The Encounter

May 16, 2017

I could hear the dripping of water off roofs onto the cold mossy stone ground. A faint mist hovered low to the ground. The smell of trash drifted past my nose. I cringed. Underneath the trash, I thought I smelled something unfamiliar, like something that had died years ago and had been left out on a hot summer day. I must be imagining things. I had the weirdest feeling that someone was following me on my shortcut home. I heard a low, deep hiss not unlike a snake behind me.  I turned around slowly. A tall, thin, figure stepped out from behind a dumpster.
     It could not be human, not even of this world. Its face was misshapen, its features looked like melted wax. Its skin was the color of dirty dish water. Its eyes... its eyes were clouded and milky, reflecting my scared face back at me. It looked like something out of a horror movie, but no one had a mind twisted enough to capture the horror of this creature. It reeked of the scent I had picked up earlier. I wrinkled my nose in disgust.
     It raised its long, pointed fingers, and let out an unearthly cry. It swiped its hand as our screams melted together. Mine was cut short as soon as its melted hand made contact with my throat. Everything went black as I thought one last thing, a thing that made my already dead heart skip a beat. The last thought that ran through my mind was that I would not be the only one that would be a victim of tall, unearthly creature that's image burned underneath the lids of my unseeing eyes and caused my mouth to forever be twisted in fear. It wouldn't be long before they figured out what killed me.

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