The wild experiment

June 1, 2017
By Popovsky.JD BRONZE, Pepper Pike, Ohio
Popovsky.JD BRONZE, Pepper Pike, Ohio
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I heard the noise. Scary. Something is going on in that house. What do I do? Go and call the police. Then something hits the window. A red stain blinds my vision of the inside. I quickly run inside to see what is actually going on. A man and what seemed to be an unconscious body figure. Could it be? I don’t know what to do when suddenly… he turns around.
His eyes are a dark green, bloodshot. My heartbeats speed up. He slowly approaches me without a word to be said. The body figure behind him still lays unconscious. I’m scared more than ever now there is nothing I can do to avoid this. I turn to run, but the door slams in my face. I scream, hoping someone will hear me. Nothing. It’s just me and him. Standing. Face to face wondering what will happen next I slowly step forward.
“I’m so glad you could join me,” the man says in a very seductive way. What is going on? I wonder to myself.
“I’m sure you have many questions about my… experiment” he says in a creepy tone. “As you can see I’m trying to perfect something that has to do with human blood but something seems to have gone wrong.”
I look at the blood splattered window. “Was that person alive?” I ask, hoping the answer is no.
“Of course,” says the scientist. “ As long as you consider a beating heart dead.” “That person was alive!!!! How could you do something like that!!” “Oh don’t worry child it’s all for science,” says the man. “Just let me go and I’ll leave you alone I want nothing to do with this.” “ Oh but we could have so much fun together you see,” says the man.
I wonder what he means by that.
“Come I’ll show you what I’m really working on… “
We walked into another room in the house, and the air was denser. My eyes became heavy.
“What is this place?” I asked.
“Oh child, this is where all the magic happens where everything comes together to make my test what it is”.
“Test?” A chill runs up my spine as the mood becomes more stressful. This man really is insanity I think to myself as he walks to a machine.
“This is my creation it enhances human blood to ensure longer living.” “That’s insane!” I yell, still wishing someone would come for me. There’s nothing I can do I am his new test subject…
I tried to fight away his hands, but within minutes I was strapped into his seemingly deadly machine. I trembled in the light of his lab. I felt my eyes dilate as a huge needle started to descend upon my body. I began to shake, screaming.
Hoping it was a dream hoping this would end. The needle went into my chest. I had never felt a pain greater. Through the pain, I passed out completely.

When I awoke, I was a whole new person…
I felt more energized, I felt new. Like the first time a car starts. I looked in my shirt to see a gigantic circular scar. How long had I been gone for? Asleep? The doctor was gone. I stepped outside to see a barren wasteland. “How in the,” I said to myself.

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