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May 17, 2017
By LesleyJ BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
LesleyJ BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
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Dear Jenny,
By the time you read this it’ll probably be 2086. Did the technology get any better? Hopefully this letter will explain to you what happened in 2014 and before. I was an agent working for a guy named John Lincoln. He was a friend of mine since high school and offered me this job. He wanted me to find this special suitcase somebody owned at the time and give it to him. Once I finally found it, and handed it to Mr. Lincoln, he told me it wasn’t just a suitcase. It was a time machine that looked like a normal suitcase. There was a 4 digit lock on the top of the case. You put any 4 numbers and that will be the year you go to. I became curious and wondered why Mr. Lincoln wanted it so badly. It’s too valuable so he wasn’t going to sell it to anyone. Whatever, he was paying good money and we needed it. But when Lincoln got his hands on that thing, he was a whole different person.
“Put the numbers 2 0 0 7.” He demanded me.
I replied, with with a no and a “No, give my money we had a deal.” He instead puts a gun on my head and repeated himself. This time, he shouted at me. I put those 4 digits in and closed my eyes. That day before work, I told you to bring me lunch at 4:30 pm because I was running late. It was 4:29 pm. You came in and that’s when we and two of Lincoln’s workers disappeared, including Lincoln. We landed in a state that looked like it might’ve been Florida. You looked very sick when we landed. Couple seconds later, you threw up in a pond we were near by, but you got better after a few minutes. Funny thing is, the rest of us didn’t get sick. We all followed Lincoln to a big abandoned house. He had to beat the door downdown up with his foot to get in. As soon as I walked in, I saw a big metal box. Probably 8 feet wide and 3 feet tall, then I saw Lincoln smirk and he put the suitcase time machine on top of the metal box, in a hole that was the perfect fit for the suitcase
“Bad news for you all: once I put the numbers 2086, the world will come to an end that year and no world with human beings would exist.” We all stared at Lincoln, he was losing his mind, he’s gone mad. His heart suddenly turned cold and dark as deep as the bottom of the ocean. He then walked towards the suitcase,  “I know this is hard for you all, but I-..” He stopped moving his lips once  I ran as fast as I could, gave it my all to snatch the suitcase. I grabbed your hand and we ran for a solid 5 miles. Fact is,Lincoln sucked at track in high school. Even though we lost him around 2 miles, we still kept running. I had a plan to go into the future and if Lincoln found us, all we had to do was go into the future again, and hide. I put 2008 and you got sick again. This time, it was worse. You looked pale with a little bit of shade of yellow.  And so on, our lives continued like that for six years. You became extremely weak by 2014. One Sunday, you and I were walking downtown after watching a movie about two lovers. I hated romantic movies but you begged me to watch it with you. I sawee a man standing in front of us with a huge luggage next to him.
Lincoln would do anything it took to find both of us. After some time he finally did, and he was right in front of me. “You better say your last few words, you got twenty seconds.” Lincoln gave the ugliest smirk. My friend from high school is lost, who is this guy? And when will he return to us? I looked up the sky and took a deep breath.  The sky was dark, no clouds, just a few stars shining here and there.
“Thanks for everything my love.” I say and put the year 2080. Since it’s a lot of years into the future, you’ll most likely be in a coma...for a couple of years. If you want to keep the suitcase...keep it. But otherwise hide it somewhere. A place where no human being steps a foot on.. Last but not least, don’t use the machine.
Your love, Adam
If I use this time machine, and go back into the past, will I have a chance to save Adam? I stare at the black suitcase and memories of Adam flash into my mind.

The author's comments:

I wanted to write something completely different from my past narrative pieces. I like stories with a plot twist or stories that can make the readers confused, but in the end, the reader understands or comes up with their own ending theory. My main influences was the tv show The Twlight Zone, and an assignment I did in my english class. 

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