The Banshee

May 31, 2017
By Kaitlynann BRONZE, Matthews, North Carolina
Kaitlynann BRONZE, Matthews, North Carolina
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The myth of the banshee has been passed down in Irish legends for many generations. A banshee is a female spirit whose wailing warns of a death. Many women have been accused of being a banshee but one case in a village in Scotland left everyone broken.
The year was 1778 in the Scottish village of Tobermory. A young girl by the name of Lyall Blair who was 16 years old. Lyall had bright green eyes and light brown hair that seemed to have a red tint in the sunlight. She lived a quiet life with her mother, father, and her two older brothers Fergus and Diarmid. Fergus the more serious of the twins worked hard making sure he perfected his swordsmanship in attempts to become the best soldier of the Scottish army. Diarmid was more carefree than his twin Fergus, he didn’t seem rushed into finding suitable work for a 17 year old but he had a few ideas of his own.
Lyall worked with her mother in her bakery as the delivery girl. She always thought her mother only allowed her the job to get her out of the house more and find a suitor. Her mother's reasons didn’t bother her due to the fact that she enjoyed her job.
Chapter 1: Winds of change
The day hadn’t been easy for me. I have had this odd burning sensation in my head all day long. I sighed as I completed my last delivery and began the short journey home. By the time I readed my small house the burning increased it felt as if something was gnawing at my brain trying to get out. I opened the front door placing the basket I had carried the goods in carefully on a small table then I made my way into the house.
“Mother!” I called out my voice echoing off the walls. “I am back”
“In the dining room dear.” Mother’s soft voice replied.
As I made my way to the small round table each step was like a hit to my brain the burning was no longer a small flame it now was a raging fire.
“How did the deliveries go dear?” Mother asked.
“No problems.” I replied. “May I be excused I think I am ill.”
My mother pursed her lips before saying. “Alright but if you want supper later you will have to make it yourself.”
I began walking to my bedroom then suddenly small whispers filled the air. I couldn’t quite tell what they were saying all I could really make out was ‘Go outside before it is too late!” and ‘A sad departed soul.’ I took a step back in confusion. The voices then began to give me directions. To where I did not know. Sneaking past my family I swiftly made it outside and the gravel crunched beneath my boots as I held up my dress so it wouldn’t tear.
During all my confusion I somehow made it to one of my neighbors house. Mr.Lun. Mr.Lun was an old man whose wife had passed and his son who was around my brother's age had gone off to war. I had just noticed that the burning seemed to have vanished and a yearning feeling replaced it. I needed to get inside this house now.
I reached for the doorknob and slowly twisted it. Thankfully it was unlocked and I pushed the door open. A loud creak sounded and I cringed at the horrible noise.
Now that the door was opened I could fully see what was inside. There lay Mr.Lun his eyes wide open glazed over and full of sorrow. His mouth was gaped open with bubbling foam spewing out as well as a red trail coming from his ears. He was dead.
My heart was beating faster by the second and a strange feeling was building up in my throat. I took a deep breath and one small whisper returned. ‘scream banshee scream!’ So that’s what I did. A loud high pitched wail filled the silence of the once quaint Scottish village. Small black dots filled my vision as I began to sway. The exhaustion of the day and what had just happened consuming me. Mr.Lun’s windows and his door were opened so I could feel the forceful wind hit my face as I lost all consciousness.

The author's comments:

I have always been interested in the supernatural and a banshee just seemed to fit. 

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