A Great Discovery

March 20, 2009
By Anonymous

In the depths of the forest on a nice spring day a young boy decided to take a hike. This was no ordinary hike through the woods for this boy, it was more of an adventure. This boys name was Sam. Sam is an only child who lives with his mom and dad in a small house with twelve hundred acres. Sam was tired of being bundled up inside which led to his idea of taking a hike. On his hike he searched for beautiful flowers that he could pick for his mother. There were all different types of flowers in the forest to choose from. Purple flowers, Pink flowers, Yellow flowers, and even some Orange flowers. Sam wanted to find very special ones that he had never seen before.

As Sam began to hike onwards he came across a bunch of red flowers. These flowers had eight red pedals on them and a black center. It was unlike anything he had seen before. Sam retrieved his pocket knife from his back pocket and began cutting each flower from the base of their stems. Sam only wanted to cut as many as he could carry in one hand so he decided to clip one more. Right as Sam began to reach for his last flower he discovered a large circular figure sticking up from the tall grass. He dropped his flowers, grabbed the figure and held it up to get a better glimpse of it. It was a large azure egg. About the size of a volleyball. Sam was mesmerized by the egg. He rejected to grab his flowers and race home with his finding.

When Sam reached his house he was out of breath. He ran all the way home from the spot where he found the egg. While walking through his front door Sam gracefully wrapped his sweatshirt around the egg so his mother wouldn’t spot it. He tip-toed up to his room, carefully shut the door behind him and let out a huge sigh of relief. Sam was so happy that he got the egg home safe, but he was more curious of what the egg contained. He would just have to wait and see. Sam grabbed a pillow, gently laid the egg onto the pillow and laid it down inside of his closet. Sam did this to keep the egg out of harms way.

Days went by and the egg still had not hatched. Sam was growing very impatient with the egg. The next morning Sam awakened and only had one thing on his mind and it was to see if the egg had finally hatched. He violently walked over to his closet doors feeling he was going to be let down once again. He then fiercely ripped open the closet door to surprisingly find the egg cracked open with nothing inside. Glistening from the back of the closet were two eyes glaring at Sam. The figure crept out into the light and stood there in front of Sam nervously cowering. Sam took a few steps back. Standing at Sam’s feet was a miniature blue Dragon.

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