Bad Friend

May 22, 2017
By kimmykd829 GOLD, Salem, Missouri
kimmykd829 GOLD, Salem, Missouri
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Air rushes around me as I fall to the ground. My head hits the tree with a smack. “Man, why is my life terrible? I hate peer pressure; I was such a bad friend.” I look behind me as a strong breeze picks up. All of a sudden the world blends together. When it separates itself, I am at a very familiar creek, the creek with the bridge, the creek where my life was ruined.
“Oh. My. Goodness,” I whisper.
“What is it, Lea?” I jump at the sound of my name. When I turn around, I see the impossible.
“Oh, um, it’s, it’s nothing I just had déjávu.” Ok how are they here? Tom lives in Georgia now and Eddie lives in Las Vegas, and Ginny, she’s, never mind. This memory is from four years ago! I need to do something. I can and will change the past, I will not push Ginny.
“Your turn, Ginny” Tom shouts. 
“Come on, Ginny, you can do it!” I shout. Stop! I scream in my mind. I look at Ginny as I try to stop myself from walking towards her; she stands on the bridge, not moving. No, why is this happening? I shove Ginny. Ginny hits the water with a sickening thud. Wait those are rocks. No, I guess I can’t change the past.
Bubbles float up. I scan the water for Ginny, but she does not surface.

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