Jeff the robot

July 27, 2017
By Sharknado858 BRONZE, Kewadin, Michigan
Sharknado858 BRONZE, Kewadin, Michigan
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Chapter 1

                There was a little robot, his name was Jeff. He looked like a human but he was a robot from Mars.  The planet was a quiet place but the mornings were frantic and it was loud. Jeff was transferred to Earth. He didn't realize that he was getting tracked by the robot overlords. When Jeff got there the first thing he saw was a little dog. Jeff started walking down the road and a little boy about 5’ 2”, screamed and ran to his parents; his name was Caeden.  Caeden saw the robot. He ran up to it and said, “Hello, what is your name?”
     The robot replied in a calm robot voice,“My name is Jeff.” Caeden thought it would be cool to have a friend robot so Caeden took Jeff home with him. He lived in Michigan. When he got home he showed his parents, they screamed.
     Then Jeff spoke in a calm robot voice, “I didn't mean to scare anyone. Caeden and I are friends.” Caeden's parents were frightened, but after Jeff explained, Caeden's parents calmed down and talked to Jeff. Jeff was eating breakfast with Caeden. Then Jeff powered down. Everyone froze for a second.
Chapter 2
                Then it happened. Jeff was taken by the robot overlords. Caeden jumped into Jeff’s spaceship. He followed the robot overlords to Mars. Caeden got lost in a cave. He panicked when he realized he had gotten lost. He told himself to calm down and when he did, he remembered his way out. He floored it and went to rescue Jeff. Caeden landed the ship. He went into the cave. He saw Jeff in a cage. Caeden busted him out. They got in the spaceship and drove home. They hid in the closet, scared, and they fell asleep. The next morning they walked  down the old wooden stairs to the kitchen. They heard something walking through the dark living room. It was Caeden’s parents. They went and had breakfast. When they went outside it was sunny and warm. Then, out of nowhere the sky turned dark so they went inside.
Chapter 3           
                 Jeff was powered down again and the robot overlords were taking over the world. They were tall, metal and looked like a war machines. Jeff was powered back on. When he was powered down he opened the portal to Mars. Jeff had to build a electrical fusion to power down the robot overlords. So Caeden and Jeff went to the abandoned hardware store to look for supplies. They had to find a battery, wire, pipe, button, and metal. They started working on the electrical fusion. They finished it right on time. They got in position and counted down; 3,2,1 pushed the button that turned it on and ran inside the house. They waited until the robot overlords were powered down. They stepped outside. It was quiet, almost too quiet. They walked to the machine. It was covered with robots, but Jeff and Caeden saved there planet. Jeff said, “I am happy to see no one got hurt badly, a few scrapes and scratches but everything turned out ok.” But they didn't realize there was another robot still functioning. It took Caeden’s parents. They ran to their spaceship but they were too late. The robot took them to Mars.
chapter 4
               Caeden and Jeff went to their spaceship, it was covered with robots. When they cleaned it the spaceship wasn't drivable so they went to the hardware store found some parts and fixed the spaceship. They were ready to kick robot steel and save their parents, come home, and hide in the closet. They finally arrived at Mars they were getting prepared to fight. There were no robots. Jeff thought they would be with the leader. They went into the dark cave. They heard something. The sound kept getting closer and closer until they saw it was a robot overlord. They found a big rock and hid behind it. They went  scouting around the cave to find more clues. They found their parents but getting to them was the hard part because their were lots of traps. They worked their way past the traps and rescued their parents. The leader of the overlords was waiting for them. Jeff told Caeden to leave with his parents but he said no not without you. They all fought together Caeden was injured badly so they retreated.
Chapter 5
                Jeff got Caeden to hospital as fast as possible. Caeden needed serious medical attention. The doctor said wait out here 3 hours later their still waiting the doctor comes out and says he didn’t make it. Jeff said, “!nooooooooooo!” His parents were crying because they had known that they lost there son in a line of duty. Jeff went back to Mars and killed every last one of the robot overlords the leader was the last one. Jeff took a spear and put threw his chest he was defeated. The people of Earth can rest in peace. Jeff went to the funeral. Caeden was stabbed, he lost too much blood. Jeff says to his parents I'm sorry I put your son in danger. He was a brother to me I will miss him so much. Jeff had to head home then his parents said you're more than welcome to stay with us. Jeff said I would like to have a family once again. Jeff and his new parents lived together to the end.
Chapter 6
                Jeff has to leave but we don't know why. All he said was I need to get something. 2 hours later he returns home with a big battery he needs to recharge. Then Jeff says there might be a way to bring Caeden back to life. Jeff gets in his spaceship and flies to Mars. Jeff says I need to find the laboratory there is a serum to bring the dead back to life he found it and raced back to Earth. His parents say please try to save our son. They get to the cemetery as fast as possible. They get their and find the gravestone when they dug the casket out and opened it there was nothing in it. So they thought they dug up the wrong one but then they heard a voice. It said hi mom and dad they said show yourself it was Caeden.
Caeden said I'm alive because a scientist gave me a vessel of liquid. It brought me back to life. I feel so much better.
Chapter 7
                Caeden's parents froze will sadness because they thought they lost their baby. Jeff says if you believe in miracles they will happen. This truly is a perfect miracle Jeff Caeden is back Jeff asked if he could speak to Caeden. Caedens parents said he could speak to Caeden Jeff spoke. I need to be going home Caeden replied why do you want to stay with me and my parents. Jeff says I can't put you guys in danger again Jeff you're not going to put us in danger because were family and family stick together. Caeden asked Jeff a very important question will you stay here with us on earth and be my brother. Jeff says you know I have never had a brother before. Jeff says I will stay brother Caeden starts crying because he finally got a friend worth keeping. 3 months into the brotherhood Jeff and Caeden have jobs working at a restaurants they make 20$ a day. They are saving up for a Xbox 360. They want to play call of duty ghost. Then after two weeks the robot overlords were back so Jeff told Caeden suit up.
Chapter 8
                Jeff and Caeden were ready fight then the robots were helping clean up the city from left overs from the war. They came down and talked to Jeff and Caeden they said we were not in the war we are the ones that went against them because they thought it was a crazy plan and they didn’t agree with it. When they didn’t come back we thought they failed the mission the robots joined forces to help clean up the city. While the robots were cleaning on of them was picking them off one by one on till Jeff spotted him and killed him. Jeff says to Caeden we need to go Caeden says why because I think they're lying because I just killed one that was killing the robots Caeden says “let's go.” They head home only to find that their parents were not there they panicked. Caeden cried mom dad are you here. He heard something it was his parents. They were in the panic room. Caeden says why are you in the panic room Caeden’s parents replied “someone was here it was one of the robots. We came in here and hid. which robot was here it was the tall one he was looking for us.
Chapter 9
                The tall one is the leader I thought he was dead. Jeff says Caeden we need to find him he could kill the other robots. Jeff and Caeden tracked the robot to the old star line train they start searching 2 hours later the find a tunnel. Jeff says let's go find the robot Caeden ok Jeff they go thru the tunnel they get to the end of the tunnel but they found an old abandoned library. They search around Caeden finds something he tells Jeff you might want to come and look at this Jeff went to check it out Jeff says that's the fusion Caeden says why is that down here Jeff says I don't know Caeden then Jeff here's something they hide its getting closer Jeff says to Caeden its the leader of the robot overlords. Jeff says when he gets close we attack him. They attack him but he was to strong so they retreated Jeff says let's go home and make a plan. Their plan was to make a suit of power that would be unstoppable they started putting the suit together six days after it was done Jeff said let's go finish the job.
Chapter 10
                  They go back to the train with their new suit of power they find the leader but he was too strong Jeff knew that they had to fight. The fight ended with Jeff injured Caeden felt some adrenaline. The leader started running away Caeden cornered the leader with a blink of an eye he was gone Caeden searched everywhere nothing then he saw something moving in the dark it was the leader. Caeden killed him Caeden went to help Jeff. Caeden says to Jeff it's done he's gone. They head home and celebrate.

The author's comments:

I felt strong writing this story.

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