June 12, 2017
By SamQ8 BRONZE, Stratham, New Hampshire
SamQ8 BRONZE, Stratham, New Hampshire
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I woke up to the sound of an alarm clock and Helen screaming at the kid in the room next to mine to stop playing video games and to start reading scripture. Helen, used to be a nun and still thinks that she is. I dragged myself out of bed and walked over to my closet to get some clothes for the day. That is until I remembered that my closet is filled to the brim with old computer boxes from the early 2000’s and a large stack of comic books. I had always been a comic book nerd. I had read them all, Spider-Man, Captain America, The Hulk, you name it, and I know something about it. So after mission “Clean pair of pants” was a bust, I stumbled over to my desk chair where I had left the pants I’d worn the previous day (which weren’t that dirty). I then proceeded down stairs into the kitchen A.K.A, “The War Zone.” We call it this because the two younger kids always threw food at each other in reference to the video game Splatoon, which they had gotten for Christmas and wouldn’t stop playing. Before we get any further however, I think you might want to know who I am. My name is Alex Adams and the people I live with are not my family. The lady who runs the orphanage or, as she calls it, “The Nest” is named Amelia. A few years ago, Amelia won the lottery and instead of blowing it on useless trinkets, she built this building and took us, the chosen few to live there under her care and supervision. Amelia is 28 and cares for every one of us deeply. The other kids are, Anna, the second oldest who really has a thing for yelling, The twins, Andy and Cooper, who were the two youngest and last but not least is Jack, the quiet genius. We call him this because he’s in the fifth grade and he can already do calculus. The place where we live, is state of the art the rooms are big and the backyard is also spacious. But, the best part is that it is one block away from the beach and, my school.
I quickly scarfed down a bowl of cereal and got out on my bike and rode to school. For me, school is two things. One, a place of learning and knowledge, and second, a great place to host survivor. I get picked on for my intelligence mostly. All the popular kids are either so stupid that they can’t tell left from right or they just don’t care enough about school. But I can’t judge them because the school accepted them so, oh well. As I walked in the front doors, I saw The Myth. The Myth is what kids call Eugene Bakersfield (Nobody knows that’s his name except me), the resident bully and star running back at our school. He picks on everyone, but me more than others. I see him walk down the hall towards me.
“Adams,” he screams in his oh so pleasing voice, “It’s tax day and I’m here to collect.”
“What? No it isn’t,” I say jokingly.
“I mean your lunch money idiot,” he barks at me.
“Well, sorry to spoil your fun Eugene, but I brought my own food today so why don’t you go cry mommy about this one.”
“Kid, you are gonna die.” he growls
He aims a punch at me but then I hear a voice, it’s Jane.
“Eugene!” she says” You should stop beating up the kid who’s smarter than you at math. You could learn from him, and judging by the way your last test went you really should learn”
“Whatever” he mumbles
It was Jane McCollar A.K.A, the girl I have a giant crush on. She had long brown hair and the prettiest face I’ve ever seen I was basking in the fact that the girl of my dreams had basically just saved my life but then, the first period bell rings. Jane walks down with me, she and I have class together. In my head I wonder why she intervened, why she stood up for a nerd. But then, our teacher Mr. Gould and leads us out to the busses. We are going on a field trip to the nation’s number one genetics research facility, Bio-Genetics Innovation. It’s a one hour trip from school, so I do what I always do, get out my iPod and listen to some music. I start my playlist with the number one song, “I’m Burnin’ for You” by the Blue Oyster Cult. I had always loved the idea of the iPod It was the ultimate way of playing music especially since I didn’t have a phone of any kind. It was the last birthday present that I got from my parents before they died. On its back it had the engraving, “We love you Alex! -Mom and Dad.” It is possibly my most prized possession that also happened to be my favorite thing to code for. When I first moved in with Amelia I needed something to take my mind off my parents’ deaths. I saw an ad with a website saying that the world needed more computer scientists instead of olympic athletes. I Went to the URL and it taught me the basics of writing code. After three minutes, I was hooked. Once I finished the website’s tutorials, I started writing programs for the computer that Amelia had at the time. Once I built my own desktop, I started to write little apps and games for my iPod. It was a positively enriching hobby which also was the reason Miami Technical High School accepted me.
Once we arrive at BGI, the tour guide gives us the normal tour rundown, don’t break stuff and we have no problems. We head up to the infusion floor, it’s where their pride and joy, the Infuser is. Not much is known about this machine except for the fact that it is supposed to cure BGI’s CEO of his weird, rare infectious disease that nobody knows anything about. We look around for a bit and then it’s time for lunch. It’s a dark place so I became separated from the rest of the tour group when I see a door . Or so I thought. I stumbled into a dark chamber. I tried to get out but then these blue light particles started coming in through the ceiling. The sight was stunning it was like a billion little alien creatures descending from the heavens gracing me with their wonders. One the particles touched my skin, it was almost like getting stabbed except without the blood and twice the pain. I looked up to the control room and saw a giant monitor which indicated that my genes would be enhanced without changing any physical appearance. It was kind of vague but I couldn’t stop it now. The pain got worse as the procedure went on. At the end I felt that I was near death. As soon as I thought I was going to die the procedure completed. I emerged from the machine looking and feeling completely fine. Yet, in all of this normalness something didn’t feel quite right, but in a very, very good way

Chapter 2
After school when I was riding home, Myth and his goons ambushed me. Two pinned me against a wall while Myth readied his fist. The punch hit me like a wrecking ball. They kept hitting me one punch after the other until I was on the ground and unconscious.
The men entered the house with big guns and masks on. My father had just returned home from his long day of scientific work at BGI. Two men had pinned me against the wall. My mother screamed and yelled for me to run as the slit her throat. I couldn’t stop crying. The rage and terror was too much for me to bear. I tried to break free but before I could, one man who was bigger and in charge of the others came up to my father, mumbled something about how he was a dead man walking and then shot him dead. On their way out, they hit me in the gut with a baseball bat I fell to the ground crying as I dragged myself over to my parents’ bodies to give them one last hug and kiss.
I came to at about five o’clock. I realized that dinner would soon be served and that I had 16 messages from Anna asking where I was and that everyone else was getting worried. I raced home, but instead of the usual twenty minutes that it takes me to get home it took me about one minute, and I wasn’t even running that hard. I was stunned, I couldn’t believe what I could do. While I was marveling over the fact that a machine made to cure some disease with a long and hard to spell name gave me incredible powers, I realized that I couldn’t go in through the front covered in blood (because, you know, I got hit really hard) so I went up to the wall where my bedroom window was and started to climb up. This also amazed me, to say the least. I silently entered my room and looked in the mirror. There wasn’t a scratch on me. The only thing that was bloody was my shirt. So, desperate to see what other kinds of things I could do, I raised up my arm and bent down my hand to see if I could use the force or something. Again, to my amazement, a blue string of electricity shot out of my wrist and grabbed a new shirt which I then pulled back to me (It never touched the ground). I realized one thing about this though, the beam was pretty erratic. It could pull stuff to my in a straight line but it's appearance wasn’t of a steady beam, but more a genuine bolt of lightning. Anyway, that part is going to be more important later. Right now I am starving. I walk down the stairs and enter the dining room where Helen is saying a prayer I silently tip-toe towards my chair but then Helen looks up at me with wide open eyes and yells

“Jesus I’m sorry”
Then, Helen started throwing random stuff at me while Amelia was trying to calm her down. She eventually left the room to go read the bible for the 47 millionth time today.
“I’m sorry about her,” said Amelia, not sounding mad at all, “Where were you?”
“I actually got beat up badly and was left unconscious for two hours in an alley next to my school. That’s why I’m a smidge late.” I answer
“Is this true?” she says, “Are you lying?”
“No, I swear to God,” I say, “And you know I would never lie and then say that while Helen is in the house”
“I know, You are the most honest person here and I know that you’d never lie to anyone here.” She said.
The rest of the night went well. After dinner, I went upstairs and finished my homework for math, which was the only class I had after the trip to BGI. It’s pretty easy, I have alway had and knack for math and science After, I turned on my computer and played Fallout 4 until three in the morning. It’s Friday night so I am allowed to do this.
The next day, I went out at 11:00 to go for my daily seven mile run on the beach. Every day I get up and do calisthenics and run to stay in shape. After I get back home and shower, I head down to my favorite used computer parts store to go and find cheap stuff do experiments on. Why, you might ask, because I am a computer nerd and because I can so deal with it. As I walked home with 50 bucks worth of old computer stuff, I pondered what I should do about the whole super power thing. I had a couple ideas on how I could show the full extent of my power just to know what I’m capable of. After forty minutes worth of introspection, I decided that it would be best to test my powers out away from people. I decided to do it down at the abandoned shipping docks because nobody had worked there in years and it was mostly metal. And if I was going to test electricity powers, I needed lots and lots of metal.
At 10:30, when mostly everyone was asleep, I snuck out the window again and ran down to the abandoned shipping docks. No one was there, so I knew I could be safe to do what I needed to. I went into an all metal shipping container, put in my headphones and turned on Surfing with the Alien by Joe Satriani and concentrated really hard. A blue field of electricity formed around me on all sides. The what happened next will literally blow your mind so you might want to sit down for this. I exploded into the air and towards the city but I realized that I couldn’t fly, I was falling so I shot out a beam of electricity and swung from building to building. This was amazing, but I had another great idea. I shot out another beam and ran along the side of a building jumped and generated gliding wings under my arms (picture a squirrel suit) and glided around the city. This was great except for one thing. I could hear Amelia’s footsteps back at the orphanage coming down the hall to my room. I panicked but then realized I was gliding around and could swing from buildings and run fast. I shot an electric beam down to stop gliding, the wings degenerated and I swung myself onto the street I started running as fast as I could jumped through my window, put on my PJ’s, turned on my TV and put on Spider-Man 2 just as she walked in. She told me to turn down the TV because the twins couldn’t sleep. I obliged and turned It down. As I dozed off, I thought about how great flying through the city was. I couldn’t wait to do it again. But then I remembered the flashback and what it could have meant. I realized that I had to avenge my family and keep others out of trouble because when bad things happen, and you have the power to stop it, but you don’t then bad things happen because of you and I was not going to sit around and watch other people suffer what I did. I was going to be helpful, kind, courageous and funny. I was going to be Arcshock.
At school, I realized that if I was going to be a hero, then I needed suit, so, I went down to my school’s high tech and highly-funded biology lab. I went to the silkworm room and generated enough genetically enhanced thread to make a suit that would fit me. I picked this out of all things, because this thread is basically bullet proof, even though I can heal myself, it’s easily dyeable and it is basically spandex. The spandex thing is a plus because I’m in good shape and secondly, if I was going to be a superhero, I need a spandex-like suit because every hero has a tight fit suit.. I went to the part of school where people make stuff like clothes or whatever (I think it is called Home Education) and made sure nobody was looking. I designed my suit to be navy blue with a white angular A that wasn’t too big but wasn’t to small. It was basically an upside down V it looked like this: /\, only white. The arms and legs had white accents near the ankles and elbows and the wrists had cut outs for the lightning. The eyes were big and white and made from an unbreakable kind of glass that my school also experimented with. It was a pretty sweet suit I would say. Remember earlier when I talked about the beams, well, next I made little watch sized gauntlets to just concentrate It and give it the ability to do special things like make traps and such. I stuffed all of this in my bag and then went along with my day as planned knowing that tonight was the night my parents were avenged,

I perched atop one of the tallest buildings in Miami, I was wearing the Arcshock suit. I was waiting for something. Something that would lead me to the people who killed my parents. I then heard a scream off in the distance. Being the hero, I swung on over there and wouldn’t you know there’s a group of guy who were the ones who killed my family, except one was missing. I didn’t make a big deal out of one missing guy, so I snuck up behind the group and signaled to the family to keep quiet. They obliged and I gave them a thumbs up. Then I spoke
“Hello guys! Any chance I could be part of this?”
“What, no. Get outta here psycho!”
“Whoa, whoa, what’s with the hostility, I’m just being friendly”
“I’ll show you friendly!”
The guy shot at me three times before realizing that I dodged the bullets
“ Are you seriously trying to kill the guy with superspeed with a standard handgun? Bad move amigo.”
I shot out electricity in the form of a net and shocked them all to the point of unconsciousness. They were pathetic to say the least. You see, that’s the thing about common street thugs, they’re kind of stupid. I mean who’s going to try and shoot the guy with the superspeed and electricity powers. Anyway, I bid the family farewell. They thanked me so many times and before they left, they asked me my name.
Chapter 3

As time went on and I became more comfortable living as both Arcshock and Alex. I also did a little bit of digging about the few powers that I now possessed. I found out that the infuser imbeds the DNA of genetically modified animals to make a better stronger human being. After close analysis, my electricity powers came from the DNA of an electric eel, the strength came from Genetically enhanced gorillas, my reflexes came from a combination of big cats like lions and tigers, my ability to climb walls from spiders, my speed from genetically enhanced Cheetahs and my healing and regeneration came from the lizard kingdom.
Not only were these a mood booster for me, but the people of Miami really started to love the fact there was a hero watching over them to keep them safe. As my confidence boosted however, something else kept happening, I kept having flashbacks to the murder of my parents even though the men responsible were detained by the police. The only thing that could still be triggering this could be that more of the group of murderers could still be alive and something about that is causing me to have these terrible memories. Sort of like how Voldemort being alive makes Harry Potter’s scar hurt. So, in the spirit of every detective movie ever, I decided to draw up one of those boards with news articles pieced together to show the culprit. Every big news story from the past 7 years had been about how Doctor Daniel Rogers, the founder of BGI had been doing questionable if not totally terrifying things. Most recently, he had started shouting down random parts of BGI and having all of those scientists work on a new, unknown project. I definitely needed to keep an eye on this, because this could lead somewhere, I could feel it. Something I found more interesting was that last year he had been put on trial for my parents’ murders and won the case solely on pity. The story said that he had blamed a Jack Rice, one of the people that I had put into prison recently. This put a seed of doubt in my mind, the parts of the company being shut down, the trial. I had my primary suspect, now I just needed some evidence.

Chapter 4
“Doctor Rogers, the infuser is ready for you”
Daniel Rogers, the founder and lead scientist of BGI had been waiting years for this moment. He had been slowly dying and he now had his chance to break free from this ailment. He threw his limp body out of his wheelchair and into the infuser. The scientists gave the signal and activated the infusing chamber and, instead of blue particles, red and black particles flowed into him to embeded into his genetic code. He screamed in pain, his eyes widened as he rose from his crouched position. He was much bigger now, but he was different, he looked like he was going to kill. The scientists checked the DNA he was given and he received not the regenerative powers of a lizard, but the animosity of every major predator combined, the strength of enhanced gorillas and the ability to shoot out poisonous bolts of black energy, derived from the powers of the golden poison dart frog. But then, he turned jet black, his eyes turned a deep crimson and he let out and ear piercing scream that shook the whole room. He ripped through the walls of the BGI tower and let out an even more menacing roar that would strike fear in even Chuck Norris.
When I first saw this thing I was like, “Hey, it’s that Venom character from Spider-Man,” but this was much worse. This thing was seven foot five by my estimate and looked like death, but on six different kinds of steroids. But, in all of the blackness, I could almost make out a face.
“Dr. Rogers?”
“I am the Reaper!” It screamed enraged
He threw me against a wall, and punched me. I tried shocking him but I couldn’t. Something about him and his molecular composition made me powerless. I couldn't figure out what. I needed a distraction, I tried kicking him back and that did nothing he raised up a claw he had generated out of the black material he was now made of. Suddenly I yelled and he backed down. He shrieked in agony as I swung away.
I swiftly climbed in through my window and took off the suit and got ready for bed. As I got into bed, I kept thinking about the Reaper and how he might be Doctor Rogers. Before I could go about taking care of this though, I needed more proof it was him. I was going to do some serious, high quality, Batman style detective work. Not for the city by itself, because a giant monster isn't good for anyone, but for me, so I could finally visit my parents graves, and tell them I made things right.

Chapter 5
The next day at school, Jane came up to me before first period. She asked me if I wanted to come eat dinner with her and her parents at her house tonight. I replied yes. As she walked away I was going crazy, this was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. I had always had a crush on her but this confirmed she had a crush on me. This news made my day and as I walked to class behind Jane and a couple of her friends, I thought, today is going to be a good day. After six and a half action packed hours of learning and “fun” I zip home and get ready for dinner with Jane’s family. Under my shirt and pants, I wore the suit just as a precaution. I went to her apartment at about 5:00. I knocked on the door and she answered. She treated me with a hug and led me inside. As I entered the dining room, I had a flashback but it was faint. I looked over across the room and saw Daniel Rogers sitting there at the end of the table.
“Jane can I talk to you for a sec?
“Sure, what’s up”
“How come Dan Rogers is at the table?”
“He’s my uncle. I forgot to tell you he was coming.”
“Well, listen,” I said, “ I think he’s a giant evil villain called Reaper their faces look strikingly similar.”
“What, how dare you!”
“Jane, don't be mad. I can explain.”
“Fine, go ahead, I'm listening.”
You know that superhero guy who’s been saving people and stuff, well, he’s me.
She didn't believe me at first but I shot a small electric beam and she was figuratively shocked. I somehow convinced her that her uncle was a class-A villain. I also somehow got her to keep quiet about the fact that I was a super hero. We sat down for dinner shortly after that. I got to ask questions to Dr. Rogers. By the end of the night, I was convinced that he was the Reaper. He had told me that the infuser had worked in making him better. But he told me it had a side effect. He said it somehow made him more aggressive than normal. But he said it was only if he was really enraged. I had what I needed. I knew it was him know. I said goodbye to Jane’s family and kissed her goodnight and then jumped out the window and swung on home.
I woke up to a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes the next morning in honor of Jack’s birthday. They were in the shapes of stormtroopers because Jack had always loved the star wars movies. After this grand breakfast, I rode my bike to school listening to “Like A Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan. When I got there, it was a frenzy of people asking people out to the school’s annual end of the year dance. It was such a frenzy that Myth didn't even bother picking on me today. I asked Jane and she said yes. This was by far the best news I had heard that day. It was even better than the pancakes, and I'm pretty wild about pancakes.
Two weeks of crime fighting, music listening and video game playing had flown by. It was the day of the dance and I had everything planned out, I was going to take her out to a fancy restaurant, go to the dance and then go for a walk on the beach. I picked her up at 6:00, two hours before the dance. The dinner part of our evening went off without a hitch. I used this time to get to know Jane. As it turns out she’s a huge superhero fan too. This was great, now I could talk to a girl who wouldn't think of me as a nerd, but as her special someone. When we got to the dance, things started to be less perfect, I kept getting flashbacks which meant the reaper was near. Over the course of the past few weeks, I had learned that whenever the flashbacks happened, trouble was near. But they kept happening erratically. About halfway through the dance, the DJ put on “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton and we slow danced. Then, all of a sudden, she kissed me and told me she loved me. I replied, “I love you too.” Right as I finished the sentence, I got a flashback, much worse than previous ones. Reaper burst through the wall, took Jane and said, “If you want your beloved back, meet me at the BGI tower in forty minutes.” I hadn't a second to lose. I burst out the gym doors and ripped my dance clothes of which revealed the Arcshock suit. I put on my mask and then I shot out a beam, flung myself high enough and then made small gliding wings and glided over to the BGI tower.
I was hit with Reaper’s claw as soon as I entered the building. He chained me to a pipe that was sticking out of the wall and said,
“Before I end you, let's take off this mask so I can look you in the eyes as you die.”
He tore off my mask and threw it aside. He was surprised that it was me.
“Alex Adams?” He said in his dark voice, “Funny, I never pinned the son of the most pathetic man to ever walk this planet to be a superhero.”
“My father was not a pathetic man Dr. Rogers!” I yelled at him
“Your father ruined my life and career and turned the whole world against me!” Rogers screamed
“Look, I’m sorry for anything my father did, but that isn’t what I’m here for. Where is she, where is Jane.” I asked.
“Why my dear niece Jane, she’s up there.” Rogers answered
I looked up in horror as I saw Jane tied to the ceiling by her feet 100 feet up. I couldn’t use my powers as long as Reaper wasn’t incapacitated. I was trying to think of a plan but then, Reaper spoke,
“What your father has done to me cannot be forgiven. The world hates me and I hate it. So, behold, the super infuser. This device will amplify my power tenfold which will then allow me to enslave the whole human race!” Reaper exclaimed.
“You can’t do that, think of your family!” I shouted at him
“ My family means nothing to me!” Reaper shrieked
“You’re a monster!” Yelled Jane through heavy tears
“Quiet girl!” Reaper exclaimed.
In an instant, Reaper shot out a bolt of black energy from his hand which broke Jane’s chains. She screamed. She screamed at such a high pitch that Reaper became incapacitated he fell to his knees creaming in pain. This was my chance, I broke free of the chains holding me captive and used my super-speed to grab Jane right out of the air. But a Reaper screamed louder stuff started to fall and break. I put Jane down safely, got my mask and told her to make loud noises however she could. Before she went off to find something that would generate more noise, she looked at my electric beam stabilizers and told me that if I shoot enough electricity at them, whenever I shoot something, It will make noise. As she ran off, Reaper rose and roared. He swung his giant, clawed hands at me. He barely hit me, but I was too quick for him. I shot a few bolts of electricity at him in the hopes he would be hurt by them, but all he was hurt by was the noises. I was ready to give up and just start throwing stuff at walls when I noticed something on Reaper’s neck. It was a red lump. “This could be a weak spot.” I thought to myself. I quickly ran and jumped over reaper and shot a bolt of electricity at the lump. It exploded into a bloody mess. Reaper took little harm in this though he simply kept trying to kill me. I could now hurt him i shot repeating bolts of electricity at Reaper until he finally realized he couldn’t beat me as he was, he ran over to the super infuser and turned it on.
“Wait!” I yell at him, “ That thing must get really loud. If this thing does what you say it does, it will amplify your entire body as well as your powers, which will make your roars so loud that it will not only kill most of the world, but you too.”
“If they suffer, then I’m game.” Reaper replied
In an instant, he activated the super infuser. A few seconds later, he started roaring. Every second, It got louder and louder. I had an idea of how to take care of this, but it was risky. I shot two beams of electricity out of each hand and created a giant force field around the super infuser but the roars kept getting louder, and the pressure in the infuser kept rising. Just like when I tested my powers, I generated a giant blue field of electricity and shot myself into the sky whilst holding the infuser. As I got closer and closer to space, I realized something, this could be the end. “I’m okay with this” I thought to myself knowing that if I died this way, I would die with dignity and as a hero. As I exited the planet’s atmosphere, I hurled the infuser away from the planet just as the chamber exploded. It was like the 4th of July. An extravagant array of colors bursting into existence. I was still marveling at the colors while I fell back to the Earth. My eyes closed and a few seconds later, I heard a thud. Then I didn’t hear anything. Then I heard a voice, A voice that I hadn’t heard in a long time.

Chapter 6
I woke up in a white room, wearing a white robe. In front of me stood my parents. I was in tears when I spoke to then for the first time in a long time
“Mom, Dad, is it really you?” I asked
“Yes son, it’s us” My father replied
“Am I dead?” I inquired
“Yes” Answered my mother
“Son, what you have done down on Earth tonight was brave, selfless and the true action of a hero. You make us proud.” My father said
“Thanks Dad.” I said through tears of joy
“I knew that one day the infuser would create something other than argument and hate. Now I can confidently say I was correct.”
“Thank you.” I said not able to come up with anything else.
“Unfortunately you can’t stay here,” My mother said in a soft voice, “Your girlfriend down there needs you.”
My mother pulled a window up that showed my dead body on Miami beach with Jane sitting next to me crying. I noticed I wasn’t wearing my Arcshock suit.
“She’s protecting your identity,” My father said, “Go to her”
That I did, My parents sent me back down to the real world. But I didn’t wake up on a beach, I woke up in a dark little area. I banged on the top of something, I didn’t know what, but I assumed it was a coffin. I heard people yelling, but then I heard Jane’s voice screaming at two guys to open the coffin. I breathed in a breath of fresh air as the coffin opened. Jane ran to my and kissed me. This one was longer than the first two. I could tell she missed me a lot. Two things that tipped me off was her screaming at people to let us have our moment and the fact that her mom and dad explained how she had taken two days off from school to cry in her room. We quickly left the cemetery and went out to lunch at place called the “Brady Brunch” the Brady Bunch themed restaurant. The food was kind of terrible but I didn’t care, After being dead, anything tastes good.
After lunch, I got home and went straight to my room. It was home sweet home but on my bed there were two boxes. I opened the big one first. It was a new high tech Arcshock suit with adaptive eyes and electric beam stabilizers that were fancier and blended in with the suit better. It also had an ear piece for jamming out to awesome tunes. In the box there was a card reading, “To our favorite hero, Arcshock. Love Mom and Dad.” I didn’t know how but my parents had given me a new suit to replace the old raggedy one from before. I then opened the smaller box. It was something I had been wanting for years, A new 7th generation touchscreen iPod nano. Also from my parents with the engraving, “Rock On”
The next day, I packed up my bag with then new suit, iPod frisbee and beach stuff and walked down to hang out with Jane at the beach. After an hour of playing frisbee and doing other fun stuff, a little girl came up to me crying.
“Do you know where Arcshock is?” She said sobbing, “My baby brother Atticus got stuck in my apartment and is being held captive by some bad guys”
“I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen him, but he comes by here often so I’ll give him your name. What’s your name?” I asked the little girl
“My name is Jean-Louise, but most people call me Scout.” She replied
“Do I know you from somewhere?” I asked
“No, I got to go find Arcshock now!” She said running away
I looked over at Jane and asked if I could go take care of this.
“Go get em’ tiger!” she exclaimed
I grabbed my bag and ran into an alley. I put on the new suit, queued up Van Halen’s “Unchained” shot out an electric beam and swung myself into the building where this girl’s brother has held captive to start yet another adventure as the Electrifying Arcshock.

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