Rich Girl, Hard Life.

March 20, 2009
By , Blanchard, OK
Hey. Whats up? I'm Selena. Known Mostly as ''The Rich Girl''. Yah My Dad Owns Pretty Much the whole Town and Well hes An Actress,Singer, And A Author. Alot I know, I don't See Him Much. Thats why I moved in to this quite little house in California.

I just Moved in Last Week. And I was Ready to Get out there and show the world, That No One Messes with me.! I repeat No One!!

The Next Morning I woke Up. It was six in the morning. All I wanted to Do was Lay down and go back to sleep, but sadly I Couldn't. I had to Go to school, Cause if My Dad Found out I didnt, Which he would with all the connections he has in this town, I would be in some serious Trouble. And with that racing through my head. I got up and walked to the shower.

The Hot Water kinda Helped calm my nerves About the First Day. I was Ready to Go to School, and Learn Again. Ya I'm a Book Worm I guess you could say. But I mean I couldnt Help it. I loved Reading I loved being able to see the pictures in my Head, Just like Watching a Movie. I got Dressed.

I was Wearing a Yellow Paramore T-Shirt with Some Black Skinny Jeans and Bright Purple Converse. My style doesnt really go together But I didnt care. I loved being different from everybody, I guess thats why I never have an Friends.

I fixed myself a Couple Freezer Waffles and Put alot of syrup on them. I ate them all, I guess I was Starving. I chugged down a glass of milk. And Then the Limo Was outside ready to take me to school, lovely. I picked up my Backpack and my school schedule and walked out to the limo.

The Limo Driver Got out and opened the door for me.''Good Morning Mrs.Gomez.'' He Said Shyly.

''Goodmorning'' I got in the Limo and Sat Down. My Dad Insists I take a Limo To school, Not the Bus like a Normal Kid. He Wants me to be safe. I listened to him. I guess you could call me Daddy's Little Girl. My Mom Died When I was 4..12 years has passed and I still havnt gotten over her death, Neither has my dad.

About 10 Minutes later we pulled up to the School. It looked kinda crappy to me. Paint Was Coming off The Roof needed to be fixed And The kids Didnt Really look all that Cool Looking..The Limo Driver Came around and opened the door for me I stepped out to everyone staring at me like I was famouse.

I was looking at Everyone. Trying to See what group fit in where. I saw about 5 Guys near a Corner Smoking and Drinking. I kinda Guessed They Were Just Messed up. I saw 4 Girls That Actually looked Normal From Everyone Else. They Were wearing Skinny Jeans just like me and Were rocking Different styles.

Then I seen the Nerds, there were 5 They were all Reading The book Twilight. That book Was so Amazingly Good, I have read it about 5 Times hoping I could meet A Guy Just like Edward Cullen. Just I didnt want the guy to be a Vampire. I smiled As I walked up to the door. Everyone Staring at me. I was such a Dork!

I walked inside and got my schedule. I had about 10 Minutes to Kill So I found my Locker. It had to be in the middle of the Hallway. I put in the unlock code for it, and it opened. It Smelt of Sweaty Gym Socks, and mold. It was Discusting. I would deffinatly be bringing Some Clorox wipes and Febreze Tommorow. Finally the First Bell Rang and All the Kids Came Rushing inside.

I had Science First. Lovely. I didn't like Science All that Much it was complicated for me. I know I'm Smart in all but I'm only smart in History and Books, Not Science. I walked in there and Sat Down. I noticed a Few Kids I had seen That Morning When I got out of my Limo. There were the guys that were drinking and smoking. There Were a few of the Fashion Girls.

I looked up to see One of the Drinking Guys Sit Down in Front of me..Ugh! I was hoping no one would sit anywhere near me Instead I had A Drinking Guy in front of me and Then 2 More Drinking Guys Next to him. Then One Fashion Girl Sat on my Right and then another on my left and then I had a Nerd Behind me still Reading Twilight. I looked down at my desk trying not to be tempted to Blabber.

I looked up When the Teacher came in and noticed One of the Guys Looking at me, It sent Chills up my back. When He Noticed I had seen him staring at me he looked away quickly as if he never looked at me. I was surprised First Day and I was already Getting Stared At like I was a Freak!

The Teacher Was kinda Weird. He Had Red Hair. And I knew when he walked in the door He wasnt married. He Just seemed to Weird to be married in my opinion. He started talking but I blocked him out cause I noticed That Everyone sitting around me was staring at me except for the guy in front of me and the nerd behind me! It was really starting to freak me out!

Then the Princible Walked in the door. ''Goodmorning Everyone, Umm Mr.Burger Can I talk to Nick Jonas Please?''
Haha Burger. I could Soo make fun of that, Booger! I Snickered A little and then the guys in front of me looked at me.''Sure. Nick Jonas.'' Then the guy that was staring at me Stood up.

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