August 4, 2017
By thestars SILVER, Colmar, Pennsylvania
thestars SILVER, Colmar, Pennsylvania
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“It’s time to get up,” the robotic voice hummed.

Automatically robotic hands reach up to pull blankets off of the bodies of a family living a regular middle-class life.
The little girl stretched and yawned before grabbing the blanket again and snuggling into it. The robotic hands refused to let the girl sleep again and girl promptly gave up and sat down on the moving mat to get to the bathroom.

The parents, on the other hand, woke up when the hands softly shook them.

“Any important emails that I should know of that will change my schedule for the day?” the mom asked.

“Yes, one from the manager arranging a meeting during lunch to talk about the new product’s release date,” replied the robotic voice.

“Reply back saying that I will be there,” the mother stated.

“Sure will,” the robotic voice answered back and the message was sent within seconds.

“Tell Jeff to make sure that we at least get 25% equity or we will not close the deal,” sharply stated the father.
“Message Sent,” the monotonous voice confidently said.

The automated hands zoomed around him giving him a clean shave and perfectly gelled hair. Another pair of hands promptly got him dressed in freshly ironed clothes that gave off a pungent smell of clean linen.

The girl sat half asleep as the robotic hands whizzed around her trying to get her ready. Brushing her teeth and hair and putting it up into pigtails with bows on the sides, spraying her with an automatic bathing serum, the latest scent of course, and finally picking out an outfit that would make a 4-year-old look sophisticated yet allow her to play.

A group of robots was fully working in the kitchen making a grand breakfast, half of which the family will not even touch, the rest, of course, will find its way to the mountain load of garbage, which conveniently a robot takes care of.

The dining table was filled with fresh fruit, warm pancakes and waffles, soft eggs, and oven baked bread and muffins. The platters of food were surrounded by colorful flowers which gave the entire dining room an opulent feel. The mother came in first and grabbed a muffin which she hurriedly ate while a robot arranged her purse and grabbed a vacuum flask and filled it with brewed coffee.

The mother took the items from the robot and was on her way to her self-driving car while stopping to give her husband and daughter a quick kiss on their cheeks as they just entered the room.

The father and daughter duo spend a bit more time eating their breakfast and communicating amongst themselves while the robots are flying around trying to grab everything that the remaining family members need to get through their day.

Both of the family members are out of the house, one with a briefcase and the other with a backpack, and both are on their way to their destinations, one in a self-driving car and the other on the jetted bus.

This routine is repetitive the school teachers are replaced with robots as they made fewer errors. The jobs the adults have consisted of lounging around and making the robots do their work for them as they shout command after command.

As soon as the door closes it is the robots that must clean after the family and it is also the robots who provide for the family day in and day out. The hands scrub the kitchen counters and clear the dining table without being allowed to protest.

After all, when one robot goes to the brink of exhaustion, it is easily replaceable with a swipe of a credit card.

The author's comments:

Sooner or later humans will depend so much on technology that everyday habits will soon turn into daunting tasks.

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