Because a winter morning

June 6, 2017
By rojas SILVER, Wilmington, California
rojas SILVER, Wilmington, California
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Modeling of work
It was a cold winter morning
Because it was cold, she made soup
Because she made soup and it took forever to cook, she laid down
Because she laid down, she fell asleep
Because she fell asleep, the water boiled over
Because the water boiled, it spilled on the cords
Because it spilled on the cords, the power went out
Because the power went out, her dog ran away
Because her dog ran away, he almost got hit by a car
Because he almost got hit by a car, he almost died
Because he almost died, he cried really loud
Because he cried really loud, she woke up
Because she woke up, she was frightened
Because she was frightened, she lit a candle
Because she lit a candle, she saw a ghost in the darkness
Because she saw a ghost, she ran away
Because she ran away, she dropped the candle
Because she dropped the candle, the fire started to spread
Because the fire started to spread, her house caught on fire
Because her house caught on fire, she had nowhere to live
Because she had nowhere to live, she died
All because on a cold winter morning, she was craving some soup

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Alina R, Port of La 

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