Time Crime

May 16, 2017
By , Yorba Linda, CA

My name is Ron Johnson. I am a scientist who researches time and space. A while ago, I almost tore apart reality with my foolishness and my horrible ideas. Now, you're probably thinking how I almost tore apart reality. Well, let us, in a way, go back in time and see where this all began.

My first destination was ten days in the past. At the time, it appeared the time machine was successful. I was warped exactly ten days before the machine was developed. It’s was all there. I saw all of the coffee stained blueprints, all the steel bars on the floor. I glanced at that coffee mug with the cartoon mushroom on it as well. I always drank out of that mug and put it on the same spot on my desk.  And that caption on the mug; “I’m a Fun Guy!” was extremely cheesy. The important thing at that time was that I saw myself, putting together the machine that I’d use in a week and three days. It was what you would call… “deja vu”.

It was like staring at a mirror. Except I didn't have that cut I'll get when I get slashed by some carelessly placed nails. Now, I didn’t know what will happen if I converse with myself, but I thought I’d try to speak to myself from the past.
So I built up the courage, walked toward him.
“Hey there.”
I still regret what I did then. That was a life changing experience and a breakthrough in science and I just said hey there? God, I was such a fool.
Before the other version of myself could say anything, he was struck with the emotion I’d probably feel if another version of me appeared in front of me. Complete confusion.
“How did this happen!?”
“Simple. I- You made a time machine.”
“But I’m making it as we speak!”
I laughed, as he.. me.. I was acting foolish. Now that I think about it, I have no clue on how to categorize these other versions of myself. I mean, they ARE me, but at the same time, they aren't me now. They are past me. This is very confusing.. I'll just refer to this version of myself as Me2, to avoid confusion.
Me2 was still in shock from meeting me at that moment. I thankfully found a way to break the silence.
“So, do you want to.. I don't know.. get some coffee?”
“H-Huh? Oh sure.”
So we went to a coffee shop nearby. This would probably be the least tiring part of my time traveling escapade.
When we were at the coffee shop, there was a feeling of restlessness, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and a radio that was playing “the best tunes in NY, sent to your ears, not your eyes.” It wasn't the best coffee shop I've been to, but it was the closest to the lab, and I’m their most frequent customer.
A man who was in his 50s with a large beard showed up at our table. This man is Tom Right, and he runs the store with his daughter, Ellweis Right, and his son, Nuvoúr Right. Surprisingly, the man didn't question why there was two Rons.
“Heheh. Look’s like Mr. R decided to bring one of his friends… Alright insomniacs, what do ya want?”
“Hot chocolate.”
“Hot chocolate.” replied Me2.
“Hehe, okay you nuts with lab coats..” He then yelled out to Ellweis who was in the back of the store.
Ellweis peeked out from the room in the back, with a kettle in her hand.
“Got it!”
Ellweis is 18. She is the most energetic in the Right family. I think she’s  drinking all the coffee in the shop, but I can't really check.
Nuvoúr peeked out from the room as well, but then slowly went back in without saying a word.
I never got to really meet Nuvoúr, nor have I ever got to meet him. The only thing I know about Nuvoúr is when I asked Tom about him, he said; “That's just Nuvoúr, he screws up everything.”
From what I can gather now, Nuvoúr can't do anything, is an introvert, and is probably a major disappointment to Tom.
Now I feel bad for the guy. He’s probably just trying his best, and failing miserably. Maybe then I should've went back there and helped the poor guy. Maybe if I had the time machine again, I could go back in time and try to interact with Nuvoúr, and help him with his problems. Maybe if I wasn't so foolish, I could've used the machine to fix my problems instead of making new ones.
Ellweis came swiftly to our tables and dropped off the two chocolate drinks. She looked like she was enjoying this a little too much. She was bursting with optimism, and trust me, no normal person looks that happy when they work at a coffee shop.
“Well, here you go! Two ho-”
Unlike her father, she actually realized that there were two Rons. Her reaction though, was not one I expected.
“Ron, why didn't you tell me you had a twin brother!”
Me2 was obviously not my brother. But at that time I had to play it cool so that she wouldn't be confused.
“Oh yes.. he's my.. my..”
I wasn't playing it cool. Thankfully Me2 decided to jump in and save me.
“We’re identical twins.”
I didn't get what his idea was at the time, but then immediately followed through with it.
“Yeah! Everything we do is identical. We dress the same, We
talk the same, and we do the same things.”
Then Ellweis brought up a solid point that could’ve destroyed our setup.
“Then why hasn't this twin of yours shown up before?”
I felt my heart sink to my chest. Well, I did have a suspicion that she'll easily see through the horrible disguise. Thankfully I found a way to respond to her question so that I wouldn't cause any anomalies.
“I was informed about this place by my brother  and decided to go with him.”
Ellweis fell for the trick easily. She is known to be welcoming of new customers.
She then pat Me2 on the back so hard I believe I heard that a bone break.
“Ron over here is helping the coffee shop become well known!”
At the same time, I felt a small pain in my spine. I believe this happened because anything that will happen to Me2 will happen to me as well. It really depends on what happened. So if Me2 had his spine cracked by Ellweis’ intense happiness, I'd still feel it a week and three days later.
Ellweis decided to finally get off of Me2 after about twelve minutes.

After we had our drinks, we went back to the lab. Everything that happened after that are things I regret. You remember those time travel theories in which if you meet yourself you mess up time or stop existing? That became quite apparent when I couldn’t feel my legs, arms, or anything. Then it all became black.

But then how am I talking to you? Well, my question to you is why are you in the void with me? Well, did you mess with the fragile fabric of time without thought? You may have several questions but I have even more. At least I am no longer alone in this endless, dark and cold abyss.

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