White Room

May 26, 2017
By Luna_16 BRONZE, Hayward, California
Luna_16 BRONZE, Hayward, California
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My vision being hazy when  opening  my eyes.I felt a tug on both of my hands trying to hide the bright light from my face.Are my hands tie questioning myself in a whisper.My heart racing with fear not knowing what's going on.When I gotten my vision back I’ve notice that I’m in some sort of a white empty room with a white gown.No furniture .No windows.No door.Couple of lights at the ceiling.Then me tie in a chair with a huge mugs headache.I struggle to get out ,while shouting for help but I doubt that anybody can hear me.I made myself get tired from struggling so I stop.I can hear my breathing trying to catch some air.Inhaling.I close my eyes to relax for a bit.Trying to remember what I was doing before all this happened but when trying to remember the headache was getting worse.This was pissing me off.I can’t escape nor get anyone's attention.While regaining my energy back I started to shout with some questions I have for who ever did this to me.What's the reason I’m here? Why am I tie up to a chair in this room? .I kept repeating the question until my voice starts to crack.I close my eyes .The silence killing me inside.Alone .Rubbing the thick rope once again.Smelling the burn from it , feeling a sting on my wrist.Caring less about it.Soft hands stopping me to continue.Snapping my neck back to see if someone is there but no .Someone's lips are near my ear whispering “You're mine” those words upsetting me.I don’t belong to anybody or anyone I shouted.Next thing you know a man in a lab coat came out from the walls.

The author's comments:

What inspire me to write this was just a simple photo of a white room and my imagination.I hope that people can understand that anybody can write and to not doubt themselves.

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