The End

July 17, 2017
By Cat_R BRONZE, Long Beach, California
Cat_R BRONZE, Long Beach, California
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“Go go go!” Rowen shouted trying to get as many people off the surface before the radiation would start to seep into the underground bunker. People pushed and shoved at each other trying to be the first ones in while clutching their most basic necessities and dragging their children behind them. Rowen did a quick scan of the crowds searching for her brother Chandler, she started to panic when she couldn't see him and the orphans he took care of at the daycare.

“Rowen! Rowen I’m over here! I made it!” she quickly turned to see Chandler running towards her with a baby strapped to his front and back while carrying one toddler on his hip and pushing three older kids in a stroller while one of the older kids carried two more toddlers that seemed to be throwing temper tantrums at the worst possible moment. Normally the sight of something so comical would have Rowen on the floor laughing hysterically but due to the seriousness of the situation she simply acknowledged her brother silently thanking the gods that they brought him safely to the shelter before it needed to be closed. She looked at the radiation monitor and saw that it was about to hit the mark before radiation levels would be too high for any kind of living.

She ran to the door as she shouted “Anyone who doesn’t want to die run quickly I’m shutting this door in twenty seconds!” After hearing this the people of what is left of the nation began pushing each other frantically shouting curses at each other and at the gods some even throwing their children inside of the gates. Even though it broke Rowens heart she counted out the last five seconds and shut her eyes as she closed the door. She crouched down and covered her ears as she heard the victorious screams of those who made it in and the cries of anguish from those who were crushed beneath the gate and were shut outside of the safe haven.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I just did that. Oh my god, oh my god..” Rowen sat curled up by the door controls trying to deal with the fact that she is responsible for the deaths of all those people and their children. This is what the nation has come to, all of this could’ve been prevented if only we had taken care of our planet we lived without a care in the world throwing trash where we pleased polluting our ocean, our air, and in return we got numerous natural disasters and ruptured nuclear reactors causing the human race to slowly die out. We used to be a powerful race with seven billion people across the entire planet now we are the mere thousand or so people who made it into the bunker; the people outside don't stand a chance. There is no clean water, no food or a place to grow it, and no animals to hunt. We destroyed this planet and are being forced to scramble underground to hide until we can hopefully go back up to the surface in a few million years.

“Hey! Rowen are you okay?” Chandler bent down and pulled his sister in for a hug, he knew what was going through her mind she was only seventeen she shouldn't have to make such difficult decisions like this one but no one over the age of twenty-five was alive anymore because most were taken from their homes and killed in an attempt to conserve oxygen.

Rowen desperately clung to her brother, she normally wouldn't show affection to him so openly like this but she just needed someone to show her that she wasn't a monster, that she did what she had to do to save the people of the nation. Within moments she snapped out of it standing up and wiping her face in an attempt to regain her composure. Chandler smiled up at her knowing they would talk about it later after Rowen organized everything in the bunker.

“Alright everyone listen up!” Rowen said into the loudspeaker “We are the last survivors of  the human race and this is our last chance to survive as a species! If we fail then the human race is extinct, this is the gravity of the situation at hand and with this in mind everyone who is able to work please report to the loading dock and begin off loading the trucks! You will be debriefed on what precautions you need to take when you report to your station, now everyone else line up  to receive dorm assignments.”

People began scrambling all over the main floor, men and women began leaving their children while they went to the loading docks. The older children helping out the younger ones grab their belongings and get in line. Rowen thought to herself “What a shame the Nation's people are forcing their children to grow up so quickly, hell I’m seventeen and I was forced to make a decision that would be hard for most adults to make.”

Rowen and several other army members started directing people where to go based on their parents birth card. Some of these children had a long trek seeing as the earlier your parents were born the further you were placed away from the possible radiation sickness. “Now this may seem discriminatory but there's a reason we’re doing this” said Rowen  “The earlier your parents were born means the less vulnerable you are to diseases, mutation, and other various ailments and the whole point of this bunker is to try and preserve the human race long enough in this place for th-”

Rowen heard a loud rumbling noise and looked around, it happened again but this timw louder. Where was it coming from? It happened again and it vibrated the ground.

“Everyone! Forget your dorm assignments run deeper into the bunker right now! Let’s Go! Go! Go!” Quickly everyone dropped their belongings as the door to the bunker was being pushed further and further in. The people were trying to get inside and are some how finding the strength to break down this ten foot thick steel door. Chandler was scooping up as many kids as he could while Rowen was pushing people forward not letting anyone stop, she would not let anyone else’s death be on her hands. She waited by the door usher the last few children in when the door gave way.

What Rowen saw no one should ever have to see in their lifetime; it wasn't humans pushing in the door it was what looked like a gigantic insect similar to what was called a praying mantis in the old books. What came behind it were small grey looking people with large heads and big black eyes, they quickly scanned the room seeming confused as to why it was empty and locked eyes with Rowen as soon as she slammed the door shut.

She pressed her back against the door and saw the last people running into the deepest part of the shelter. Just as she was about to start running into the shelter as well she heard a eerie high pitched voice. “Rowen, come out of hiding Rowen. We know you're hiding the humans, if you just let us in we won't make you watch as we kill them all. We already took care of everybody in the loading docks so it’s just you three hundred left. There’s almost no point in trying to restart your decrepit species with such a small gene pool to select from.”
“What do you want from us?” Rowen screamed with tears pouring down her face at the thought of the people she loved  in this world being slaughtered in front of her.

“Silly girl we don't want anything from you. You see, your species was an experiment to see if I was right and that your species would only last four billion years and I was so the experiment is over and we would have let you live if you didn't destroy the planet I poured my heart and soul into while I was creating it. Now you have three seconds to make your decision 3..2..1!”

Rowen made a mad dash for the secondary door to try and close it so they couldn't reach the final survivors but they were more powerful than she thought. They grabbed her by her hair and pulled her down the stairs with them, some raced ahead and it wasn't long before she heard the screams of those who were dying and those who were afraid of dying.

They pulled her into the first floor room to see a bloodbath, the whole room was painted red with the blood of the fallen. The aliens were ruthless with only a few children still alive without a second thought they killed them s she painfully looked upon her brother's body as well.

  With the last person dead they pushed Rowen onto her knees and slit her throat, the last thing she heard was her body hitting the floor.

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