Finding the Truth

May 27, 2017
By AshLauer BRONZE, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
AshLauer BRONZE, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
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Silence complete silence all I can hear is my heartbeat in my ears, my head pounding, my eyes blurry complete confusion. “MOM, DAD.”

Nothing, no answer what’s happening? Where are they?
“MOM, DAD,” still nothing.
My breathing starts to pick up, my hands start to sweat. I get on my hands and knees and begin to crawl to find my glasses; as I crawled I touch a thick liquid. What is that? I move my hands away from the mysterious liquid to come across something else. I pick it up to try to make out what it was to realize it was my glasses. I put them on only to see the most horrifying scene in my life the blood was everywhere and in the middle of this scene was my parents dead, a bloody mess.
“MOM,DAD,” I scream.
That's when the men in masks came down the hall and each of them grabbed a part of my body and started to drag me out of the house
“MOM, DAD,” was the last thing I said before everything went black.

I woke up with a start oh, thank god it was just a dream. What time is it anyways? 5:20 AM might as well get up. A little while later, I made my way downstairs to the kitchen to make coffee.
“Good morning. Did you sleep well dear,” Aunt Judy said.
“Bad. I had a dream. That’s hard to explain. You’re going to think I’m crazy,” I said.
Turning around to look at her with a cup of coffee in my hand.
“No I won’t, I will love you no matter what,” she said.
I looked at her wondering if I should tell her or not. I opened my mouth then closed it then I opened it again and began to speak deciding to tell her.
“The dream was really weird. It was about my parents death.”
“Oh really, I know that car crash was so tragic on you. We can send you back to therapy” she said giving me an odd look.
“No I don't need to that's not the weird part about the dream. The death was tragic but in my dream they didn’t die in a car crash they were murdered and I was kidnapped by three men,” I said.
“Oh, it was just a dream honey you should get ready for school before you are late,” she said.

My head was pounding I tried to move but soon realized that I was strapped down on the table unable to move. I was in a dark lab attached to a cold metal table unable to move. I began to struggle and scream trying to get loose. That is when the footsteps started to echo around the room like they were getting closer when they just stopped. I looked up towards the noises and saw a man about 6’1 with grey hair and a scar across his left eye hovering over me with a syringe with orange liquid inside.
“What’s going on?” I said trying to free myself of the restraints.
The man started to laugh. It was a very sadistic laugh.
Struggling more trying to get away from this man terrified out of my mind about what he was going to do to me.
When I notice what was in his hand and said, “What is that?”
The man laughed again with a smirk on his face like he was proud what he did
he got closer to my face and said, “something to take away your memory of this event.”
I stop struggling knowing that it was useless to do so I looked at him confused.
“Who are you,” I said.
He takes the syringe and inserts it into my arm I was too confused to react to what was happening by the time I realize what happening it was too late.
“I’m your worst nightmare,” he said.
My vision started to get blurry my mind foggy as the strange liquid begins to kick in, my head tilts and I turn my head and look him in the eyes and said, “Why did you kill them.”
My eyes close and everything goes out.

“NO,” I said as shot up with a start.
It was just a dream but it didn’t feel like it felt so real as I looked up I realized that I was in my chemistry class and everyone was staring at me.
“Exactly, if you combined chromic acid and alcohol it explodes BOOM!” he said thinking that I apparently answered a damn question that I don’t even know he asked.
My teacher continues to talk as I daydream about that so called dream it felt so real it wasn’t dream or was it.
“I KNOW THE TRUTH,” I said running out of the classroom as everyone gave me a confused look as I ran past.
I just kept running out of the school through the woods towards my house when I got to my house I unlocked the door and ran to my room and locked the door and went to the corner of my room and stayed there rocking back and forth. Hours later of just sitting there contemplating my life and if any of it was real or if all of memories were fake I thought my parents died from a car accident but apparently not or did they, I’m so confused. I heard the door open downstairs and the footsteps of someone coming up the stairs toward my aunt Judy’s office. That is when I heard her start to talk to someone on the phone. So I got up from the corner to the door to listen closer to what she was saying
“Where are you,” she said.
There was a pause as the other person talked before said, “I don’t care get over here.”
She sounded so angry when she was talking to them, I have never heard her so angry. Who is coming over?
“She has her memory back,” she said in low angry whisper.
She’s talking about me but why? What’s going on? She is one of them? This can’t be happening I have to save myself they can’t take my memories again. I will do what I have to do. I slowly open the door and quickly and quietly go down the hall to the kitchen. When I get there I go to the knife block and grab the butcher knife out.
“I will kill them before they kill me,” I whispered.
I walk back to my room I go to my bed and place the knife underneath the pillow after I sit on the bed waiting for them to come. About an hour later I still sat on my bed waiting still my aunt had left if she is even that left I wait for her to come back. When the door downstairs opened and two pairs of footsteps came up the stairs. When I heard my aunt through the door say, “Lucy are you home I know you said you didn’t want to see someone about the dream but as your guardian I thought it was for the best.”
The door opened after she said this and in walked Aunt Judy and a man with grey hair and grey eyes about 6’1 with a scar over his left eye.
“This is him his name is Dr. Lucifer” Aunt Judy said.
I reach under my pillow and grab the handle of the knife.
“Its him” I said realizing that this man is the man from my dreams that those weren’t dreams that they were memories. That the other person stands there is she even my aunt I’m starting to think so. I pull out a little not completely that they would see but enough that if I need to pull the knife out I could.
“What do you mean? Lucy you have never met Dr. Lucifer before” she said with a confused voice but if you looked close enough you be able to see the uneasiness and I was looking close enough.
I pulled the knife out completely and point it at Dr. Lucifer and Aunt Judy. Freaking out I start to scream at them saying, “ STOP LYING TO ME. HE IS THE MAN FROM MY DREAMS. HE TOOK MY MEMORIES.”
“Calm down Lucy you are ok” she said while signaling to Dr. Lucifer.
He nods and brings his hand down into his pocket slowly so I wouldn’t see but I did I saw him grab the same strange orange liquid filled syringe. I backed up on my bed and scream to him as he comes towards me.
“Listen here you little b****. Stay still I’m tired of your s***. I didn’t ask to take care of you. Now get her,” she said with a  angry tone she sounded so different.
That is when Dr. Lucifer lunges at me I closed my eyes scared out of my mind and pointed my knife out. When he landed on me all you could hear was gagging sound then he fell over in a puddle of his own blood. The syringe destroyed in the fight. I look towards my aunt and saw the angry expression on her face.
She smirked at me then brought her hand down into her pocket and brought out the same orange liquid filled syringe. Then lunges towards me on the bed same thing happened to her when she landed on me all you hear was gagging and her falling over in a puddle of her own blood. I look down at my hands and see the blood all over them I have to clean up I have to get out of here they will be after me they will kill me just like my parents. I walk out of my room over the bodies and towards the bathroom I turn the sink on and begin to scrub my hand to get the blood of my hand get the evidence off of me. When I’m done I go back into my room to my dresser I try to ignore the bodies in my room I grab a black hoodie I put it on and put the hood on to cover my red curly hair and walk over to the two bodies and start to search the bodies for a gun. I might have a knife but I need a gun too. I found one on Aunt Judy well she not my aunt but found it on her. I grabbed it and ran out of the house. I kept running through the woods until I reach the edge of the wood were our store in town I slowed down and walked in I kept walking my head down not making eye contact with anyone not knowing who I can trust they probably found the bodies by now they are probably looking for me I don’t know who I can trust anymore. I don’t know if it is them or not if they are after me. I make it to the hair dye aisle I begin to search for the one I want when I find brown. I went to go reach for it when a giant explosion happens and men with guns start entering the store. Their looking for me I know it. I felt something cold against my back I go to move when someone leans forward so their lips are against my ear and said, “don’t move a muscle or a swear I will shoot.”
They found me I knew they would but I’m not dying today I reach towards my pocket where my knife was I get to the handle is and grip it. The person pushes the gun more against my back and said, “I said don’t move.”
I turn around quickly before he can react knife out and point towards the guy. The guy was 6’1 brown hair with blonde highlights in his hair around my age. He laughs while pointing his gun at me and says, “who brings a knife to a gunfight.”
I quickly grab his wrist and flip him over so he was lay on his stomach and I was straddling his waist I had his gun in my hand pointed at his head.
“Who brings a gun to a knife fight,” I said.
When we heard gunshots coming closer to us. I look up then back to him and say, “Can I trust you.”
He nods his head, I slowly hand him his gun and grab mine from my waistband.
“On the count of three,” I said.
He nodded.
“1,2,3,” I said.
That was when the men with guns came around the corner and we began shooting until they were all dead on the ground.
“Can you get off me now,” he said.
“Oh, yeah sorry,” I said.
“There are more of them come we should go,” he said.
Looked at him weird and said, “we.”
He nods and grabs my hand and drags me to his jeep he gets in and turns on the car he turns to me and realizes that I haven’t left my spot.
“Are you coming,” he said.
I nod and walk to the passenger seat and get in I close the door he drives away.
“What is your name anyway,” I said watching him drive.
“Isaac Blaze, yours,” he said.
“Lucy Gordon, why do you care,” I said.
“I never said I cared I just understand ok you're on the run because you remember right well the same thing happened to me,” he said.
I stayed with Isaac for a month in an abandoned warehouse with his friend Jeremy Garvey. I dyed my hair brown so no one would recognize me. I became very close with both boys. When one day Jeremy said that our warehouse was being invaded and that we needed to go hide in the back. We did, it was a trap Jeremy ended up pulling a gun on us. Isaac tried to protect me by jumping in front of me even though Jeremy would never hurt me but because of the sudden move it scared him and he shot Isaac. I screamed and went over to Isaac to cover his wound  and turned to Jeremy and said, “why.”
What he said next shocked me really it did “A bother protects their little sister and that's what I will do.”
“But, I’m not your sister,” I said.
“You are though and our parents want to see you,” he said.
“My parents are dead,” I said.
He came closer to me and said, “Are they?”
He grabs me by the hair and drags me out of the warehouse. The last thing I say is “ISAAC.

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