Alice's Abbey

March 24, 2009
It started with a white rabbit. Now when I say that you automatically think; ‘Alice in Wonderland’ right? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. I was sitting in my mother’s garden doing homework when I saw him. He looked normal enough, until he pulled the pocket watch out of nowhere. ‘I’m dreaming.’ was my first thought. Rabbits don’t own pocket watches. They don’t pull them out of nowhere. They can’t. They don’t have thumbs. But that’s what I was seeing so it must be a dream.

I’m still not sure if it was or not. He was gone as soon as I looked away. I had a huge English test so it’s very possible that I was hallucinating. At any rate, I went inside after that and watched TV to numb my brain. I ate dinner and finished my home work with out incident. I assumed I’d just studied a little too hard. Until I went to bed.

I’ve always had trouble sleeping, especially when there’s a full moon. I don’t know what it is about the full moon that freaks me out. All I know is when it’s out I sleep even less than I normally do. It just happened to be one of those nights. I was laying in bed, staring at the wall when I saw the rabbit again. He’d grown, a lot. And he was in my mirror. Now you’re thinking Donny Darko right? No, it wasn’t Frank. Not nearly as creepy. He was still kind of cute, just big.

“Help me, please,” he said, with a deep British accent. All talking rabbits are British. “Please, Madam, I really do need your help.”

“Why are you in my mirror?” I asked. Of course that was my first concern.

“You see Madam, I’m in the wrong story,” he said, “Please, I need to get back.”

“To Alice?”

“Alice? Who in heavens name is Alice?” He asked, “No no, I don’t have time. I must defend the Abbey.”

“Defend the Abbey…” I echoed. That sounded vaguely familiar.

“Yes!” The rabbit said, “Please, can you tell me how to get back? I would be forever in your debt.”

“Click your heals together,” I told him. “It worked for Dorothy. Or you could wake up. Or I could wake up. I’m sure either one would work.”

“Wake up?” He asked, “Why don’t you try that and see how it works?”

I did and he was gone.

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