June 7, 2017
By Lorenzo_Mazzaro BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Lorenzo_Mazzaro BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Not all who wander are lost. -Prophet Velen

William Higgs stands on a large ledge, clad in a suit of duranium armor painted a bright white. A sword with an impressive three foot blade is gripped in his hands. An Enforcer Strike Team treads behind him, wearing cloth wrapped around their faces, nanosuits and orange Plastech armor on their bodies. Various types of firearms are gripped in their hands, varying from simple rifles to Ion Cannons. William’s second-in-command, a Kalmara named Yellam Qweints, walks to his side. Yellam looks off into the distance. His hair-tentacles are tied into a thick ponytail, Instead of cloth. Yellam wears a Holosteel mask to protect his eyes from the harsh winds of the Er’Loc desert.


“Captain Morningstar, we’re approaching the Titan’s location.” Yellam states, shifting his rifle uncomfortably. William counts seven notches cut into the rifle’s stock, a standard Enforcer tradition to count how many fellow service members you have lost in combat. Last time William had served with Yellam, he had only four.


“Yes, that is good. This Titan has been disturbing the Ring for too long now; why haven’t they dispatched anyone to deal with this mechanical beast?” Morningstar says, searching for the Titan in the distance. It was just a blur, but he could still make out the Titan’s huge frame.


“They have, sir.” Yellam replies. William nods, realizing now why they had called him into this conflict. William raises his wrist to his mouth, speaking into a com built into his gauntlet.


“This is EFST 67 and Captain Morningstar requesting 6 hoverbikes and my steed to be dropped in. Morningstar out.” A few minutes later, a set of six hoverbikes are sent down, painted with the signature Enforcer orange. They are already activated, levitating a few inches off the ground. Then, a vehicle resembling a horse is sent down. Just like the hoverbikes, William’s steed is already activated. William mounts his steed, his team following suit on their hoverbikes. Slowly, his armor shifts purposes, becoming thicker and thicker. His helmet changes shape so it looks more like a bucket. Mechanisms in his swords begin to whir as it becomes a heavy hammer. Engines rev, and William’s team shoot forward.


They launch off the ledge, speeding towards the Titan, breaking the sound barrier in only a few moments. As they near the Titan, it becomes more and more solid. William could make out its triangular frame, its spindly robotic appendages and its round head that juts out from its torso. The Titan is a walking skyscraper, able to decimate anything and everything in its path.


A few hundred yards away from the Titan, the team is now covered in its shadow. The Titan finally notices the team's presence, it’s torso spinning around so it’s large head now peers at what must seem like ants to the large Bot. The air begins to heat up, and the Titan lets out a heavily concentrated blast of energy aimed toward William and his team. The beam moves towards the group, leaving a trail of incinerated ground in the beams wake. The team splits up into two groups of three, flanking the Titan on either side. William, however, charges forward towards the beam, leaning into his vehicles horse-like neck. William uses the concentration of the Titan’s energy beam to his advantage, using it to speed up the nearly solid blast of energy.


“Captain Morningstar, what the hell are you doing?!” Yellam shouts into his com. Yellam’s voice crackles and fizzes out in between syllables..


“Living!” William shouts in reply, continuing to speed up the beam. He raises his hammer, ready to strike. The beam suddenly shuts off, but William, having gained enough momentum to keep shooting forward in midair, still flies toward the Titan’s head. William leaps off of his mechanical steed, gripping his hammer in both hands now. He shouts in triumph, soaring in mid-air towards the Titan’s oval shaped head. William brings the hammer down on the Titan, tearing through the Titan until he reaches where it’s metal torso ends. William’s metal steed soars beneath him, and he successfully lands on it, flying to where his team is. He could see them all cheering, although he was still to far away to hear anything. William basks in his glory, the now halved Titan falling to the ground to be collected by other Enforcers to be recycled.


Not in his 1000 years living has he felt so triumphant.

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