The Creature in the Dark

May 18, 2017
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It was a Friday night, my friends and I were just walking around doing nothing when Alex got an idea. He suggested that we go into the abandoned amusement park and check out what was inside. So we all agreed to do just that. We snuck under the fence, which had a hole just big enough for us to fit under. It was just the five of us; Rick, Jordan, Ben, Brandon, and myself. We all knew each other from 8th grade -- always daring each other to do something, or sneaking into places where we didn't belong. We all had  flashlights, so we looked around the abandoned park, seeing if we could scavenge anything from it. Rick, Jordan, Brandon, and I all knew each other from being on the football team. We knew Ben from science class, because he blew up the lab last year. As we were scavenging around,
Ben said to us, “Did you guys hear that?” We listened, but there was nothing but the wind blowing.
Rick said to him, “I don't hear anything,”
Ben said,”There was something, I heard it from that pile of junk over there.” “It’s probably nothing, come on let's keep looking around,”
Rick replied. As we kept searching around the park, it started to get colder. We walked toward one of the roller coaster rides, it was all rusted from sitting in the sun everyday. Then there was a shuffling noise behind us and we froze.
Jordan said, “What was that?”
Brandon replied, “I’m not sure, probably just a rat.” Then we heard it again, but only this time there was a loud snarl. That's when I realized that the park wasn’t abandoned at all. It was inhabited. A whole world made of what our world had discarded, creatures included. Ben jumped back knocking our flashlights to the ground, causing them to stop working.
Rick scolded, “Great going Ben, now we can’t see what it was because of you being a scaredy cat.”
Brandon replied, “We still have one flashlight, so it’s not like some creature is going to get us .”
Jordan, shaking and pointing to the glowing red eyes with green ooz coming from it’s mouth, said “You might want to rethink that.” The creature started to snarl and walk up to us, but we stood there frozen, unable to move due to fright.
Jordan quickly look at Ben and told him, “Quick shine your flashlight on it,” Ben quickly shined his flashlight towards the glowing red eyes, but the creature quickly evaded the light, and ran to another pile of discarded trash. Even though it was dark outside, we could still see each other by the narrow glimpse of the moonlight.
As we heard more of the snarling, we all looked to one another and said, “RUN!!” We ran as fast as we could following Ben’s flashlight. When we made it to the fence, we crawled under it quickly. As we were crawling under the fence, we heard the snarling of the creature.
Rick, who was a little bit bigger than us, yelled at us saying, “Guys, I'm stuck.” We grabbed his arms and started to pull. We could hear the creature’s footsteps getting closer. We finally pulled one last time and got him free, but not before the creature scratched his leg. As we were laying there on the sidewalk, frozen, staring into the red glowing eyes of the creature. It snarled at us and then turned around and went back into the abandoned park. To this day when we walk by it, we sometimes hear the snarling of the creature, staring at us, waiting.  

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