The Marble

June 4, 2017
By , Pepper Pike, OH

I open my door and enter my house. I scan around to find my sofa and plop down on it, exhausted. This whole day has been completely terrible. First, I spilled my coffee all over my lap and had to go to the ER on the way. Second, the wait was way too long, mostly because of some tropical virus on the news that everyone’s been paranoid about. Third, when I finally got to work, my boss took my doctor’s note and threw it out saying that it is “No excuse”. Fourth of all, I had to write a report on a silly urban legend going around regarding spirits possessing objects. To put it simply, it’s been a long and hard day, and I need some rest.

As I am about to settle down, I realize, I have no pillow. So, I go into my room to get one. I go into my room and don’t see any pillows. Probably stolen by my roommate Nathan. I sigh, disappointed, and am about to leave. Until, I catch something out of the corner of my eye. It is a marble. At first, it looks like a normal marble. But the more I keep staring at it, the more interesting it becomes. I crouch down on the floor next to it, and begin to observe it. It’s an ordinary white marble with a dull coating. Nothing interesting. Looks kind of like the marbles I use to play with as a kid. I decide to compare the two out of boredom.

Well, One is of better quality. It’s painting job is better, and overall it seems, a lot more pleasant than what I played with as a kid. Well, maybe I did misjudge the marble. After all, It doesn’t have any sort of scratches on it. Nor does its color look that faded. Honestly, the marble is absolutely amazing. I decide to pick it up and feel it. No. I HAVE to pick it up and feel it! I hear the door front door opening. I am about to go open it, when I decide not to, and keep feeling the marble where I am. I keep on looking at the marble. The beautiful marble. Its gorgeous silver coating gleamed like a pearl in the sunlight. Its perfect round shape in my fingertips. Nothing else matters but the marble!


I hear a voice behind me, disrupting my precious time with the marble. I look back. It is my idiotic friend. I respond to him. “What do you want, Nathan?”

He looks at me, and then, the marble. “You’re looking at a marble?”

he asks in his annoying voice.

“Yes. It is the only thing that matters.”

His face takes on a concerned expression. “Look, it’s only a marble. It doesn’t matter.”

I start to feel anger rushing through my body and my blood boiling.


“Whoa, calm down..”


He doesn’t understand our love. Our love is deeper than the ocean floor, and more sincere than anything. I push the disgusting creature out of my room, and shut my door. How dare he disgrace the marble! It is the most glorious marble ever! He must perish!

“Yesss.. heeee must beee errradddicattedd.”

The spirit inside the marble comes out, and appears before me as a pale white figure sticking out of the marble.

“Yesss.. Kill himm.”

It looks delicious. I want to eat it.

“    Firrssstt you mussstt go to the fountain of truth and obtain the kniffe.”
I raise the marble to my mouth.

“And thennn. Wait, what? No!”

I’m about to eat it.


I swallow the marble whole. It tastes like…

Oh my gosh! What did I just do? Did I just seriously eat a marble whole?

Meh, whatever.

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