The T Virus

May 22, 2017
By Yazmin18 BRONZE, Mount Prospect , Illinois
Yazmin18 BRONZE, Mount Prospect , Illinois
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The T Virus

     Over the past years doctors discovered that the percentage rates of babies born with premature aging had increased drastically. Do to this the government tried to find treatments and so they came across the T virus. Scientists observed that the cure worked but had severe side effects. It appeared that the patient only showed signs of good health for 24hrs, but what came after was horrific. The T Virus was airborne so by the time the government let the people know, it was too late. Across the whole world there were giant mutated flying creatures as well as hordes of zombies. Not many survived the attacks so there were very few survivors in varied places of the world. The government had sent out many troops to rescue them while they came up with an antivirus. Not many came back to safety and the government lied about the antivirus. They wanted to rid themselves of the human existence. They knew that sooner or later the human race would go extinct because of the scarce food and water. Earth would no longer be able to hold life. The government got together with companies to reboot earth. There plan was to let all human race end and keep a few survivors. The earth would once again readjust itself and the atmosphere would be cleansed. They'd clone the survivors and start a new beginning on earth. This is why they didn't want anyone finding out about the antivirus that they created. That was there Plan B if anything went wrong. They made sure nobody found out and therefore this was the beginning and new future for planet earth and the human race.

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