Trouble in Grimms' Woods

May 31, 2017
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Once Upon a Time… There were three little piggy mobsters hiding out in a brick cottage in the woods. Across the way the riding hood's’ grandma is looking out for the Wesley Wolf the hit man. Outside Riding hood sat outside with a 12 gauge hidden in a basket of muffins. Wesley Wolf was the most notorious hitman in the entire Grimms’ woods. He took down humpty and the gingerbread man. Both gruesome kills, one on a wall another he ate. But his main goal is to never lose his targets. He was headed to the 3 pigs teeth sharpened. But first he had to get past the grandma. It stated by sneaking through the window, killing the granma and waiting for riding hood.  Wesley Wolf took the grandma’s clothes threw them on. Riding hood had heard the commotion and walked in with the basket and the gun within it. She brought the basket into the room sitting next to it on the rocking chair. She noticed her grandmother and said “My what big ears you have grandmother.” loading the gun. At this point Wesley new of what Riding hood was doing and dove under the bed. As soon as the wolf dove under the bed Riding hood lifted the shotgun out of the basket, spilling the muffins all over the floor firing at the wolf. The wolf was defended by the cover of the bed. Wesley had thought of this happening  in advance, and his solution is jumping through the window which he left open when attacking the grandmother. Red fired at him again this time blowing his tail off. Red walked to the window crying and screams “Wolf  I will find you and avenge my grandmother.” Wesley sprinting through the woods away from the cottage. The wolf sat under a tree whimpering from the pain of his lost tail. He felt the stub cringing at the pain of his tail. He decided to sleep under the tree. From there he stayed in the woods for three days hiding from woodsman who were after him for the bounty placed on him by Riding hood. But during these three days the three pugs were  preparing because they knew they were next. They rigged there three houses with explosives. They knew that the wolf would kill them one by one so they had Paul Bunyan build them a house out of sticks. Stuart scarecrow a house of straw and Rapunzel Construction (all rights reserved) build them a brick tower. They knew the tower would take the longest so they moved the farthest away. Each pig stayed at each house to set off the explosions. But waiting at the top of the tower, Red Riding hood waited with the shotgun. It was that day. The day that the wolf would be  killed. The day all the fairy tails would  not have to fear for their lives. The bombs would huff and puff and blow that wolf in. The wolf had emerged from the woods only seeing the two houses. Wesley began circling the house heading to the back and seeing if there was a window to peek through. The piggy inside was waiting for the perfect time to blow the house. “Let me in little piggy” said the greedy wolf. Lighting the fuse the piggy said. “Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.” jumping out of the window already located by the wolf. As soon as the piggy jumped out of the window the wolf caught him with his teeth killing him instantly. But while he was killing the pig the house blew up surrounding him in dust. The piggy in the stick house wasn't able to see him and by the time the dust cleared the wolf was already there. Do you remember when I told you about the bounty on the wolf’s head. Well all the fairy tales decided to use the pigs predicament to their advantage. While the dust was in the air they had unlocked the door to the stick house. As the wolf entered they were going to blow up the house themselves. They entered the house without the pig entering but  made  one fatal mistake. Leaving the door open the evil wolf  understood the plan. From there the grey beast closed and locked the door. And you can guess what happened. There was only one house left. And only one pig left. And only one red hooded hero left. The wolf took some great time to get to the brick tower because it was hidden far away. When he finally got there lined up her shot. She had waited so long for this moment. But of course like in every tale the worst happens. The piggy had set a time for the explosives and had ran.  And I can bet you know what that bombs timer was at. And of course when Riding hood had the perfect shot it all happened. The tower came crashing down and her with it. The wolf was able to escape the fallout. Wesley had thought this would be the last of him but it wasn't. It should have been him but it wasn't. It was a poor young girl that got caught up with the wrong people at the wrong time. She deserve to die she had just been acting out what she was taught. This wolf had never felt remorse before. He couldn't get over it. Though this story shouldn't have a happy ending it does. The sad wolf ran into the broken building to find the sorry kid stuck under a pile of bricks. He picked up each grey brick freeing the girl. He pulled outside of the rubbage and checked her pulse. She was alive and the wolf kissed her on her head  whispering in her ear “I'm so sorry”.  From there he ran into the woods never to be seen again. Leaving behind him a trail of death and destruction. Soon the remaining piggy returned finding the girl to the knights clinic for “PUTTING YOU BACK TOGETHER”. And from there Red grew old and started a orphanage out of a show.

The End….

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