled at the creature, it seemed confused, so I took this chance to strike at the creature's head again, this time, with an axe kick. I struck the top of the animal's head, and it stumbled back, giving me the chance to strike the monster with my knife. After the xenomorph had died, I headed up stairs to grab a few magazines from my dad's' night stand. "Okay, here we go." I step outside, and was greeted by another parasite, or facehugger, as they are commonly referred to as. I drew the M-9 handgun that I took from the gun vault, and used up five rounds from the weapon, but the facehugger was dead, that was the most important thing, if one of those got to me, I would be dead for sure. The facehugger itself is not dangerous, what it puts inside of you, is. The facehugger acts as an egg for the xenomorph. First, it finds a suitable host, then implants an egg in the host's' chest cavity. The host lives for a while, but when the creature is developed into its' first stage, then it bursts' from the hosts' chest, and ultimately kills the host. That is how the xenomorph is born. "I can't let one of those disgusting parasites get onto my face." I wandered the streets, trying to make sense of what was going on, while avoiding detection of the aliens. I found my way to a car that was running, and I didn't have my keys on me so I couldn't use my car, so I used this car to get to the nearest airport. Once I got to LAX, I noticed that it was really run down. "Dang it, i'm going to have to drive all the way there." I was planning on going to Miami Florida, to see if my girlfriend Ashley was ok, if what was happening here, was happening there. I had to shut off the car a few times, because the creatures could easily get into the car, and kill me, or harvest me. If they harvest me, they simply put a facehugger on me, and wait for the creature to come from my chest. Once I got on the freeway, I used the opposite side of the freeway, because the right side of the road was completely congested, and there was no way to get through. I drove for two days, stopping for gas that I took from other cars. Free gas is the best gas. Once I got to Miami, I headed to Ashley's house, and what I saw broke my heart. Her house was completely torn down, with no sign of life in the fallen structure. I walked up and saw a body in the rubble. "Oh no." I said as I lifted the head to see the face. It wasn't her, but it was her mom. "Dang, Ashley is going to be very upset." I said as my eyes teared up. just then, a xenomorph jumped from what little of the roof survived. It hissed at me, it was very intense, and i noticed, the necklace I had gotten for Ashley before she left for Miami, stuck to it's arm. "Oh, you made a mistake coming here, after taking her!" I aimed the weapon that I from my dad's gun vault, the AR-15, and set it to full auto, and unloaded the entire magazine on the creature. The alien was blown into a million little pieces, and, the toxic acid melted the floor. I noted that this creature was a drone class xenomorph, so I knew the nest was somewhere close by. "I'm coming Ashley, just hold off a little while longer." I realized that if I didn't get to her soon, then she would be infected with a facehugger, if she was at the nest. I heard a rustle in the bushes behind me. I pointed the gun at the bushes, prepared to pull the trigger. Whatever what was in the bushes jumped out of them, and I almost pulled the trigger, but I stopped, because it was my friend Katherine. "Geez Katherine, careful, this is a loaded weapon, I could have killed you!" I said to her, she replied like the world wasn't ending. "Ugh, whatever, oh, wait, i'm sorry, wow Devin, your so cool for knowing how to shoot a few guns." she said sarcastically. "Okay, okay, you don't need to be like that. Are you ok?" I asked. "It's not like you care, why would you?" "Okay, nevermind then, forget it." Katherine was always very sarcastic and sassy, ever since I started going out with Ashley. "Do you know how all this happened Devin?" she asked with wonder, finally, a new expression from her. "I'm not sure, but, I recognize the monsters running around- Get down!" A xenomorph was going for the kill on Katherine, but I completely unloaded on the creature. "Move out of the way of the blood!" The acid sprayed everywhere, getting on Katherine. "Ahhhhhh!" she exclaimed with pain. "Dang it, I have to treat her injuries!" I rushed to her side, dropping the AR on the ground. "Your ok, I just have to clean the wound, or, wounds." I told her, reassuring her, that everything will be ok. "Hurry, it hurts alot Devin, please hurry, get it off of me, or, something!" I could tell that Katherine was in a lot of pain, so I did my best to clean the acid off of her face. Luckily, the toxic liquid didn't do that much damage to her face. She eventually passed out on my lap. She looked so peaceful, her light brown hair, fell beautifully over her head. "I have to keep her out of danger. But I also need to find Ashley, how do I do both at the same time?" I wondered. My thoughts were interrupted by an alien stalking us from a distance. "Katherine, wake up!" Katherine woke up, and looked at me with wondering eyes. "Whats wrong?" She said softly. "We have to go, we have overstayed our welc- wait." "What Devin, what's wrong." She asked, wonder, turning into agitation. "It's not attacking us." I told her. She looked over to where I was looking, and saw what I was seeing. "Oh God, let's go Devin, please!" She begged. I reached for the gun that I dropped earlier, but couldn't reach it. "No Devin, don't be a hero. Let's go" She said, worried for our safety. I pulled the M-9 handgun out of it's holster, and advanced to the creature. It didn't move, not the entire time I was up off of the ground. "Get up, get up Katherine." I told her with caution. "Why, what's wrong?" she asked. "Just get up!" I exclaimed. She obviously saw that I knew what I was talking about, because she got up instantly. The minute she got up from the ground though, a tail swept from where she was sitting, and pulled back. "Run!" I yelled. We both ran as fast as we could through the neighborhood that was once orderly and civil. I could hear the xenomorphs running behind us. "How did I not see this before." I said to no one in particular. "What do you mean Devin, see what before?" "That alien we saw, just staring at us, was a stalker alien. It looks for prey for the warriors to kill and bring to the queen, if that was a stalker, our chances of getting away, are dismal." I told her. "Dang it, I left the AR back there!" I yelled at myself. "What! isn't that the strongest weapon that you have?" She asked. I took her to a secure spot, that me and Ashley would go to all the time, and talk about our future together. "Stay here, and don't move!" She looked at me, and she seemed to be worried. "Don't go Devin, don't be a hero, I have told you that a million times before, don't be a hero. Stay with me, please!" I sealed the entrance to where she was hiding, and I sprinted to where we were last. "Awww crap, here we go." I pulled out the M-9, and pointed it to where I knew the aliens were coming from. When the first alien came into view, I pulled the trigger once, and the creature's head exploded into a few pieces. "Wow, the stalkers are, pretty weak." I told myself. I killed a few more, then started for the AR again. When I got to where me and Katherine where earlier, I grabbed the gun, and headed back. I realized that there were no aliens around me at the moment. "Oh no, Katherine!" I ran as fast as I could to the hiding spot, and when I got there, a few aliens were about to attack Katherine. "Get away from her!" All of the creatures looked back at me. I aimed the AR in the direction of the closest one, but there was one above me that I didn't see before.  "DEVIN, LOOK OUT!" yelled Katherine. just as I jumped out of the way of the tail slash, the creature swiped the gun out of my hand. "No!" I yelled as I reached for the handgun. "Katherine, stay right there, don't move!" I yelled at her. She gave me a slight nod, and that's when I saw it, I flicker of movement came from the far right side of the hiding spot. It was a facehugger. "KATHERINE, GET AWAY FROM THERE!" She was too late, the parasite had attached itself to Katherine's face. "No!" I yelled as I rushed to her aid. I shot the first few xenomorphs with the gun, and they died pretty quick, but, I was slashed by a tail in the leg, and i fell to the ground, losing blood, and quickly. "Katherine!" She couldn't hear me, because of the parasite on her face. I crawled to her, and tried to untie the tail from her neck. When the tail was free, I moved on to the actual creature. The aliens were closing in on me from all around, so I reached for the gun, but to no avail. "Come on, come on, get off of her face you stupid animal!" I yelled at it. Almost as if it heard me, it started to lift off of her face. Katherine took a deep breath, and pulled as far away from the facehugger as she could. But then, the creature tried to attach itself to my face. I noticed the aliens around me were just standing there, watching, almost as if they wanted to see how this would go down. What's wrong with them, why don't they just attack Katherine, she is wide open. I thought to myself. Then I realized what must be wrong. It must be the queen, but, why would she tell them to stand down? I finally got the parasite off of me, I threw it across the room, and shot it with the M-9. "Oh geez, that was insane!" Katherine had a look of horror on her face. She pointed behind me, and when I looked, I was shocked. "No way, why is that here?" It was the rogue alien, or the xenomorph king. "Oh god, he must be the one that told the aliens to stand down." I said with horror. This creature, stood twenty feet tall, with a crest on his head, the size of a school bus. This monster was more dangerous than the queen, this creature wasn't even natural. I aimed the gun at the monster, and was about to pull the trigger, but stopped, because the other aliens started off in the other direction. "Why are they just leaving? Why don't they attack?" I said, with  a bit of confusion in my voice. "Devin, let's get out of here, like, now!" I could tell Katherine was a bit, shaken up from the facehugger attack, so I led her away from the rogue alien, and out of the hiding spot. "We have to get to the nest." I told Katherine. "Why do we need to go there? isn't that the home base of all of these creatures?" She asked. "Yes, yes it is. But, i feel as if Ashley is there, and if she is, then I have to save her." Katherine's face turned from worry, to sadness, but I was to focused on the task at hand to notice. I had noticed that I had left the AR back at the hiding spot. Well, there's no going back for that. I thought to myself. All I had now was the M-9 handgun, and it wasn't even that powerful, against the aliens at least. "I wonder where all the people went?" I knew exactly where they all were. They must have been in the nest. I was just trying to, "lighten" the mood. I  heard movement behind us, so I took out the handgun, and pointed it in the direction that I thought the movement was coming from. "Hopefully, what ever this is, is friendly." Whatever was back there came into view. I could make out the figure of a person, and it was a female from the slim body of the figure. When the person came into view, I took in a deep breath. “Oh, put the gun down Devin, come on now.” Said the figure as it came into the light. “Lilly!” yelled Katherine. Lilly was Katherine’s cousin, and they were also good friends. “Katherine! Are you ok, did he do anything to you?” She said with a smirk on her face. “Okay, okay, no need for any of that. Are you ok Lilly?” Lilly just looks at me with annoyance on her face. “Okay, then, we need to keep going. You can come with us Lilly, if you want.” I told her, but she just had a look of utter confusion on her face. “Where are you going?” She asked. “I’m going to the nest, to see if Ashley is there.” Lilly and Katherine both had a look of concern that scared me. “What, what’s wrong guys?” Lilly took two steps towards me, and said, “Devin, Ashley died a while ago. She told me to give you this.” She had in her hand, a small silver ring, that I had given to Ashley on our first date. Tears filled my eyes, I fell to my knees, and screamed at the top of my lungs. I heard something coming our way, I knew it was an alien from the amount of steps that it was taking, and how fast it was coming. I got up, shot at it’s head once, missed, shot again, missed. Once it was right on top of me, I swung my fist as hard as I could at the monster, striking it in the creature's face. It stumbled back, and I ran at it violently, and I shot the next round right into the creature’s head. It was dead, but I found myself unloading the entire magazine into the xenomorph out of rage for my partner's’ death. I fell to my knees again, and Katherine came over, and put her hand on my shoulder. “It will be ok Devin, I know what you're going through, my mom died by the hand of one of these aliens, and I found myself in an unholy rage against the alien race all together. We will figure this out together.” She said with a smile on her face, so warm, that It lifted my spirits, but not by much. Ashley was dead, or dying, and I don’t even know where she is, if she is even in the nest, she would have died by the hands of a facehugger long ago. Then, I had an idea. “Wait, I have an idea of where the nest is, but it’s gonna take a lot of driving.” I told the girls. “Where?” They said in unison. “In San Jacinto California.” Once we got to the car, I got into the driver seat, and Katherine in the passenger seat, and Lilly in the backseat. We drove for three days, without interruption from the aliens. Once we got to San Jacinto, I drove to my house, and what I saw confirmed my suspicions. The house was completely covered in hive resin, and you could hardly see the house anymore. “Great, why did it have to be my house.” I said, annoyed. I got out of the car, and the girls followed. “No, you guys need to stay in the car, it’s very dangerous in there.” I told them. Katherine argued with me for a while, until I finally gave up. “Okay, fine, just, stay behind me.” We went into the house, and I instantly was greeted by a facehugger lunging at my face. “Son of a-” It latched onto my face before I could get the last word out. The girls were trying frantically to get the parasite off my face. I taught them, that if one of these things ever got onto my face, that they needed to take off the parasite, before removing the tail, because the facehugger, could easily put the ovipositor down my throat, and I would be done for. They struggled to take the parasite off, but finally did, and once it was off, the tail was the only thing keeping me from breathing. We struggled to unwrap the tail from my neck, and once it was off, we all threw it across the room, and it came running at me again. I ran directly to it, and when it lunged at me, I moved to the side and it missed, giving me the chance to grab the facehugger, throw it out the door, and close it. “Phew, that was a close one, thank you girls.” I told them with a slight nod. We headed upstairs, to where I killed the first alien, and what I saw put me into a fanboy overdrive. I saw, the queen alien, hanging there, in my father’s room, laying more eggs, or, overmorphs, as they are sometimes called. The queen hadn’t noticed us yet, so I made my way to the far wall that all of the alien's’ victims had been attached to. I saw Ashley, and ran to her side. “Ashley, wake up, wake up.” I shook her, and she opened her eyes. “Devin, oh my God, where am I, the last thing I remember was being put here, and something jumping at my face.” My heart dropped at those last few words. I looked around Ashley, and found an opened egg, with no facehugger in it. I looked below her, and found a dead one, just below her feet. I looked at her, and got her down from the wall. “Ashley, I just want you to know, I love you, ok, so much, and I tried, so hard to get to you before this happened.” I told her, with crying eyes. “Devin, baby, what’s wrong, your scari-” I look up, and she was convulsing violently. “ASHLEY!” I yelled. The queen looked up, and looked right at me and Ashley. She fell to the floor, still convulsing, and thrashing. From her chest, sprung  a newly born alien, and Ashley was dead. I took the chestburster alien, and grabbed it with both hands, and snapped its neck, and threw it at the far wall. I fell to my knees, crying, then the queen alien  got up from her perch, and started towards me. We looked at each other, just staring. “Well, what do you want from me!” I yelled at the animal. She looked at me, seeming very wise, but also, very dangerous. She opened one of the eggs, and took out a facehugger, then, put  it on my face. I didn’t fight it, I didn’t do anything. I just let it happen. I could hear the girls screaming my name from the doorway. I fell to the ground, and blacked out. When I woke, the facehugger was no longer on my face, instead, it was curled up like a spider, on the ground in front of me. “It’s only a matter of time.” I said to myself, tears in my eyes. I thought of the girls, and told myself. “What have I done, I have a responsibility to those girls, I can’t die yet.” I got up from the ground, and noticed that the queen was not in the room. Instead, other xenomorphs were gathered around me, just watching. I heard a strange voice in my head. You will not be able to fight this, you will die by my hand. I looked around, to see if anyone was in the room with me, but I couldn’t see anything because of the aliens gathered around me. “Who are you, and what do you want from me!” I yelled. I already got what I wanted from you, your body, is an amazing host for me, and soon, I will be born, and you will die. I looked down at my chest, and had a terrifying thought. “Are you the chestburster that is inside of me?” Yes. And soon, I will burst forth from your chest, and you shall die. In fact, your time, is now. It said, with a hint of an evil laughter in its voice. My chest felt as if it were on fire, I gripped my chest, and I fell to the ground. The creature came out of my chest, and then, blood everywhere. “I-I’m still al-alive?” The alien just looked at me, then slithered away. I looked down at my chest, and saw that there was a giant hole in it. “I shou-should be de-dead. I don’t g-get it.” The wound on my leg opened up from the fall, and I was losing lots of blood, really fast. I saw Katherine and Lilly run in the room, and shoot at all of the aliens around me. They all ran away, and the girls came to my aid, then I blacked out again.

The author's comments:

THis is one of my first short stories on a topic that I am extremely interested in writing about. I would like to share it with you all. My goal is to make a series from this.

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dafcs said...
on Sep. 5 2017 at 9:58 pm
Great imagination. Real talent for writing. Don't stop writing!!

LadyK said...
on Sep. 5 2017 at 4:35 pm
I sure hope there will be more! Keep it up.


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