A Rebellion Crushed

May 31, 2017
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“Stop!” they cried in their nearly unintelligible voice as they were chasing after us. We have been running for miles now, and we showed no signs of stopping anytime soon. They have told us to stop many times now, and by now their yells have become obsolete, as we are now numb to the sounds of voices.
We are almost at the safe house, the location of which had been told to us by another human, which was the last he ever said before a knife was slipped between his ribs from behind. Before we had time to comprehend what had happened, we were off running. The blood that was now sprouting from his chest bought us little time as the Mutants slipped and slid across the smooth concrete floor. Most of us had to tear our faces away from that blank, empty look on our mentor’s face. He had taught us well for almost 9 months before they found us. He was such a great man, it’s almost incomprehensible that his entire life had been whisked away in one single movement.
We have finally reached the safe house, and then we see that they have gotten here first, clearly shown by the single, broken window. I turn and see the creatures closing in behind us.
“What should we do?” I ask timidly.
“We go in,” Dave says, trying to sound confident.
We take the back entrance because the front is an obvious place for a trap. When we get there, we silently kick open the door and creep in. It is pitch black, which means that both the lights and the security system have been disabled. I pad around in the darkness feeling for anything to help guide me along. Suddenly, I hear the slithering rasp of a Mutant’s tail against the hard floor. I freeze and so does Dave. We glance at each other and continue on, ears and eyes fully alert. I hear two of them mumbling in the weapons room and a look of defeat crosses my face.  We can’t beat them with no weapons! I look and am surprised to see a look of determination in Dave's eyes.
Together, we make it upstairs and cross the hallway to look down to the conference room below. There are thousands of them, swarming and hissing and all packed together like sardines. I glance over and see that his mouth is agape with shock, as is mine. I think back to all the years we have been running. I realize now that I really don’t even know him that well. I want to learn more, but I know this is the end for both of us.
The Mutants were a project gone bad, made by the government of a long gone country called the USA. The government was creating these creatures as weapons of war, and it was said that they would blend right into society. As soon as one was created, it destroyed every living thing in the lab of its creation. It then proceeded to make more of itself; essentially cloning itself. These abominations have enhanced strength, intelligence, and speed.
We are slowly losing hope, so my brain converts into overdrive mode. As I desperately try to think of something, an idea comes to mind. It is both outrageous and insane and will probably get us both killed, but it is the only option.
I tackle Dave and drag him over the railing with me. We dive into the pit of animals below. I turn my eyes downwards, regret showing on my face, and see something strange. Instead of focusing on us, they are fighting each other. Then, I remember that we are viewed as food, and they will do anything for food. My mouth is wide with shock, just as before, yet this time it is for something good. They all are gone. I can’t believe it.
I land on my shoulder and hear a nasty crunch, but I don’t care. I frantically look around to see if there are any left and there are none. I rotate and see Dave as shocked as I am. He is still amazed, when one long talon comes from behind and slides through his heart! I turn away and accept my fate, that being death. I know now that it was a diversion, and that our planet is doomed to extinction. Forever. I feel the point on my back, and close my eyes as everything goes black.

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