Across the pond, a Galaxy wide

May 23, 2017
By Anonymous

She woke up to the sound of a miniature earthquake followed by a blue light and a small jingle , before abruptly going silent after 3 seconds that felt like an eternity as she brushed tangled hair away from her half opened eyes and stretched, her hands brushing against the cold metal, ceiling above her. She felt a sudden chill, and quickly reached for her phone, her hand scanning the darkness for anything, as her eyes adjusted, finally hitting the edge of a night stand hard, she cursed. It was a lot taller than the one she had at home…
At home..She realized, although she could not see it in the total absence of light, that this wasn't her bed.

Panic set in as she turned on her phone gripping it in her hands so fiercely she was sure it was going to break any second. A flash of bright light hit her, she shielded her eyes, for a moment, then looked back at it, squinting. No connection, no data, nothing, a screen full of N/A temperatures and weather filled the screen, she sighed heavily. She looked at the charger running through her phone and then at the battery life, 28%, confused she traced the line back to where it would be plugged in, only to find the cable abruptly ends at some frizzled wires still spitting out a few sparks. It was only 10pm when she first left her house, and still dark judging by the starry night outside the ceiling window. There were more stars than she remembered, a formation of thousands of tiny lights stretched across the sky like a beautiful scar. Come on come on she muttered to herself as the clock slowly loaded. It shone in reply,

2.61007e +15 .

The numbers flashed across the screen of her phone,she was still to disoriented and tired. She rubbed her eyes, then checked again to make sure that was actually the number it was showing. And refreshed the page.
“Good Morning, Today is  2.61007e+15 ERROR.[NULL INPUT] ” Said the message in large pink friendly font. It had to be a glitch, right? She thought to herself. She got up slowly from the bed, shining the light of her phone across the room, searching for an exit, a window. It was a race against time, as she wasn't sure whoever stuck her here would get back and her phone’s battery drained by the minute.

She jolted at the sight of it in the dark, it was clearly a door, but circular and about 8 feet in radius, with odd numbers and letters running across it spiraling to the center.
She felt a sudden pang of unbelonging, like she didn't belong wherever, whenever the place she was.  As if in that moment, everything she had been telling herself, a glitched phone, a forgotten one night stand, or a bad dream were finally shattered.
And she felt a sickening feeling in her gut, she hesitated. Her hands trembled as she gripped the valve shaped in a half circle jutting off the wall to the side just vaguely handle shaped enough for her to recognized it as a doorknob.

She pulled and tugged and pushed back but to no avail it didn’t budge, finally she twisted it sideways, and gasped falling backwards as the handle moved on its own momentum making a whirring noise as gears spun to life and the door spiraled open.

The author's comments:

I had to do this for a class.

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