Lunar Eclipse

March 19, 2009
By NymphadoraTonks BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
NymphadoraTonks BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
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Michelle stumbled down the shore. Her pudgy legs carried her down to the tide. Her three-year-old blue eyes widened as the water licked at her ankles, trying to pull her in. Her curly blonde hair blew in the wind as a storm brewed.

Michelle bent down, almost sitting in the wet sand, scooped up a handful of the salty water. She brought her hand up to her mouth when another hand grabbed her’s. She looked up, startled.

She let out a tiny yelp. The woman’s beautiful face was somewhat fish-like. But, it wasn’t until Michelle noticed the tail that she cried out loudly. The woman smiled as another woman broke the surface of the water next to her.

“Aqua, what are you doing?” The second woman asked. Aqua looked at her, giggling. Her laugh was like a baby’s first laugh. So beautiful.

“Can’t you tell? She’s one of us,” Aqua insisted. The second woman gave her a doubtful look. “Sel, I know what I’m talking about.” Aqua turned back to the frightened Michelle and led her into the water.

Now, thirteen years later, Michelle has been living with Aqua and Sel in Atlantis. You know that city that supposedly sunk underwater? Yea, mermaids live in the city now.

“Chelly, are you coming?” Sel asked, her raven hair floating in the water. Her icy blue eyes danced. Michelle swirled around; the thin, see-through layer of scales- which looks almost like a see-through skirt- whirled around.

“Yea, I’m coming,” Michelle answered, grinning at Sel’s excited face. They, along with all the other mer-people, were going to the surface for the lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse only happened once in a great while, and since no humans ever come to the beach during the eclipse, it’s the perfect time for mer-people to go to the surface.

Michelle followed Sel. She herself was very excited for this was her first lunar eclipse. It would be her first time surfacing and seeing the beach in thirteen years.

“Chelly, Sel!” Aqua called, swimming up to them. She hugged the two mermaids and led them opposite the way that the other mer-people were swimming. Michelle tapped Aqua’s shoulder.

“Aqua, why aren’t we going with them?” she asked, pushing her thick, curly, blonde hair away to point at the others. Aqua tucked her own red hair out of her eyes.

“Oh, we’re going to California. They’re all going to Hawaii.” Aqua answered with a shrug, turning back to her conversation with Sel.

Michelle’s stomach churned. She had been sure they were going to Hawaii. Not California, not her home. Scratch that; old home. Michelle hadn’t been back since Aqua had taken her to Atlantis. Sure, she had been young, but, still, Michelle didn’t want any reason to stay there.

“I don’t think I’m going to come along,” she decided, pulling herself out of Aqua’s grip. Sel and Aqua stopped.

“What? Why not?” Sel demanded. Michelle tried to be indifferent and shrugged.

“I don’t want to,” she replied, her voice cracking. Of course she wanted to go. She wouldn’t be able to go to the surface for a long time.

“Chelly, you’re coming. You will see the eclipse, and the stars. You will have a good time, and that’s final.” Aqua said in a motherly voice. Michelle bit her full lip, a bad habit she could never break.

“But-” Aqua’s looked scared Michelle enough to shut up and follow. She swam silently, dreading every minute that she would be up there. “What do we do when we’re at the surface?” she asked finally.

“We sing,” Sel answered. “That’s why Aqua and I usually come alone. We’re the best singers, or so they say. We’re not allowed to come with the others because we’re so much better than them.” Michelle nodded.

That’s a little conceited, she thought to herself.

“We’re here!” Aqua announced. The three of them swam faster, anxious to break surface. As soon as her head hit air, Michelle flew out of the water and dived back in. She laughed, swimming back to Sel and Aqua. She let the cold air chill her face as she followed the others to a giant rock. They pulled themselves up, staring at the beautiful sky as the eclipse began. Michelle absentmindedly ran her fingers through her hair.

Sel opened her mouth and began to sing. Aqua joined her. Michelle closed her eyes, letting her last human memory flood her mind. She remembered hearing the same song thirteen years ago. Knowing the next note, Michelle joined her sisters. She sang her heart out.

As the mermaids sang the last notes, their voices become softer and softer, Sel and Aqua stared at Michelle in amazement. She smiled.

“Chelly, that was beautiful,” Sel breathed, hugging the young mermaid. Aqua hummed her agreement, sighing as the eclipse ended.

“We have to get back,” Aqua stated. Sel and Michelle nodded sadly. The three silently slipped back into the water and began their journey home.

Michelle was happy she had come. It wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.

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