The End Of It All

June 14, 2017
By nmansel20 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
nmansel20 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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The End of it All

I woke up screaming, and I turn my head slightly afraid to cause pain to my side. The clock says 12:18am, I check my phone, scrolling through the texts that I have, I come across a notification from CNN of a report on something crashing down onto the beach lining San Diego. As I close my eyes, it feels as if something is keeping me from falling into a deep slumber. I lay awake for the next 3 hours listening to the car whiz by along the highway. Appropriately named the motor city, Detroit traffic never stops. I wander out of bed, to head for the kitchen and turn on the coffee machine. I’m leaning on the counter and my phone buzzes, another report comes in that multiple more crashes have happened Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago. I grab the remote from the coffee table in the living room and turn on the tv. Multiple reports showing that crashes. I turn up the volume, “ Multiple crashes have been recognised across the country. Showing in major cities in the US reports from NASA have said that they are broken up meteors and should pass us. The ones that have already taken landing on the planet were just fragments on what is to pass us.” the reporter came through loud and clear over the T.V. set. I turn it off and decide to go to the doctor to have them check out my side, every night for the past 3 years I’ve woken up to a fire burning sensation up my side. I’ve seen doctor after doctor around the country but they have all concluded that I have nothing there. Slipping on some clothes and grabbing my keys I painfully walk out my house and slip into my car.

Once I reach the doctors, I explain my situation like I have already a million times and the surgeon decides to run a different biopsy with my side. I’m sitting in the waiting room listening to the music with some slow beat as the doctor pops through the door walking towards me. She struggled to put into perspective the rare disease which had not been supported in any clinical trials so far. Not only does it attack major organs but my heart too. It all hit me at once. I sat there as the woman with dark eyes pierced my thoughts, the idea of medication was useless to me.
I’m going to die. There’s no preventing it.
I feel nothing. My body is frozen. I’m gone.
I turn my face to the sky questioning when the end will actually come. Wait what’s that shadow?
“This is Rachel Beck from CNN news, we are at the crash sight of another meteor in front of a nearby clinic. Live from inner Detroit is reporting Michael White, we have reason to believe that a man has been crushed by another meteor. Authorities are on the scene now working to keep everyone calm and confirm back with us. Word has been sent out to his family of this tragedy, everyone watching please be safe.”

The author's comments:

I've always loved sci fi and how the topic allows you to exploit your creative lengths. I wrote this story by just allowing my mind to think and free roam my creativness.

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