May 30, 2017
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The cool breeze of a summer night rolled through the neighborhood as crickets chirped and the sound of a dog barking in the distance echoed down the streets. I was still awake at 1:00. I slept late that day and wasn't tired at all. I continued to turn and roll around, hoping to find a comfortable position, and it was driving me crazy. Eventually, I got fed up and threw my pillow across the room. I sat there for a while, staring at my pillow as it smacked against the wall and flopped down on the floor. When i calmed down, I went up to get it. It was then when the event began. The sound of one dog began to get louder. It wasn't one dog, but every dog in the neighborhood. They were all barking like crazy. I peeked out my open window to see if my next door neighbor’s dog was doing anything. He seemed to be looking up at the sky. Dogs have some ability to detect danger and so I worried that there was a falling plane above us, or just a really low flying one. I was worried for a second before I realized that I didn’t hear any planes nearby. I sighed with relief before peeking out the window again.

What I saw then had answered all of my questions. I saw something that I will never be able to understand. As I peeked out the window, I saw something, it looked as if it were the size of a school bus, fly overhead really fast. It appeared to be glowing white with several bright green lights all around it. I could barely see it, it went by so fast. As the light flashed by, my house shook. And I fell over. I covered my head as my books fell off the shelf and quickly jumped up to hold my fish tank in place on my desk. The sound of pots and pans falling out of the cabinets and clanking on the kitchen floor echoed through the halls of my house. My little sister screamed as the rumbling continued. The lights in my house flashed several times before fully going out. When the shaking stopped, my dad stormed into my room with a flashlight. The look of horror on his face disappeared when he saw that I was alright.
“Earthquake.” He said as he lifted a textbook off the floor. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” I replied, trying to calm him down with a smile, but I wasn’t calmed down myself.
“Your mother is calming down your sister and I’m gonna go outside and see if any trees have been knocked over.”

My dad left the house and joined other neighbors who have gone outside to investigate the power outage. I joined my mother in the kitchen picking up fallen items and chairs. She poured my sister a glass of water as I stepped outside. My next door neighbor, Evan, approached me.
“What happened?” I asked him.
“Beats me.” He replied. “Max’s barking woke me up and the house began to shake.
“What about the green light? Did you see that?”
“Green light? No, I didn’t see that.” He said with a look of confusion on his face. I looked at him and I became very scared.

I asked all of my neighbors over the next few days if they saw the light as well. Nobody did. And to this day, I have wondered: What was that light, and why was I the only one to see it?

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