The Unknown

June 7, 2017
By Anonymous

I could feel something was wrong. I sensed it. They were coming back, the visions. They come sporadically. I would zone out for an hour but it would feel like a minute. It was as if I were my future self. I would still be me but in the future. I would find myself in the strangest situations. Once, I was walking and a stranger just burped in my face. Whenever I felt a bit dizzy, I would run to my bed and hope it would look like I was asleep.

This time, I passed through a portal of some sort. I couldn't remember much after I woke up, but I had to worry. Half the time they actually became real. I looked at the alarm, 8AM, I had half an hour to get to school. I grabbed my bag and headed out to the train station with my sitter.

I looked down during my walk. Why was I born like this? Why me? If I told anybody, they might’ve ratted me out and I’d be a lab rat. Making friends was hard. When I went out with anybody, there was always the chance that I’d get a vision and fall limp. The doctors couldn’t figure out my ‘disease’. But how could I explain my situation? What if there was someone else in the world like me?

I stopped five feet away from the station. I felt the air get sucked out of me and my limbs felt like jelly. My memories from the vision came back. It was happening. Time seemed to stop. I couldn't move and I tried to let out a scream as a giant purple blob ate me up. I couldn't describe what happening to me. It was almost like one of the things you saw in movies, falling into a never ending spiral. I shut my eyes and hope for the best.

Suddenly, the falling stopped. I look up and see flying cars and people going through giant tubes. There are flying pigs and people floating in the air naturally. I naturally scream because I couldn't believe my eyes. I was in the future! I suddenly realized someone next to me is also screaming. It's a kid that looks the same age as me. She wears clothes that look like they’re from  my time. I approach her and try to get her to stop. I touch her shoulder and she looks me up and down. Her eyes go wide and she asks, “Are you from 2017?” I slowly nod and she starts throwing questions at me. I stare at her brows furrowed and cut her off. I tell her I don't know anything about where we are. We walk towards what looks like a bench and start discussing about how we got here. I find out her name is Lola, and she’s from NYC too. She got eaten by a purple blob on her way to school like I did.

We decided to explore before trying to get out of this world. We walked into a pipe labeled “End of town” and we get on. The pipe was like a vacuum. Something was pulling on me from the other side. A force was pushing me through the tubes. Because the tube was transparent, we could see the city from above. I was sightseeing in 10 seconds. When we got out, our noses were scrunched up and our faces were wrinkled up. It smelled dreadful and it looked just as bad. We assumed this was the more dilapidated part of town. The vibrant fire-engine red bricks we saw before were now replaced with gloomy shades of grey. With what looked like mutated rats and never ending rain, we ran back into the pipe.

The place didn't look like this in 2017. It was in the middle of everything and it always seemed like everyone was there. With it's bustling streets and large department stores, it was the biggest tourist attraction. You would see people from all parts of the world here amazed at the skyscrapers and LED lights. It was called Times Square. During New Year's, more than a million people would be gathered here. I wonder what happened.
I looked at Lola. She looked like any other girl from my time. I can't believe she has visions like I do. Maybe there are more people like us out there. Outsiders. Maybe we fit here. We’re different like everyone else here. There are aliens and other abnormal creatures. I brushed the thought away as we got back onto land. Lola had decided to trade in her money. She assumed it was going to be worth a lot more.

We found an old antique shop after a short walk. A bell rung when the door opened. It was dimly lit to the point where you could barely see your hand in front of you. Around us were “old” items. Lola and I were gaping at all the stuff there. This was way after our time. We hadn’t seen any of the stuff they were selling there. There were electronics that looked way too advanced. They sat on dusty old plastic shelves instead of the wood ones I used to see. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen any trees, hmm. We kept walking down the narrow path, trying not to break anything. We reached a counter where an elderly man stood. He was near bald with a few white hairs left. Lola pulled out her bills while I pulled out mine. We stacked them up and gave them to the man. He took them and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his sockets. He said he hadn't seen these since he was a kid. He offered to give us 6000 bucks for the 20 bucks we managed to scramble together. We gratefully took the deal.

As we walked out, we decided to grab food then scrape together a plan. We walked toward a vendor but something catches Lola’s eye. It was the purple blob that ate us! We ran through the traffic knocking people over. He looked over his shoulder and saw us.

He began to squirm as fast as he could. We were an inch away from tackling him but he just disappeared. One moment he was there and the next he was gone. Suddenly a shadow went above our heads. The next moment, I was holding Lola’s hand, falling back into the never ending spiral.

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