The Grey Hatchling

March 21, 2009
By , Lawrence, KS
No pleasant dream was this. Discomfort and darkness, cold and cramped, clinging tendrils blinding. The restriction choked him. The hatchling struggled against his torment, twisting his neck to a more comfortable position, for his head kept jerking uncontrollably. The smooth, speckled egg swaying quickly from side to side as Lynx's gaze kept watch upon it. The life within fighting to be free of its confines. Suddenly a nose tore free of its bonds with a startling crack that ran down the body of the hatchling to the tail-tip. A membrane gave way, air tickling his nose as his lungs greedily pulled in its enticing freshness and a comforting, musky odor that filled him with longing. The egg split, breaking off into two halves as a small grey, scale-less dragon lay in its ruins. Uncurling the hatchling felt a weight dragging at his belly, and he knew he had to be free of it. Reaching up a rear claw he tore it away, the small pain worth the greater freedom. A gentle smile appeared on that of Lynx's lips as she watched this amazing sight none had ever witnessed. Her eyes flashing in the dark of the trees. Her pale skin glowed against the pressuring darkness. The pain brought from the grey ripping free its burden brought an additional benefit: his mind cleared of dreams and confusion and doubt. Instinct took over his little body, from deepest fiber to smallest hatchling tooth. He pushed in every direction at once, head twisting and tail uncurling as the hatchling stood. He opened his eyes, but the light pained and confused him, so he shut them again. A wet web hung on him. It stuck everywhere on his skin, in the folds and hides and bone behind his jaw, crest and claws. clouds or currents or friendly sunlight, yet he was not frightened at the newness. The sweet fragrant smell that which Lynx's scent was told him all was safe. Then Lynx's voice could be heard. Soft and gentle like that of a mother when speaking to her child, "Open your eyes, little jewel. See your Guardian and your world!" his eyes snapped instantly open as the small head twisted around to gaze up at her. "Hello, little Auron.”

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