The Two Girls of Miami

May 15, 2017
By Anonymous

Paige, a college graduate from the University of Miami, has her whole life planned out. She wants to go out and explore the world in all its beauty. She wants to be able to do her best and do the things that people in her family have all failed to do. The year after college has been a struggle due to the lack of money she is bringing in. The plan she has made for herself hasn’t been going the same way she wished it would. She isn’t married like she wanted and she doesn’t have the dream job of hers. The only thing on her plan she has succeeded at is being a graduate and having her dog, Abby. In order for Paige to be able to afford rent would be if she had a roommate, so she went on the internet to find a roommate. She wants someone who is fun to be around, chill and does whatever and doesn’t like to be messy. So many people respond to her and she decides that before she chooses who she wants, she needs to meet them. As she is in the search of finding a new roommate, she also has to be out looking for a job or something because she needs to be able to pay the bills. The had to figure out all the financial things they have to start taking care of, and who is going to do what.
Paige finally found a roommate who she thinks she would be able to survive the lease with. Her name is Sydney. The vibe she puts off is something along the lines of fun, easy going, and knows what she likes and wants. Sydney and Paige went over the basic house rules they came up with in order to be able to live with each other for the time of their lease. When they were all moved in and were ready to go explore and get to know each other, they went out and found a party to go to. Fortunately they knew the person who was having the party, so it was easy to get in. During the party they were all drinking and than all of a sudden, there were some random things going around. Some of the things came to Paige and she asked Sydney what they were and her response was “They are the best things you’ll ever try!!!” The things she was referring to were pills of some kind. Sydney threw something at Paige and told her to go for it and try it out. The only thing Paige could think of is how her mother wouldn’t approve and not talk to her anymore if she found out.
Paige doesn’t like the idea of taking whatever Sydney has thrown at her, but she thought that if she did it, Sydney would like her more. So Paige decided it was okay and went ahead and popped the pill in her mouth and washed it down with some of the beer she had been drinking. She first thought after taking it, is that she could already tell that this pill was a good choice she had just made, and wanted more. She asked is she could have more, and the only thing Sydney said was “SURE! Go for it and get whatever else you want!”
The next day was hell for Paige, she had never been hungover before and especially now that she was hungover with drugs and alcohol, she was feeling the worst she had ever felt. She started to blackout and seizing. She was taken to the hospital because Sydney didn’t know what to do with a seizing person. The doctors had no idea what was making her seize, so they had to run all sorts of tests to figure it out. Eventually, they figured out that the thing making her seize and blackout was the drug that was in her system. Due to the fact that she just OD on some random drugs she took that night, she wasn’t able to be put on pain meds or any meds that a normal patient would be put on. The doctors knew that if she to be put on meds, she would become addicted and use more than she should.
A couple days later, Paige was released from the hospital, and the first thing she wanted to do is go get some of whatever she had at the party a few days ago. Sydney had no problem with that, because that would mean she would get some too, so she took Paige to the dealer. 

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