The Hunt

June 13, 2017
By , Atizapan de Zaragoza, Estado de Mexico, Mexico

During centuries my family has been the alphas of one of the few packs that is left here in Canada and we´ve been living in peace, but now there are hunters tracking every one of my pack members and killing them.

Since the day the hunters have been killing our pack we constanltly live in fear and moving form one place to another and one time we crossed our paths with another pack, to survive my parents and the other´s pack alphas decided to unite the packs by wedding his oldest son, Ian, with me when we both turn eighteen.

We spent years living with this new pack, when Ian and I turned eighteen the wedding was coming forward and we got married, until…
The hunters began to attack us, Ian grab me and we run away hidding, it was a slaughter, all of our packs were killed, no one survived except for us. We lived hiding and we didn´t have any family left and the packs in Canada were already extinct, we needed to survive because we were the last alpha couple in Canada, the only ones that could form a pack and don´t let werewolves get extinct.

“Ian can we stop here for a second? We´ve been walking all day long.” I said trying to catch my breath.
“Sure, we should get some rest, let´s stay in this cave and tomorrow we´ll continue, alright?” Ian said truning his head in every direction checking if we were safe.

We fell asleep. A really loud sound woke us up.

“Here, there are footprints here!” A male voice said.
“They have to be here somewhere, we need to find them and kill them!” Another male voice said.

“They  found  us  Ian!”  I  said  with  a  scared  voice.
“I  know  Lynn,  just  stay  quiet  so  they  don´t  find  us.”  Ian  said  while  checking  if  they  didn´t  come.  I   noticed  the  anger  in  his  voice,  like  he  wanted  revenge  and  to  be  honest  I  also  wanted  it  for  what  they  had  done  to  my  family.
“We´ll  take  turns  watching. You  sleep,  I´ll  take  the  first  turn.”  Ian  said.

I  fell  asleep  immediately.  I  remember  dreaming  about  my  family  and  how they  were  captured  by  hunters  and  Ian  grabbing  my  hand  while  we  ran  into  the  woods.  We  hid  behind  a  tree  as  we  watched  how  they  killed  our  families  one  by  one,  making  them  suffer.  I  began  to  cry  and  shout.  Just then ,  Ian  woke  me  up,  embracing  me   in  his  arms.
“It´s  okay  Lynn,  I´m  here.”  He  said  while  he  was  holding  me  tight  “You´re  safe  with  me.”  I  hugged  him  as  if  it  were  the  last  time  I  would  ever  be  in his  arms.

The  next  morning  we  had  to  continue  our  walk  to  Alaska  as  we  needed  to  get  out  of  Canada  so  we  could  be  safe.  There  had  been  hunters  stalking  us  for  four  months  now,  we  were  the  last  of  our  species  here  and  about  a week  before  we  found  out  that  Ian  had  family  in  Alaska.

We  spent  one  day  walking  and  then  when  we   finally  arrived  in  Alaska, there  were  hunters  waiting  for  us.  We  had  no  choice  but  to  fight,  as  there were  four  of  them,  and  only  two  us.  Ian  looked  at  me  and  nodded  his head,  in  a  few  seconds  we  transformed  into  wolves  and  just  before  the  fight  began  Ian´s  family  rescued  us,  killing  the  hunters  and  taking  us  to  their  house  where  we  will  be  safe  again.

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