March 19, 2009
By , Mountain View, CA
Words on the winds are most dangerous

"Nearly twelve o'clock, and your little laddy buck ain't here, Miss." jeered the man standing besides the little black haired girl. She glanced backwards, and the expression on her face beguiled her young appearance.

"I didn't say he'd be here on the dot, did I now, Sebastian?" the girl snapped, sending a chilling glare at the man. He glared back at her, and then looked sullenly away. A slow smirk overtook her frown, but she couldn't help from thinking that he had a point. Their guest was a tad bit more overdue than usual.

She reached down, and scooped a handful of dirt off the pavement. Rubbing the flakes between her fingers, she gazed absently down at the never ending rush of cars zooming god knew where in opposite direction. It was the only part of this world she just hadn't manage to comprehend.

"Miss Ash, must you do this every night?" asked the man, returning his gaze to her. She slowly turned her purple eyes to stare formidably up at him.

"I don't believe I asked your opinion, Sebastian." She replied coolly. This was odd. The sand did not tell of when or where he would be coming.

"Madam, it's nearly midnight, we must be going." persisted the man, not attempting to reach out at her. He had tried that before, and gotten a lashing for his efforts.

"We must wait it out tonight, Sebastian." She replied, trying to keep the edge and anxiety out of his voice.

"Wait it out?" exclaimed the man, and she did not need to turn to imagine the fear in his eyes, the sweat on his face. "But, Miss Ash, you're--you know you can't--it's dangerous--that bloody cat always does this--"

"We shall wait it out, Sebastian--must I always take other measures to make you listen?" She thundered, whirling to face the man again with a deadly look in her eyes. He gulped, and hastily took a step back. She stared disgustingly at him again, and then turned her head back with a 'hmph!'

Where the devil was that boy? she thought, starting to get impatient. He always does this! It's like he purposely wants to--

She sensed it before it arrived, and she turned pointedly to Sebastian. The man sighed, and shook his head irritably.

"I warned you," whispered Sebastian, hurriedly melting into the shadows. "I warned you, Miss--just bear with it."

Bear with it--oh yes, what else could she do? She hated these moments, but there was no halting them--bear with it indeed. She gripped the railing of the fence, digging her nails so deep into her palms that they began to bleed. That pain she could bear with, but not--


It came immediately--she barely had time to gasp before she dropped to the floor, struggling to hold in her screams. Her skin burned-her breathe was more of a rapid whoosh--her heart felt at any moment it would burst out of her chest. But sadly it never did.

Behind her, she heard the last tick of the clock, and then the bells began to toll.

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