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May 14, 2017
By TheLivingWeirdo BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
TheLivingWeirdo BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Aveon seen the world in black and white, a colorless hell. Only certain things held true beauty in his eyes. None of which are material, loyalty, friendship, trust, and respect are all things held dear. He cared not of himself but of those who made him who he was, people who he had no longer considered true friends but as family. A circle of safety at least in his eyes. His skin was metaphorical steel, unbreakable via brute force. His one TRUE weakness was those who surrounded him…

He awoke to the sound of thunder, the boom had seemed to break through the walls of his sleeping mind. By instinct he had looked left to check on Iris, an friendly empathic empusa he cared deeply for. She seemed undisturbed, which was offsetting. Aveon decided to check the skies, a storm of this magnitude would be a concern to the whole village. Oddly enough the skies were clear and everyone lay deep in slumber. Slightly confused he turned back and looked at his place in bed only to find he still lays there, asleep. The shock of standing outside of his body made him stumble and fall back. Falling through the floor, landing in what seemed to be the underworld. Standing up in shear confusion, he looks up the find the ruler of the underworld Hel. Afraid to asks questions because of the answers he may find…

“Am..am..am i d-d-dead?” Aveon asked in a shaky voice

“Fear not mortal, you outcasted werewolf Aveon, are alive but you shall be my slave of sorts. I require your service.” Hel rumbled.

A wave of relief washed over Aveon as he responds “a Goddess like yourself does not require the service of mortals. So why do you call upon me.”                                                    

“You dare question me boy! If you were not so vital to my plans you would burn for three eternities!” Roared Hel.

“My dearest apologies ma’am. i meant no disrespect. i’d be honored to assist you” squeaked Aveon

“Good, you shall know when your needed. Now begone!” Hel said with a steady voice

“But how will i..” Aveon let out unwillingly

The same boom rumbled through Aveon’s head like a heard of wild horses. Just then he slammed on the ground of his small shared hut waking Iris.

“Oh my.. are you okay” she shrieked

“Yes fi…” Aveon stopped

There she stood Iris the most beautiful girl Aveon has laid eyes upon. Her silk sleeping gown accentuated her body’s curves. Her hair the deepest red you’d ever see and eyes to match. Aveon’s best friend. Although he wanted so much more, he stayed in place to respect her wishes. Not moving out of fear, if he lost her he’d loose himself.

She blushes “ Veo stop you’re looking at me funny”

“Oh, yeah ah, sorry i hit my head pretty hard” He stumbling though his words

“Yeah, i noticed that” she said giggling

Her beauty often catches him off guard. Making him stutter or stare, in complete admiration. An overwhelming sense of beauty radiating from one person. One person who seemed to be oblivious that she was perfection in the eyes of many

The author's comments:

It was fun to write and i dont think im done yet.

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