The Five Girls

May 9, 2017
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Once upon a time in a far away place, there were five girls. Katherine who had 2 siblings, Colleen who had 8 siblings, Flamelle who was an only child, Naina who had a younger sister, and Lisa who was an only child. The five girls were best friends. The 5 girls had English together and they were assigned a group project which was writing a fairy tale.
The girls decided to meet at Colleen’s house. She lived in an old Victorian house. It was ivory white and had a secret closet. They chose her house because she had to babysit her siblings, and she had a private library in the basement. Flamelle is the only one with a car so she picked everyone up in her cherry red convertible. Colleen’s siblings are going crazy; one is on the fridge one is jumping on the beds. No one in Colleen’s family goes to the library. So when they first opened the door a cloud of dust covered their eyes. Temporarily blinded, the girls fell down the stairs and they dog piled on top of Liza. Once they regained vision they decided to go to the fairytale section to get some inspiration.
Katherine and Naina find a book, so naturally they bring the others girls over to see it. It is a very old book, with leather binding. There is no cover, no back cover. The pages are blank on the inside, except the very first page. In unison, the girls say the only thing written “Fairy tales are much more fun when you’re inside them, save the kingdom” And just like that there was a bright flash of light and a loud noise. Once again the girls fall on-top of each other this time Flamelle, and she is shrieking in pain.
When they open their eyes they aren’t in Colleen's library, they are in the middle of a forest. There is a slow moving creek which made a soothing sound. The clothes they were wearing were no place in sight, instead, they were in medieval dresses. A bunny passes chanting “I’m late, I’m late, I’m very very late! No time to say hello goodbye I’m late I’m late.” It is the bunny from Alice and Wonderland.
All of the girls are super confused and Flamelle is crying because she can’t find her fur coat and thinks that she broke her arm. The girls decide to try to find out where they are, so they walk around until they find a bridge that crosses a river. So naturally, they try to go over it. But then run into a troll from billy goats gruff who tells them they must answer the riddle correctly on the first try or else they will have to swim across the river. The riddle was “what happens once a year, twice a week, but never in a month?” All of the girls are looking a Liza telling her that she can do this. Liza is an A++ student. When out of the blue Flamelle answers “the letter E”. The answer is correct and everyone is shocked.
The troll, grumpy that they got the riddle right, allows the girls to cross the bridge. The girls see a small cottage on the other side of the glen. They realize that it is the cottage from Snow White! The girls enter the cottage and are welcomed by the dwarfs. The house is messy, dishes aren’t washed and the dwarfs are in dirty unwashed clothes. Colleen looks around realizing that Snow White is missing, so of course, she asked.
Doc explains what has been happening that the princesses. The princesses have been disappearing one by one, and Snow White was the latest that disappeared. Continuing the story the king had passed away from an unexpected ogre attack. It was suspected that the younger prince, Andrew, is the mastermind behind all of it. The older twin, Prince Edward had taken upon himself to find the princesses and punish his brother. Andrew is nowhere to be found.
The next day the girls make their way to Hugoville, the Capital of Diamond Cove. Diamond Cove was the only kingdom that still offered mining for gems, which is why the dwarfs still lived there. The castle is located there and they were looking for answers about the missing princesses and ways to get home. When the girls get to the town square they see a man who is acting crazy! Katherine  recognize him it is Belle’s father Maurice! He is saying that his daughter has been taken, but everyone shakes it off because it is crazy old Maurice. They talk to Maurice and he is saying that she went out to the garden to get him some roses and the next minute she was gone!

Since it was a long walk home to the cottage, the girls decide that it would be best if they found an inn. The girls end up finding one and the mansion looks familiar but they can’t figure out how they know it. Flamelle knocks on the door and Lady Tremaine (Cinderella’s evil stepmother) answers the door. Then do they realize that it was Cinderella’s house. Lady Tremaine brings them to Cinderella’s old tower. She allows them to stay there for the night, but for a high cost.
They have to do the laundry, feed the animals, and clean the house top to bottom. Once the girls have finished they make friends with the mice and birds. The animals show Katherine a note since animals can’t read they were ecstatic that they finally had a human to read it to them. It was the last thing that Cinderella wrote before it kidnapped. It read “It’s not what it seems” . Unable to decipher the message, the girls and the animals have a fun night.
Flamelle makes a very good friend with a lady bird named Melody. Upon leaving the mansion the next morning, Melody decides to come and follow Flamelle up to the palace. The girls arrive in the palace courtyard and are greeted by Sleeping Beauty’s three fairy godmothers. Ecstatic to find them, the girls tell the fairy godmothers about how they need a way home. The godmothers look at them wearily; when the godmothers start to talk royal trumpets cut them off. The fairy’s fly away, Prince Edward arrives in the courtyard surrounded by his armed entourage.
Edward shewed his men away, the first thing that he noticed was Flamelle Colleen.”My did I ever love until now” Edward said. Quickly responding Colleen says “Really you’re quoting Shakespeare?” The two exchanged quick remarks on how Shakespeare said that quote first. While that is happening, Flamelle falls into the fountain because apparently in that time they didn’t have mirrors or running water. That is when Edward notices Flamelle and her beauty, he invites Flamelle and Colleen to join him for a walk, promising dinner, fresh clothes, and a mirror. On top of that requests that they be present at his coronation that evening. Flamelle and Colleen giddily accept. Naina, Liza, and Katherine are left alone in the courtyard alone. On the walk, Flamelle and Colleen tell Edward their story as well as what they’ve learned about the disappearances of the princesses.
They show Edward a piece of parchment that was covered with wrinkles and beautiful calligraphy. It was the note Cinderella had written. Edward, realizing that the girls know too much brings them over to a large oak tree. He has his guards point their weapons at the girls. A secret door in the oak tree opens to reveal stairs of oak and a large underground room. Only a few candles were lit, it was cold, dark, and dungy. Flamelle and Colleen are forced into it and upon entering they are greeting by all of the missing princesses.
They realize that prince Edward was actually the younger twin. And that his desire to rule had caused him to have his father killed and his brother framed with the disappearances of the princesses. With his older twin brother and father out of the way, Edward would be the ruler of the entire realm. He needed the princesses gone as well because they knew the truth and were suspicious over the circumstances of his father's death.
Flamelle, Colleen, and the princesses are relieved to find that all hope is not lost. That Melody the bird had witnessed what Edward had done and had flown out of the hidden underground dungeon before Edward had locked the hidden door.
Meanwhile, Naigha, Katheline and Liza had been eating dinner at the local tavern. Upon whispering their suspicions, the cloaked man at the table next to them comes up to their table and asks to speak with them. In the alley behind the tavern, the cloaked figure reveals itself to be Prince Andrew the evil twin. Before the girls can scream, he begs them to listen to his side of the story. He keeps on saying your friends are in danger
Andrew starts to say “I was at my father's bedside one night, and he was telling me this story. It was a small little caring boy who had a rocking horse. The boy had a twin brother and shared the toy even when the the younger brother was mean. One day the two boys got in a fight and the older one said that if they shared the rocking horse, they could both use it, but the younger boy was greedy and selfish.” Naigha is annoyed why he is telling this story and says “I’m sorry, but if my friends are in danger, you need to hurry up.” “Sorry he quickly says but let me get to the point. I am not the evil brother, my brother has always been greedy. I am older, so I should rightfully be king. I am the older brother I believe in peace. My brother has you friends and they are in danger!” Melody flies in and reiterates what Andrew had just said. Naigha, Katheline and Liza realize that Andrew was telling the truth! The girls, including Andrew, follow Melody to the big oak tree and try without avail to get the hidden door to open. Exhausted and frustrated after trying countless ways to open the door, Liza sits on a log to clear her mind. Suddenly, the log shifts, causing Liza to fall over but also causing the hidden door to open!
Flamelle, Colleen, and the princesses greet their saviors with enthusiasm. The group hears the giant palace clock strike seven, and realize that Edward is about to be crowned king. The group races to the palace throne room.
Prince Andrew and the five girls push open the two giant throne room doors and interrupt the coronation. The large crowd is shocked at the interruption and by Andrew's reappearance. “STOP!” Andrew says while running down the red velvet runner. “You can’t crown him king! I am the older twin my brother killed my father, and you king!”Edward, attempting to regain the people's trust, yells “whatever Andrew is saying is a lie and he killed our father, and in matter of fact, he kidnapped all of the princesses. And I bet you that they are hiding in a tree.” All that Andrew can do is smile and calls to the princesses to reveal themselves. All the princesses of the kingdoms walk into the giant throne room and the public gasps.
The princesses explain that it was actually Edward who had killed the previous king and had kidnapped them all. Edward realizing he has been made pulls out his sword and attempts to escape. However, Andrew does not let that happen and the brothers duel down the giant red-carpeted aisle. Andrew wins the duel, spares his younger brothers life and has him thrown into the dungeon.
The girls, princesses, and crowd rejoice. Andrew is crowned king and the kingdom celebrates. That night the palace has a large ball. The girls dance the night away, and they realize that Katherine and King Andrew have been by each other side the entire night, dancing, eating and laughing.
Sadly, Katherine knows she will not be able to stay and tells Andrew she must get home. Before Katherine heads over to sit by the other girls, Andrew gives her his royal crested ring to remember him by. Sadly, the girls know the need to get home. Naina opens the leather bound book one more time and realizes that the riddle at the front of the ancient book has changed. 
The girls read the new riddle out loud and realize that they had completed what the riddle had asked them to do: Save a Kingdom. The girls see a flash of light, and when they open their eyes they realize they are back in Colleen's dusty old library. All of them dazed and confused, don't realize what just happened. Liza asks them if they think they dreamt it all. Katherine looks down at her hand, sees Andrew's ring and smiles. It wasn’t a dream.

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