The Kings Request

June 1, 2017
By Danni101 BRONZE, Webster, Texas
Danni101 BRONZE, Webster, Texas
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[In the royal Castle]
King: [Sitting at his throne, waiting]
The group: [Walks up to the king and gets down on one knee and bows heads] your majesty
King: [Raises hand] Please, there is no need for that. On your feet.
Group: [They stand up properly] Yes, your majesty.
King: [Clears his throat] I have a favor to ask, that is, if? You’re willing to take it.
Echo: [Raises an eyebrow] What kind of favor?
King: [His hands are touching one another but only the tips] I’m throwing a ball for the Wailing Flower appearance, that happens every ten years; and my old friend, King William from the neighboring kingdom has sent me a threat. An assassination threat [The group gasps]. Yes, he said that if I don’t give up my kingdom for the last time then, he is to send professionally trained assassins to kill me at the ball tonight.
Agnes: [The group looks at one another] What do we get in return?
King: [Stands up] I shall reward you with advance weapons, armor, and spells that it will guarantee you safety for your journey [Walks towards to Echo] do we have a deal? [Stretches out his right arm]
Echo: [Looks at the kings right hand and then extends her left hand and partakes the kings hand with hers] Deal.
King: [Echo and the king shake hands. He let’s go of Echo’s hand and snaps his fingers, a guard brings two bags full of gold. He takes the bags and hands it to Echo] Take this and go and buy whatever you need for tonight. All of you can partake in ball tonight if you’d like.
Echo: [Takes the bags] We’ll discuss it, and see what we can do.
King: [Nods in agreement] As you wish. [Turns around and walks towards his throne; pauses for a minute] I am counting on you; on all of you. Oh and thank you for your cooperation….Echo.
Echo: There is no need to thank us just yet, your highness.
King: [Sits on the throne] Very well then, you are dismissed.
Group: [All kneel and bow their head, Agnes with her right fist against her heart, Echo with her fist against the floor, Solomon is cloaked and Endless in wolf form] Yes, your majesty. [Group gets up and leave the room]
General of the royal guards: [Approaches the king] With no disrespect your highness, but do you really believe that these warrior outsiders are capable for this task.
King: Nonsense; I believe that they are perfect for the job, they are strong mentally and physically, and each one of them have their own special skill set. Yes, I believe that these warriors are no outsiders, they are something greater. They are filled with….with….. -
General: With what, sire?
King: Filled with…….Determination.
{Echo and Agnes go to different shops to collect weapon, while Endless and Solomon go for spells}

Echo: I think this sword will do nicely [lifts up a carbon steel sword]; what do you think Agnes? [Turns head to face Agnes]
Agnes: [Looking at clothes with heart shaped hearts] Oh!! Look how cute this is Echo.
Echo: Why Agnes, why, we didn’t come here for stupid clothes, we came here for weapons and potions.
Agnes: Aww come on echo, have some fun with this opportunity [wraps right arm around Echo’s neck and shoulders] and besides we have to find a dress for the ball.
Echo: (Sarcastically) Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that looking for a dress for a stupid dance [Harshly removes Agnes’s arm from the shoulders] was more important than saving an old geezer for a king from being murdered at his own stupid ball!!!
Agnes: (Pouting) come on Echo, we have to dress to impress, how else are we going to blend into the crowd?
Echo: [Giving Agnes a death glare and speaks with a harsh deadly tone] and who said we were going to participate in the ball?
Agnes: [Shrinks in fear] I-I-I-I did.
Echo: [Angrily face palms and then pinches the bridge of her nose] I thought we all agreed to stay out of sight or be dressed up as the royal guards until we spot the enemy.
Agnes: (whining) B-b-but no one likes that idea, (looks away and say this in a low voice) except for Solomon, but that’s beside the point, [gets near and goes down to knees and goes hug echo around the waist and looks up to her with puppy dog eyes] Please Echo, please; No one will know it’s even us because we’ll be disguised really well, come on please!!
Echo: (sighs angrily and in defeat) Fine, we will blend in with everyone at the ball.
Agnes: [Let’s go of Echo and jumps up and down with glee] Woo-hoo!! [Grabs Echo’s wrist] come on Echo; we can get weapons later but for now, you need an elegant dress and I think I know the place where to go; come on!!! [Starts running while dragging Echo]
Echo: What!?!? [Eyes widen while yelling and being dragged] Wwwwwaaaaaiiiiiittttt!!!!!

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