Falling Angels

May 26, 2017
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I can feel it. I can feel it brushing past me quickly, the wind passing by me as I plunge down, gravity pushing me harshly towards earth as I continued to fall from the sky. Even though I am descending with my back facing the earth my eyes were wide open and fresh tears slowly escaped my eyes, but I kept looking at the sky and I was thinking that this couldn’t be happening or why was this happening. As I kept deliberating these terrible thoughts more tears leaked from my face, but then I saw a bright light through my blurry vision, I tried to focus more on the light and when I did I surprisingly saw another person, but this one was male and his eyes were shut tight. Baffled by this I looked around and saw more light falling down and they were all  people like me. I can’t believe this is happening, I thought as I kept looking around, why is this happening to us? What did we do wrong? I looked at the dark sky as I saw flickers of light and more people falling with light surrounding them. I looked down as the earth slowly came closer and closer and closer. I knew this was it. I was finished like the others, we are locked away from our home. I wonder if this is my fault, but it doesn’t matter now, no one can help us, I just wish that it didn’t have to end.

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