Shattered Time

June 1, 2017
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They’re coming.  I will never forget the sound of malignant and rancid howl of theirs.  In this dark and gloomy plain, Chronos and his Reapers come for me.  I should’ve known.  You don’t mess with Chronos and his realm.  I open a rift to avoid the nearest Reaper.  I use a Quantum Blast to kill another, but fighting only delays the inevitable.  Suddenly the ground in front of me crumbles away.  Chronos has thwarted me once again.  The man who I once loved is gone.  There is nowhere left to run.  In a futile attempt I try to phase another Quantum Blast through a rift to kill Chronos, but he merely deflects it as if it were pesky fly.  With that the Reapers encase me.  As they slowly devour me, I can feel the skin peeling from my muscles and bones.  Before they kill me I must tell you my story so you don’t repeat my mistakes, take my path.  My name is Phaeton Elias, and I mustn't repeat my fool’s errand. 

2059/It all started when Jotham Elias died.  At 47 he left behind a wife and son, a vengeful one at that.  That son was me.  I was only 15 at the time.  My father meant the world to me.  I vowed to get him back.  7/12/2063/At 24 I’ve grown out of my small stature.  I’m 6’2”, smooth shade of brown, rigid features, and have I had a chance to honor my vow.  But I was too hasty and too ambitious.  I majored in quantum physics and managed to build a tachyon decellerator.  There was only one error.  It wouldn’t start up.  I tried everything I could.  Through the grapevine I hear of a machine that can detect errors in circuitry.  The only problem was it was in Alabama.  That’s a long way from home.  But nothing would get in the way of me being reunited with my beloved father.  I book my flight, and before I knew it, I was on my way.

7/23/2063/I finally make it to Alabama.  We’re not in Nebraska anymore!  I only got lost about 6 times before stumbling upon the University.  I walk inside and the first thing I realize is the glossy walls, the granite floors, the spirit of technology.  This here is the pinnacle of tech.  If anything could help me understand what went wrong, it’s here. As soon as I enter the quantum physics department, I’m greeted by none other than Dr. John Meyer.  “Mr. Phaeton Elias, what a pleasure to meet you.” he very enthusiastically shakes my hand.
“Yeah.  You too.” I awkwardly reply.
“I’m a big fan of your work.  I think that your take on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is simply extraordinary.”
“Likewise.  I find your opposition the Grandfather theory to be interesting.” I say admirably.  “Let’s get down to business.” I pull the tachyon decellerator from it’s bag.  Can you look this over for me?”
“Of course.”
This is where Chronos began to hinder my mission.  As soon as the decellerator comes into contact with Dr. Meyer, he is propelled backward.  I rush to him.
“Oh my god.  Are you alright?” I ask him
One of the lab assistants yells, “Someone call an ambulance!”
I can tell that Dr. John Meyer isn’t going to make it to a doctor.  That should have been my signal to cease and desist, but in my eternal ignorance I pushed forward.

8/2/2063/Nothing would fix my decellerator.   I checked 4 other universities in Alabama before heading home.  All of the specialists so nice and inviting, and all 4 were all dead by the time they came into contact with my tachyon decellerator.  I should have known that the gods had to have something terrible in store for me for meddling in their realm.  But I was foolishly stubborn.  All my colleagues told me that it was a fool’s errand, that I should stop my experiments right away.  That I couldn’t travel back in time.  Aria and Desmond, especially.  We go all the way back to our days at Ridgewood University and I should have trusted their judgment.  When I enter my lab, Aria is ready with another attempt to persuade me not to disrupt the timeline.  “Phaeton, you have become a respected quantum physicist over the last 5 years.  Why would you throw it all away to save someone that’s already gone?”
“You don’t understand, Aria.  You’ve never lost someone so close to you.”  I exclaim.  I can almost feel the smoke coming out of my ears. 
“You’re right.  I don’t know what it’s like to lose someone, but I do know what it feels like to be losing a friend to madness.” she retorts.
I watch her slowly approach the verge of tears.
“I’m so afraid I’m going to lose you Phaeton!”  It must have been I can tell she is genuinely concerned about my wellbeing.  “You don’t sleep, you don’t eat, all you’re focused on is this stupid machine!”  With that she strikes my tachyon decellerator prototype.  It starts to whir.  “You did it, Aria!  You fixed my decellerator!  To this day, I still don’t know what she fixed.  All I know is that it must have been faulty wiring or something, but Aria fixed it.  I rush to the capsule.  “I can finally save Dad, I can finally save Dad.”  I slowly whisper and repeat to myself.  It’s all I could think about.  My plot for redemption had consumed me.  I hastily rush into my capsule.  And I flip the switch that changes everything.  3...2...1… Boom!!!  The tachyon decellerator implodes upon itself and disappears.  I pass out.  My experiment had many unforetold consequences.  When I decided to test myself to go back in time and save my father from his untimely demise.  The only problem is that my tachyon decellerator imploded with me inside.  In some demented turn of events I was the sole survivor of this now Ground Zero.  Aria was dead.  I killed her.  My ambition claimed another thing close to me other than my sanity.  Emergency respondents swiftly rushed me to the ER.  When they plugged all those machines into me, there was an anomaly.  I was the picture of health.  My vitals were normal, but I knew my decellerator had altered me on a genetic scale. 

8/7/2063/When they finally let me out of the hospital, I was beyond relieved.  I was driving home, I noticed that the world around me was breaking, splitting in two.  I speed up.  It only follows me.  I speed up, duplicated results. The only thing I could think to do at that point was will the rift to close and pray it worked.  Surprisingly it worked.  Unknowingly, this was Chronos’s second attempt on my life.  The rift was gone, disappeared into thin air.  The only other time I was that scared was right before the decellerator imploded.  I suspected the two events coincided.  I decided to test my limits.

3 Months Later
My powers came slowly at first.  But by now I’d developed a wide array of abilities.  I could stop time, whether it was in a concentrated area or the world around me.  I could hurl a projectile made fabricated of chronon.  I also could open the rift that almost claimed my life before.  I noticed that I started to have a streak of bad luck.  Something would always be breaking.  In hindsight, this was Chronos’s doing, hinting at me to stop.  The only thing I needed to learn is how to turn back time and save my father.  Looking back upon this I had developed a god complex.  Even with all these powers I still felt powerless. I decided to return to the place everything went down, Ground Zero.  Without knowing it, Ground Zero was still loaded with tachyon.  First I opened a rift, but this one was different than the rest.  The added tachyon was enough to push the rift’s teleportation powers.  Enough to put the rift back in time.  It took some practice, a lot of practice, but I was determined.  This only enraged Chronos more.  You never should meddle in a god’s realm.  This was the second biggest leap of faith that I had ever taken.  I jump through. 

Year 2059/ At first, it was weird.  Then I saw him.  He transformed into his true form.  “Dad, what are you?”
“I am a god.  Don’t call me Dad, I am Chronos, the god of time.” he replies.
“Alright, alright.  Let me get this straight.  I wasted 9 years honoring my vow to save you and you didn’t need saving?”
“I became tired of meddling in mortal affairs.”
“I’m going to bring you back even if I have to break every bone in your body.  I’ll take you and and all your bodyguards on!
Suddenly about 50 rifts open simultaneously and through each of them 50 of Chronos’s henchmen come through.  Fortunately I came prepared.  Now you’re caught up.  Now you know how I die.

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