You Distract Him

May 22, 2017
By , Winter Park, FL

“Try throwing a rock at him.” Said Garrett who I just met again recently after not seeing him for a couple of winters.
“And what aim for its eye? What in blazes is a rock going to do to a cyclops Gar?!” I whisper shouted to him.
We were crouching just inside the forest between two lonely mountain ranges looking at a desolate clearing watching as a cyclops sets up a fire to cook our horses that got us this far. The cyclops got them at night. We tied them to the base of the tree we climbed to be safe from the monsters of the forest.
“Well to be honest I was not expecting a Cyclops. I was expecting wolves or something to that nature Max.” Garrett whispered to me.
“We unfortunately need Gaze and Strider to get out of here so we need to think of a plan to either kill it of subdue it.” I told him.
“I know we just got those brown horses. They costed us a lot. So yeah, I know we need to save them.” Garrett snapped at me.
“Well maybe if one of us distracts him the other can sneak up from behind and kill him.” I suggested.
“How do you distract an eight foot tall Grey monster chock full of power?” Garrett asked.
“That’s the easy part they are not known for being smart nor fast and they like human meat more than horse meat. So you just run out there and make your presence known and play keep away.” I told him.
“Since when do you know about this?” Garrett asked astonished.
“I’m a Huntsman. I have to know a lot about monsters and the behavior of monsters. This one however is an anomaly. They normally tend to stay farther up north then here.” I answered
“So this is going to sound like a stupid question but, how do you kill a Cyclops?” Garrett asked interested.
“Since you’re my friend I’ll tell you the truth. For most monsters aim for the chest it’s the one sure way to kill most of them. Don’t aim for the head if you can help it. Those things tend to grow back after a while.” I told him.
“What would you say if you weren’t my friend?” Garrett asked me.
“I would say you need a special kind of weapon or you need to trick it into killing itself. Which you can still do but, most monsters are just magical animals that can be killed like regular animals.” I answered.
“Why would you say anything different?” Garrett questioned.
“Well we Huntsmen don’t really want wannabes messing up our hunts because some of those made up rules do exist.” I told him.
“So you distract him and I’ll kill him?” Garrett asked.
“Ehhh…. Sure just make sure you drive that rusty sword of yours deep enough to kill him.” I said beginning to move out of our hiding place towards the Cyclops.
“It’s not rusty Max it’s just mad of copper.” Garrett defended.
Rushing out of the tree line into desolate void that is the clearing. I try shouting to get its attention while waving my arms around like a chicken who lost his head. The monster finally turned from his failure of a campfire to me. I looked into his sole eye and I saw a gleam of happiness at the fact that his favorite meal showed up. That happiness turn to shock and pain when I saw the tip of a rust colored blade sticking out of the monster’s throat. Then in true monster fashion his body started to dissolve into thin air and left nothing but the club of the cyclops as evidence that it was ever there.
“Nice work Garrett. Now let’s get the horses and get to a town before nightfall.” I called from across the clearing.
“Yes. A decent bed to sleep on after sleeping in a tree for a week.”

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