Last Day

May 22, 2017
By Anonymous

 The sound of a door closing alerted to the fact that she actually left. She left me in this position. I managed to turn my head to look at the condemned apartment building that I have called home for the past couple of years. I look past the holes in the rotting wood, that leads to an express trip to the first floor, and to the closed door to the stairs that the one friend  I had through this whole debacle had just left through. I look back down to the ever growing pool of blood leaking out of the bullet hole in my back, I try to recall what I am supposed to be experiencing right now. I heard that people see their life pass before their eyes. I can only recall how my life went to hell.
It all started when the bombing started. Some non-existing country wanted to gain power and decided to attack us. The difference in military power was shown as we demolished their military and took over a new territory. The only thing though is they had one last hurrah. They managed to buy a nuke before the war and then launch it at us. Now how can this affect a big nation such as the United States? They managed to hit our biggest stockpile of nukes on the west coast. The mushroom cloud I’m told was seen from Russia. At first the United States tried to keep the state under control but soon it fell to the criminal underworld. Now this great state of Washington is where bad criminals in the States go.
I was put here because I did something during my time in the military that was considered questionable by my superiors. I can’t even remember why I was sent here, just that my superiors hated me because I was after their job.
When I first got here I thought it was night time. Turns out the dark hanging cloud of pollution that hangs over the city blocks out the sun. The city itself had decrepit buildings, holes in the side walk, and a giant gang sign painted on every street corner. I had absolutely hated it.
I felt the blood pool begin to slow as I knew my time was short. I remember when I met her. She was just a child born into this place. Of course, my military honor forced me to help her. She had short red hair, green eyes, and was skin and bones. I watch as over the years she grew into a teenager with red hair, green eyes, and was more fit than any other kid from this state. I watched as she made her first friend that ended up killing me in the end. I watched as she made the deal with his family that involved her killing someone of their choosing. They chose her to kill me.
My vision blurred as the last of my blood left me. I remembered my last words to her that will haunt her till her own death. “Chrissy you are my greatest disappointment.” I realized that maybe that is why she left so quickly. She probably believed that I hated her.

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