space x

May 23, 2017
By , casselberry, FL

Space X
“We have the money but not the proper amount of energy” said Ron Schneider (Space X CEO). To be able to reach Mars they would need an energy source more powerful than a nuclear bomb. Little did Ron know the answer to his dream would come in the form of an 8t grade girl by the name of Kim Watson. Space X has a goal to inhabit the planet mars. The reason being that the world leaders on earth are a hair away from blowing up the entire planet. Schneider and his colleagues study the equation for hours. “I just don’t see what we are doing wrong” said one of the colleagues in disappointment. “I know we have all the pieces to the puzzle, but maybe we didn’t put them together right” mumbled Ron. Just a moment after Ron’s secretary, Janice burst through the door and squealed “Ron , a girl from Denver Colorado has claimed to have fixed our equation”! Ron quickly responded “get her on the first plane leaving Denver”. An intense 5 hour wait was quickly forgotten about when Kim Watson stepped foot in the building. Ron graciously asked “Kim can you show us what you changed about our equation please”. Almost in a carless schoolgirl way she said “yeah sure, I loved solving your equation”. As if it was so easy for her to do. Ron and his colleagues accompanied Kim to the drawing board where she blew their minds. Three pieces to the equation had been in the wrong place. Ron exclaimed “you may have just saved the human race little girl”. She blushed and said “ oh thanks it was nothing really.” The next day Space X created there energy source to be used in the rockets to get to Mars. “The first rocket leaves in a week guys” Ron exclaimed. Back at home Kim was doing her normal routine of reading quantum physics books when the mail man arrived at an unusual hour. She ran outside and grabbed what looked like an extra small piece of mail a tore it open. Inside was an all-expenses paid trip to mars for her and her family.

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