Among Us

July 10, 2017

My sleepy eyes suddenly sprang open as fast as a cheetah. My room was pitch dark with silhouettes around me signifying that it was nighttime. Why was I awake at such an ungodly hour? There was no rational reason to be up. Tomorrow was yet another day of school in Arizona and I needed to get my beauty sleep. That's when I felt it. The pulling. What was going on? 
Sweat poured down my body, forming a thin film on my already warm skin. The heat was roasting me like a chicken. I looked up and saw the faint shape of my closet. It was shaped like a creepy face, with two eyes and a wide grin. The pulling was ever-present. It was subtle, almost imperceptible, but it was there and it was getting stronger. Now my body was slowly crawling across my bed towards my wide-grinned closet. Fear coursed through my body like an electrical current.
  My parents, I need my parents! All I wanted were those sweet guardian angels to rescue me. I wanted them to fly in and take me into their arms and comfort me. I was a scared little girl with no one in the world to help me. I opened my wet mouth to call them.
"Come mom! Come dad!" I tried to yell, "In fact, anyone come and help me!" Instead, a tiny squeak came out. 
"Mom, dad, where are you? Help!" I tried to yell again. Fear had paralyzed my vocal cords, rendering my voice useless. 
By the time I finished my failed attempt at pleading for help, I was halfway across my bed. I had already crossed what seemed to be an entire ocean of a bed and I still had more to go. The only problem was the fact that I had done so involuntarily. Out of reflex, I pulled my white and blue polka dot covers over my hairy head. Maybe that would put an end to my misery. It didn't.
  My hair was slick with filthy sweat and matted against my head. My heart raced faster than Secretariat. My skin was itching with disgust and fear. My pajamas were now a bother, tying me down to my bed. They created friction with my bed sheets, which impeded me from getting up. All of my senses had been amplified and exaggerated due to the great fright I was feeling. The worst part was, my eyes couldn't decipher anyone or anything causing the pulling. I wanted to lift myself up and run like the wind. I wanted to run until I couldn't run anymore, until my legs fell off, until my heart stopped, until I was free. I wanted it to stop, but it wouldn't. I wanted so many things and none of them were happening. Why would something like this happen to me? An innocent little girl trying to find her place in the world. 
Now I was up against the safety railing of my bed. I was teetering on the edge between life and death and if I fell, no one was going to catch me. Being squeezed against the rail felt as if my small body was being sandwiched between the rail and a huge invisible hand. Tears tried to work their way out of my scared eyes but something made them stop. Maybe my eyes had stopped working. Maybe I was dying. Maybe I had been petrified with fear. I didn't know and neither did anyone else. 
It was torture knowing my parents were nearby and I couldn't do anything about it. They were snoring away, reveling in their dreams and here I was, suffering. If I survived this, I was definitely going to tell them everything. To my disgust, I realized I was about to pee my pants from the terror I was feeling. Finally, I decided to close my giant eyes. 
I wished it would stop with all my might. A multitude of emotions swirled inside of me but now, one was starting to gather strength: anger. The anger infected every pore of me like a disease. 
"Why me?" I pondered. I hadn't done anything wrong. I was too young to die and it was not fair. My cheeks reddened even further, but this time with anger. My vision blurred, now distorted by red. How dare I get pushed around like a ragdoll? I wasn't just going to roll over and let this happen! I was sick and tired and just plain furious. Suddenly, the fear and anger slowly disappeared and calmness flooded through me in waves. I was going to be okay. Soon after, I was snoring away the night. The sweat dried up and my cheeks returned to their tan color. My pajamas stopped bothering me and my covers uncovered my head to the sweet oxygen my body craved. I was alive. 
Next thing I knew, I was waking up. Sunlight streamed into my room and birds chirped their beautiful songs in the distance. My hair was once again standing on my head in its usual bedhead style and my heart was pumping at a normal rate. The only evidence of what had happened over night was my body pressed up against the safety railing. I knew what had happened was real and not just a dream. I had just survived a supernatural event and I was ready to tell the world. I got up as if everything was normal and readied myself for another day of first grade. But this day was different. Now I knew a very important truth: they are among us.

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