Legend, Heaven or Hell

March 25, 2009
By K.I.S BRONZE, Lincoln, California
K.I.S BRONZE, Lincoln, California
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There is story that is told as a legend of a couple who went against everything they loved and hated to be together, they were known as heaven and hell. The woman was an angel, she was sent down to earth to protect those who needed her.

The man was the prince of night, the angels who fed on human beings to live. It is said that the woman feel in love with the prince and he feel in love with her.

At the time they didn’t know of the disaster they were causing in heaven and hell. They never figured that their love would cause the world to be in chaos. When the time came for the woman to return to heaven the prince couldn’t let her go.

He said he would give up anything just to be with her. She stayed with him, but others came for her, and told her she was to be punished for her crimes.
The prince worried of what would happen to her and ran to the only family he knew that could protect them.

The family was known as the seven midnight angels, they were one of the strongest families ever known. But even they weren’t a match for the dangerous that came at them from the night and day. Finally the day came that the prince died and the woman was crushed.

She killed herself a year later, heaven and hell had thought that everything would go back to normal, but what they didn’t know was that the woman had left behind a child that would one-day ether rule or crush heaven and hell.

To this day no one knows if the legend is even true, if there really is someone right now on earth who could cause the world to end. The legend also states that on her 19th birthday she will gain her full powers and fulfill the destiny her parents left for her.

But that wasn’t all her parents left for her…

The author's comments:
This is a legend that goes with my book series that I am writing, she is going to be the daughter. It's filled with tons of romance, action, and dangers that crush her and everything she ever wanted. Her 19th birthday may destroy everything and even if it doesn't everything may be destroyed by her parents old families. I will put a preview up later if you guys leave comments saying you want me to!

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